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Suffer The Children by TrueBlueStef
Summary: Follmer comes to a realisation. Release missing scene.

Title Suffer the Children
Author: TrueBlueStef
Category: V, A Follmer POV
Rating: PG for one bad word
Summary: Follmer comes to a realization
Spoilers: Release

This is a fill-in-the-blanks after Follmer questions
Rigalli in the car.


The harsh sound of the car door slamming as Rigalli
exits my car echoes in my ears. I look away, not
wanting to watch as I let a murderer walk free.

(never bothered you before)

I wince as my long dormant conscience picks a hell of
a time to wake up. It had been so easy to justify at
the time. I'm a man who likes his creature comforts.
Brooks Brothers suits and silk ties don't come
cheaply. And yes, dammit, I admit it, I didn't like
rattling around in a car that had probably seen
action during the Carter administration. But I really
wasn't doing anything that would hurt people that
didn't deserve it. Yes, Rigalli was a mob thug. The
people he dealt with were just as dirty as him. I
mean, you only had to look at the guy he shared an
apartment with, that Harvey guy, to see the level of
people he associated with. A fuckin' pedophile. So,
if the mob used him for retaliation purposes, to put
other families out of commission, or to keep their
dealers in line, what was it to me? Let 'em kill each
other off, and I get rich to boot. Everybody wins,


Oh, God. The look in his eyes when he told me he had
nothing to do with it. He was taunting me. So what if
I did, fibbie? Whatcha gonna do about it? Nothing.
The same as you've been doing all these years. He did
it. He killed that little boy.

(remember the hell Doggett went through? you could
have prevented that)

No, no I couldn't have stopped him from killing Luke.
I didn't even know until now.

(but if you had put him away when you should have, he
would never have been free to kill the boy in the
first place)

No. Oh, please God, no. I may not be the best person
in the world, but I would never harm a child.

(but you did. what are you going to do about it?)

I...I can't do anything about it now. It's been 9

(9 years of hell for Doggett)

Shut up. SHUT UP!! Rigalli's got me by the balls.
There's nothing I can do.

(so, you're gonna let him get away with it. some fbi
agent YOU are)

I feel the flush of shame sweep through me. I reach
inside my jacket and pull out my FBI ID wallet.
Assistant Director Brad Follmer. The streetlight
reflects off the badge. So shiny, so clean. Unlike
me. I'm as dirty as they come.

(whatcha gonna do, fibbie?)

There's only one thing TO do. I owe you, Doggett. Big
time. What's it say in the bible? An eye for an eye?

An eye for an eye.


I am not a regular fanfic writer, but something about
this episode really got me to thinking. This was done
off the top of my head, no beta, so please, be gentle
with the feedback.