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Dream Of Me by Reverend Anna
Summary: Walter and Sharon Skinner's niece exhibits abilities that pique CSM's interest.

Title: Dream Of Me
Author: Rev. Anna. Send feedback to ataylorsweringen@yahoo.com
Classification: SA
Rating: G (part 2, 4 & 6 - G; part 3 - R; part 5 - NC-17)
Spoilers: The Beginning, Zero Sum, Memento Mori, One Breath, minor
ones for Emily, Tithonus and Avatar
Keywords: Skinner, Sharon, angst, X-File
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Sharon and Walter Skinner and
CSM belong to 1013 productions. Everyone else is mine. (And a lot
better appreciated if I do say so myself.)
Summary: Walter and Sharon Skinner's niece exhibits abilities that
pique CSM's interest

Title: Dream Of Me (1/6)
Author: Rev. Anna

`How innocent this world seems,' Spender mused, a slow smile creeping
across his face as the smoke slipped past his lips.

The parents standing by the Wee Care school fence, clustered into two
groups as they watched the children play: smokers and non-smokers.
Skinner's parents gathered with the non-smokers when they came to
pick up their granddaughter. Spender, on the other hand, always
stood among the group of parents who smoked, grateful not to be the
only one unconcerned with carcinogenic fumes. A non-smoking mother
caught his eye and smiled at him.

"Yes," he whispered. "Quite idyllic."

He smiled back at her then continued to watch the parents smiling and
waving to their children through the fence. Some were even talking
to the little tikes. His eyes went to the Skinner child, chasing a
wayward ball as it rolled toward the fence. He had watched her on
many occasions and enjoyed the sight of her each and every time.

This school with its Montessori philosophy and structure was a
perfect place for little Catherine Amanda Skinner. Her particular
aptitudes would blossom and be encouraged here. It had to have been
Grace Skinner who chose it. Arthur Skinner was too strait laced for
a place like this; just like his strait laced, straight arrow son.

With another drag on his cigarette, Spender moved closer to the fence
and called to the little girl.

"Hello, Catherine."

The little girl held the ball and looked at him, not speaking, but
not frightened.

"That's not what your Uncle Walter calls you, is it? He always calls
you Cassie. Why is that?"

"C--A--S," the little girl spelled. "Catherine Amanda Skinner."

"I see. And you always call him Wally. Now why is that?"

She walked toward him without responding then stopped about a foot
from the fence before speaking.

"You always smoke. Now why is that?" she asked, mimicking his style
of speech exactly.

He just laughed.

"Most children would be afraid to talk to strangers. Why aren't you?"

Her little hands pulled the ball protectively against her chest.

"You're not a stranger," she answered, screwing her face up tightly
as she glared at him. "You follow me and Foxy all the time."

She stepped closer to the fence.

"And you make Wally mad."

Spender took a long drag on his cigarette.

"That's true."

"You're a bad man!" she shouted.

"Am I?"

"Yes! Go away! You bad man."

"I'm not a bad man. I do bad things sometimes. But I'm not a bad

"You do bad things. You're a bad man."

"Your uncle does bad things sometimes. Is he a bad man?"

"Wally does not do bad things!"

"He does. I know. He does them for me."

"Ooo! You . . . you big fibber! You stop lying on Wally!"

Cassie threw the ball straight at him. If the fence hadn't been
there, it would have hit him in the face. She turned and ran back to
her teacher, pointing in his direction.

The smoker smiled as he watched the teacher get a good look at him.
He ground his cigarette out underfoot and walked away. Grace Skinner
would be picking Cassie up in an hour. The teacher would report the
incident to her. Grace would have to report the incident to
Skinner. And Skinner would come to confront him.

Spender smiled again as he got into his car. Things were working out
just the way he planned.

(end part 1)

Dream of Me (2/6)
By Rev. Anna
Author: Rev. Anna. Send feedback to ataylorsweringen@yahoo.com
Classification: SA
Rating: G (part 1, 4 & 6 - G; 3 - R; part 5 - NC-17)
Spoilers: The Beginning, Zero Sum, Memento Mori, One Breath, minor
ones for Emily, Tithonus and Avatar
Keywords: Skinner, Sharon, angst, X-File
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Sharon and Walter Skinner and
CSM belong to 1013 productions. Everyone else is mine. (And a lot
better appreciated if I do say so myself.)
Summary: Walter and Sharon Skinner's niece exhibits abilities that
pique CSM's interest

Title: Dream Of Me (2/6)
Author: Rev. Anna

"Welcome! Welcome!" Grace Skinner said, hugging Walter then kissing
Sharon as they came through the door.

"Where's Dad?" Skinner asked, tossing his coat on the chair by the
hallway phone.

"Packing the car."

"Packing the car?! But we don't leave until tomorrow."

