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Three Words by Rev Anna
Summary: After all they've been through, why does Mulder call Diana over to his apartment at the end of season six? Mulder/Diana, written for the Harem Deslea's Birthday Challenge.

Thanks for the challenge Kristen. Happy Birthday
Deslea. This one's all for you.

Title: Three Words
Author: Rev. Anna
Category: SR
Rating: NC-17
Keywords: Mulder/Diana
Spoilers: The Beginning, One Son, Biogenesis
Summary: After all they've been through, why does
Mulder call Diana over to his apartment at the end of
season six?
Author's note: This is a response to a birthday
challenge at the Harem. Happy Birthday Deslea. This
one's for you.
Disclaimers: Diana Fowley and Fox Mulder belong to
1013 productions. I'm not stealing them, I'm just
giving them a little exercise.

Three Words
by Rev. Anna

Fox Mulder didn't open his eyes. He merely accepted
the fingers that were now lovingly touching his face.
Her fingertips traced his cheekbones, the bridge of
his nose and the edge of his jaw with a slow touch
wonderfully familiar, sensual and knowing.

Her fingers started a teasingly erotic massage at the
base of his neck, tempting away the tightness that had
developed during the night.

When she touched him like this, he forgave her
everything: pointing her gun at him in Arizona, taking
the X-Files from him, letting Spender get him and
Scully suspended from the FBI, kidnapping Cassandra
Spender from his apartment, finding the cigarette
smoking man in hers.

When she touched him like this, he forgot everything
except Diana kneeling before him in her apartment that
night and his desire for her to be saved. With only
the memory of kissing and holding her that night, he
had let her into his apartment this night, hoping she
could touch him and take away the pain now in his

She had. Without question she took him to bed and
began this massage.

He let off a sigh and surrendered himself totally to
the ministrations of her hands.

With acquiescence finally obtained, her fingers spread
themselves fanlike from one ear to the other and
extended their erotic massage along the back of his

A slow creeping pressure made its way across his scalp
and the front of his head, through his hair, twisting
its tufts in her questing fingers with an "I own you"
grip that sent a delicious thrill down his spine,
around his waist to his stomach and finally to his

With his eyes still closed, Mulder let her fingers
pull his head back, exposing his neck to whatever
punishment or pleasure she might chose to bestow.

She chose both. The exquisite torture continued as he
whimpered for release. He felt her lips attack the
side of his throat; sucking, nipping, biting hard
until his knuckles turned white, gripping the sheet
beneath him.

She laughed and immediately moved her lips to his,
holding his head still by his hair, forcing her tongue
into his mouth and taking his breath away while her
free hand snaked it way down his chest, tickled his
trembling abdomen and finally rested between his legs,
stroking him firmly until he was hard.

He knew what was coming next and he could barely
contain himself. But he knew he had to or it would
all stop cold, as if doused by ice water, or a harsh

He wanted to say her name, let her hear what she was
doing to him, let her know only she could do this to
him. He began to cry as her lips left his and
traveled down his chest, over his stomach and finally
took over from her hand, engulfing him deeply with a
wet warmth he gladly arched into.

As he lost himself in the exquisite sensations she was
creating in him, his breath came shorter and shorter
until he could no longer breathe. His back arched as
taut as an archer's bow ready to shoot.

And shoot he did, endlessly and forcefully as she
sucked him dry.

He sighed and relaxed back against the mattress. With
his eyes still closed, he listened to her walk to the
bathroom, to the sound of water running in the sink.
He felt her return and again sighed, relieved as the
warm washcloth wiped him down. He smelled then tasted
himself in her kiss as again her tongue pushed
insistently into his mouth.

He hoped against hope to hear three little words.
Even after having been separated from each other all
these years, even after learning of her mixed
loyalties, he still wanted to hear her say those three
little words.

I love you.

Diana's lips moved from his mouth to his left ear and
she whispered three little words, softly, teasingly.

"Sleep now, Fox."

They weren't the three words he had hoped to hear; but
they would do for now.