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Lastochka by Spica
Summary: Deslea's rec: "This little moment in the life of Krycek and Marita has a life of its own. Delicate and fragile, yet searing with the ache of loss. Such power in so few words. Sweetly sad." Summary: He thinks it would have been a girl, dark-haired... Krycek/Marita, 155 words.

Author: Spica
Title: 155 words: Lastochka
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Disclaimer: Characters belong to CC, 1013 and Fox.
Rating: G
Keywords: V, 155 words, A, K/Ma
Spoilers: Very general for season 8.
Summary: He thinks it would have been a girl, dark-haired...
Dedication: Deslea, this one is for you.


He traces her flat stomach--peachy-softness, slight dip at
the navel. Flutter of muscles at his touch.

There won't be any. They've never even discussed it: you
can't bring children into life when your own is under
permanent threat. He wonders if she's ever wondered... He
hasn't--until now. Scully's miracle burns him like acid,
like unfairness.

He thinks it would have been a girl, dark-haired. The
thought hovers in the room with them--rush of warmth,
heartbeat of tenderness. She'd have had her mother's grave
eyes, her father's stubborn expression. A giggle as light as
a swallow's flight, and movements reckless as a west wind.
There's a word he'd have liked to call her, in Russian--he
can't quite bear to think it.

He tells her to go, gently. There's no room for her, no
place in this dirty maze for something so swift and clean,
so light-hearted.

Under his heavy arm, Marita sleeps.


(Lastochka = Russian, "little swallow")