"Oh Walter please. You know your father when he's in cliché mode."

Skinner nodded and laughed.

"Bit between the teeth. Bee in his bonnet."

"Striking while the iron is hot. Daylight's burning."

Just then Cassie came running from the den.

"Wally! Wally!"

"Hi sweetie," Skinner said, taking her in his arms. She hugged his
neck so tightly, he grimaced.

"Oh Wally."

Something about her tone of voice made Skinner pull back. He sat
down on his coat with Cassie on his lap.

"Sweetie?" he asked gently as he tried to pry her loose without
success. "Cassie?"

She shook her little head no and buried her face deeper into his

"Cassie, look at me," he said more firmly. "Tell me what's wrong."

Her little body continued to tremble as she lifted her face so he
could see her tears.

"A bad man came to my school and told lies," she sniffed.

"What lies sweetie?"

"He said you do bad things for him," she cried, hugging her uncle
tightly around his neck. "He makes you mad. And he follows me all
the time."

"Ssssh," Skinner soothed her. "It's okay. Everything's okay now."

He kissed her forehead.

"My ball hit him. And I ran. And I told teacher."

"Good girl. I'm proud of you."

The flow of tears subsided and she kissed his face.

"I love you so, Wally."

He hugged her tightly.

"And I love you too sweetie."

"No Wally. Say I love you more."

Skinner laughed and smiled.

"I love you more."

"Dinner's almost ready, Cassie," Grace said. "Go and wash your


The little girl kissed Skinner again then scampered off to the
bathroom. Skinner stood up slowly and looked hard at his mother.

"What happened at Cassie's school today?" he asked with considerable

"It was during their last play time outdoors. A man called to her by
name through the fence. Her teacher said she didn't think anything
of it because she had seen him before. She thought he was one of the
smoking parents."

Skinner stiffened.

"Smoking? Did she get a good look at him?"

Grace nodded.

"She said he was a white man, in his fifties, salt and pepper hair,
at least six feet tall."

Skinner swallowed hard to keep his rage in check.

"Do you know him?"

"Yeah. Sounds like a guy named Spender. Cassie said he follows her
all the time. What did she mean?"

"I don't know. I've never seen him before."

"But the teacher said she had."

"Yes. Among the smoking parents."

"Damn it! Cassie said she hit him with her ball. Was he in the

"No. He was on the other side of the fence."

"How was he even able to talk to her?"

"Walter, calm down. Wee Care has an absolute safety policy."

"Yeah? Well looks like there's a whopping big hole in their policy
if he can get close enough to talk to her."

"Look. Whatever he wanted, he couldn't have taken Cassie and she
wouldn't have been allowed to go to him. An incident report has
already been filed. If he shows up again, they'll be watching for

Grace patted her son reassuringly on the shoulder.

"Now, come inside and relax while I get dinner on the table."

"Okay," he said, giving his mother a hug. "What's for dinner?"

"All your favorites of course," she laughed.

He laughed with her but waited until he was sure she was out of
earshot before he exploded.

"That son of a bitch! I should have shot him when I had the chance."

He grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

"Walter, where are you going?" Sharon asked.

"We're not going on vacation with this hanging over us."

"Walter, don't."

"Don't what?"

"Don't act without thinking. That's what he wants. He knew this
would get back to you. He wants you to come and find him. Please
don't go."

Skinner turned toward the door again but Sharon grabbed him by the
arms to stop him.


"Hey boy, where's your luggage?"

Skinner turned at the sound of his father's jovial salesman's voice.

"Still in the car."

"Keys please."

"Oh Dad, there's time enough to pack the bags in the car tomorrow."

His father shook his head no and held out his hand.

"No time like the present."

"But we need a change of clothes."

"So? Come take out what you need for tonight and tomorrow."

Defeated, Skinner sighed, pulled his keys from his coat pocket and
tossed them to his father. Arthur Skinner caught them with a
triumphant flourish and headed back outside to complete his packing

Skinner turned back to Sharon and saw tears glistening in her eyes.
He sighed and took her in his arms.

"All right," he conceded, kissing her hair. "All right. All right.
You win. All thoughts of going after Spender are duly banished."

"Thank you," Sharon said, pulling his face down and kissing him. "I
love you so."

"I love you more," he responded.

Arthur Skinner stuck his head back in the door.

"Well come on you two. Come get what you need. Daylight's burning!"

At dinner, Arthur regaled them with New York stories and jokes, Grace
and Sharon salivated over the prospect of room service and full body
massages, and Cassie happily taught them all the new songs she had
learned in school today. All this mealtime conviviality, however,
did little to dispel Skinner's grim mood. The knowledge that Spender
was looming anywhere near Cassie made him sick.

Hearing Cassie's prayers that night didn't help any either.

