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Prodigal by M. Edison
Summary: Marita snippet, X-Men crossover.

Title: Prodigal
Author: M. Edison
Archive: Please ask first.
Category: post XF Marita snip. Crossover.
Disclaimer: The X-Files universe is the property of
Chris Carter, 1013, and Fox; X-Men is owned by Stan
Lee and the gang.
Rating: G
Summary: The Prodigal returns home.
Author's note: This was written for the X_Men100
LiveJournal community. The intro's probably longer
than the fic. *G*

by M.

The composed blonde seated herself on the stone bench
and watched the students playing basketball. One boy
vaulted an impossible height, sailing over the others
heads, resulting in a resounding cry being sent up.

"Hey! No powers!"

"It's been quite some time since you were here,

She looked at Charles, smiling faintly. "The work..."

"I understand."

He did. She knew it. She didn't need her abilities to
know, she just did. Xavier always understood.

That was why, in the end, the prodigal student

No matter what she did, what the work demanded of her
- Charles understood.

And forgave.