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The Pleasure's All Mine by Reverend Anna
Summary: Kim reaches out for comfort and receives it. A response to the Harem Doggett Manwhore Challenge. Doggett/Kim.

Finally, my response to the John Doggett Man Whore challege. Hope it
was worth the wait.

Rev. Anna

Title: The Pleasure's All Mine
Author: Rev. Anna
Category: S
Rating: NC-17
Keywords: erotica
Spoilers: minor for Avatar
Disclaimer: All of these characters belong to 1013 productions.
More's the pity.
Summary: Kim reaches out for comfort and receives it
Author's note: This is my response to the Harem's John Doggett Man
Whore Challenge.

Title: The Pleasure's All Mine
Author: Rev. Anna

The knock on the door startled Kim. She had come back to Hoover,
concerned about the mess OPC had made of AD Skinner's office earlier
today.She wasn't supposed to be here and had hoped she had waited
long enough to enter undetected. Quickly she brushed away the tears
that had formed and looked up.

"Ms. Cook?"

She took a deep breath and nodded, finally able to look at the man
looking at her. She recognized the owner of the soulful blue eyes
immediately. Special Agent John Doggett. New to the Bureau, he had
only been here six months and was already making a name for himself.

"AD Kersh has a prodigy he wants me to meet," AD Skinner informed
her. "Show them in right away, will you Kim?"

"Yes sir."

She pressed the intercom as soon as Kersh entered.

"They're here sir," she had said.

As usual, Kersh acted as if she were invisible. He walked straight
to Skinner's door without so much as a nod of acknowledgment.
Doggett however had come over to her desk and extended his hand.

"John Doggett," he said, turning a pair of soulful blue eyes on her
that picked the lock of her heart. He held onto her hand and
inclined his head, waiting.

"Kimberly Cook," she answered, hoping she didn't sound as breathless
as she felt.

"Nice to meet you Ms. Cook," he said.

"This way John," AD Kersh had brusquely said.

Then about a month ago Agent Doggett came into AD Skinner's office
and as usual came directly to her desk.

"AD Skinner isn't in, Agent Doggett," she said, trying to stay cool,
calm and collect. "Can I help you?"

He smiled at her and handed her a gold foil business card.
Over the raised digits of a phone number, its elegantly embossed
script lettering said,

"The pleasure's all mine."

She looked at him, confused.

"I don't understand," she said.

"A special service I render to special people."

"But what is it?"

He just smiled.

"That's for you to decide. When you know, give me a call."

He turned to go but then looked at her one last time.

"Don't leave home without it."

Then he left.

After that, she found herself fingering the little card often,
guiltily putting it away whenever anyone came near if she had it
out. Anytime she saw Doggett now, he smiled at her as if she were a
long lost friend or someone with whom he shared an inside joke. It
made her feel comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time,
although she'd be hard pressed to explain why or how.

Now he was here, kneeling beside her, handing her some fallen papers.

"You heard about AD Skinner?" she asked quietly.

Doggett nodded.

"I'm glad you called," he said.

"Make it all go away," she said softly.

"The pleasure's all mine," he answered.

Kim didn't resist or act surprised as he took her in his arms. She
just let him surround her, like the soothing water of a warm bath.

He helped her to her feet, placing a gentle kiss on the side of her

Without a word she let him see her tears, let him lead her to the
elevator, let him drive her home, let him open the door to her house,
let him take her upstairs.

He laid her on the bed without a word. She started to say something
but he placed a finger against her lips and shook his head no. She
sighed and lay there limply as he slowly, silently removed her
clothing. She was mesmerized by the care he showed and trembled as a
tear slipped down her face.

"Sit up," he said.

She obeyed.

"Now turn your head and close your eyes," he whispered.

Her breath caught in her throat as she felt something soft placed
against her eyes. Her heart beat in triplets as she realized he was
blindfolding her. Frightened, she turned her face where she thought
his was and was greeted by a reassuring kiss. He pulled her hands
into her lap and she felt something equally soft was wrap around each

He then gently placed her back down on the bed onto her back. She
could feel his hands pulling her arms above her head, immobilizing
them somehow.

Again she opened her mouth to speak but this time his lips, warm and
wet, silenced her words. She moaned against them, enjoying the buzz
of her moan's vibration as the frightening sensation of having her
arms restrained heightened the erotic stimulation of the tongue now
infiltrating her mouth.

He turned her onto her face and she felt faint as his lips blessed
her shoulder blades, then her spine then each butt cheek and finally
the soles of her feet.

She moaned as his fingers took over and expertly massaged her soles,
her heels, her ankles, her calves, her thighs, her hips, her waist.
Up and down, squeezing and lifting, pushing and rubbing until there
wasn't an inch of her that wasn't relaxed.

She felt herself turned over onto her back and the sensual massage
continued. Across her collarbone, her chest, her upper arms, her
forearms, her wrists, her palms, down between her breasts, along her
rib-cage, across her stomach, down the tops of her thighs, her knees,
her shinbones, her metatarsals and finally each toe.

She gasped, disappointed as the sensation made its way back up her
legs along her inner thighs but skirted her crotch and continued back
up her torso to her arms.

She felt herself push up against him, noting somewhere in the back of
her mind that she was no longer feeling the cloth of his suit but the
flesh of his birthday suit.

When had that happened?

His firm fingers cupped her breasts as his mouth made its way down
her quivering abdomen. He placed her legs over his shoulders, raising
her up off the bed as he rested between her legs.

Kim squealed and squirmed as his lips began a pattern of tonguing and
sucking and nibbling and blowing on her vulva that threatened to
overload every sense organ she had. A well lubricated pinky slid
into her anus and massaged it in slow ever widening circles that had
the muscle constricting rhythmically around the finger teasing it.

Her body arched upwards as orgasm slowly but steadily crept up on
her. When it hit she saw a brilliant fireworks display of hot
whites, cool yellows and wonderful oranges against the darkness of
her blindfold.

Pulling against the restraints, pushing against his tongue and pinky,
Kim didn't recognize her own voice as she screamed and cried out,
grateful to be totally taken away from the nightmare that had become
her life in the last 24 hours.

None of that mattered anymore. This bed, these sensations were all
the life she knew right now and all she needed to know.

Her body trembled as a chill wafted over her sweat covered flesh.

She felt the cotton of a warm washcloth pressing firmly against her
skin, wiping her down then the softness of a bath towel drying her

Loving hands draped a sheet over her and a shift in the mattress told
her he was sitting beside her now.

Carefully he removed the blindfold and sat there smiling at her, a
wonderfully concerned gaze in his eyes opening her heart to him once

"Thank you," she whispered tearfully.

"No thanks necessary," he said. "The pleasure was all mine."