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The Picnic by Amy Jonas
Summary: A moment between Jimmy and Yves.

TITLE: The Picnic
AUTHOR: Amy Jonas
DICLAIMER: I don?t own them, just adore them
FEEDBACK: Yes please!!

It was a beautiful summer day with a light breeze wafting through the park. Jimmy Bond and Yves Harlow were sitting on a plaid blanket that was spread out underneath a sprawling Oak tree. A wicker picnic basket had been placed off to the side of the blanket with a thermos of iced tea leaning against it. A radio was next to the picnic basket, quietly playing Amazed by LoneStar. The remnants of their half-eaten lunch of turkey sandwiches and potato chips lay between them. Yves was looking over Jimmy's shoulder, as if looking for something. Jimmy's attention, however, was focused solely on Yves.

He thought, not for the first time, that this woman was the most beautiful person he had ever met. It wasn't just her flowing raven hair, dark eyes, and complexion. It was her true self that she kept carefully hidden beneath an icy exterior she used as a protective shield. He was able to penetrate that shield and see the real Yves, and at this moment she was here with him. Impulsively, Jimmy leaned towards her.

Yves' attention had been elsewhere when Jimmy suddenly kissed her on the lips. Her head immediately told her she should stop him, that her work and secrets could only put him in danger. Her heart, which she had been suppressing for so long, yearned for his touch....for this moment. She found herself leaning into the kiss, responding to it. She wrapped her arms around his neck as Jimmy's hands caressed the outline of her jaw.

After a moment, they parted and saw their own emotions mirrored in the others' eyes. A tear slid down Yves' cheek and Jimmy, giving her a warm smile, tenderly wiped the tear away. Yves smiled, despite the uncertainty of what lay ahead, she felt a sense of hope for the future that she had never had before. She laughed, throwing her arms around him, giving him a passionate kiss that he returned.

"Yves, Jimmy." Came Byers' voice through their earpieces. "The deal went down, we have the story. Meet us at the van."

Reluctantly, they parted. As Yves acknowledged Byers, Jimmy stood up holding out his hand to her. She put her small slender hand in his larger one and they stood together briefly, before quickly packing the remains of their picnic lunch that they used as a cover. They headed toward the van walking hand in hand.

The End