"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I
should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. God bless
Wally and Auntie Sharon and granny and granddaddy. And keep blessing
mommy in heaven. Amen."

She stood up to get into bed but startled Skinner by quickly dropping
to her knees.

"Oh! I almost forgot. And make the bad man stay away. Amen."

Skinner caught his breath to steady his nerves as he watched her
crawl underneath the covers.

"Who sleeps with Cassie tonight?" he asked.

"Ferdie!" she exclaimed, pointing to her favorite stuffed toy, a
bespectacled stork named Ferdinand. Walter handed the bird to Cassie
who immediately hugged him to her chest.

"Night night Wally," she said, giving him a big hug and a kiss.

"Night, night Cassie," he said, kissing her on the forehead. "Dream
of me."

Skinner sighed and was surprised to find his mother watching him in
the doorway.

"Are you all right?" she asked. "You were awfully quiet at dinner."

"Just tired," he lied, still unable to get Spender off his mind.

Skinner slept fitfully that night. He found himself standing before
the furnace with Jane Brody's body over his shoulder. To his right
he could see Spender, standing nonchalantly behind him, waiting for
him to fulfill his part of the bargain.

He stepped over and moved to toss the body in when a small voice
screamed at him.

"No! No! Wally! Don't!"

He looked to his left and saw Cassie crying, looking horrified as she
clutched Ferdie to her chest.

"Don't be a bad man!"

Skinner jerked awake, panting hard, his sweat covered back sticking
to the bed sheets. Sharon turned over and looked at her husband as
he sat upright with his head between his hands.

"Walter? What's wrong?"

"I was having a nightmare about burning that postal worker's body.
Spender was there on my right, watching me. Cassie was on my left,
crying, pleading with me not to be a bad man."

"You are not a bad man, Walter. You were trying to help Scully."

"Children died. I got two people killed. And Scully wasn't helped
at all."

"You did a bad thing for a good reason."

"A bad thing for a good reason," he repeated. He looked searchingly
in her face. "Does such a thing really exist?"

"You know it does."

"How many bad acts done for good reasons will it take before I'm just
like Spender?"

"You could never be like him, Walter. Never. There's too much love,
too much honesty in you for that to ever happen."

He began to answer her but froze at the sound of his niece's
terrified voice filling the air.


Skinner put on his glasses and ran to his niece's room with Sharon
hurrying behind him. They found Grace Skinner already at Cassie's

"Mom, what's wrong?"

"Nothing to worry about, son. She has bad dreams sometimes."

Grace took her granddaughter into her arms, trying to rock her awake.

"Cassie, wake up. Wake up, sweetie."

"WALLY NOOO!" the little girl screamed in her sleep. "DON'T BE A BAD

Skinner stumbled backwards as if her words had slapped him. He
rushed past Sharon to the nearest bathroom, looking like he was about
to throw up.

Inside he sat down slowly on the edge of the tub, taking deep breaths
through his mouth as his head swelled with Cassie's words.

'No Wally! Don't! Don't be a bad man!'

He turned on the faucet shakily and threw water on his face.

"How is this possible?" he moaned.


He looked up and saw Sharon coming toward him. He could see his
father standing at the bathroom door, looking worried. Behind him
was his mother with Cassie at her side. The little girl's head
rested on her grandmother's hip as she stood there, peacefully
sucking her thumb.

"Walter, what's wrong?" Sharon asked, kneeling down and touching his

"I--I'm okay. I just felt dizzy all of a sudden."

He looked at his niece through tear filled eyes.

"Is Cassie okay?"

"Yes," Grace answered. "As soon as she opened her eyes and saw me,
the bad dream went away. Didn't it sweetie?"

The little girl nodded vigorously. She blinked and looked at her

"Is Wally okay?"

"Wally's fine, dear," Grace said. "Aren't you, Wally?"

Skinner smiled at Cassie and nodded his head just as vigorously to
reassure her.

"I want to sleep with Wally," she said.

"Fine with me," Skinner said, taking his niece in his arms and giving
her a gentle kiss.

"Wally," Cassie said as she lay her head against his
shoulder. "Promise me."

"Promise you what, sweetie?"

"Promise me you're a good man."

Skinner kissed her again and looked at Sharon, who nodded in the
affirmative. He swallowed hard and nodded.

"Yes, sweetie. I'm a good man. I promise."

Sharon, Grace and Arthur watched him carry the little girl to the
guest room where he and Sharon had been sleeping.

"This reminds me of Walter and Jan," Arthur said.

"What do you mean, Artie?" Sharon asked.

"They had nightmares at her age. Remember Grace?"

"But they grew out of it," Grace said quickly.

She leaned over and gave Sharon a kiss.

"Good night dear. See you in the morning."

"Good night," Sharon said. She kissed Grace and Arthur then joined
Walter and Cassie.

Grace Skinner waited until the door closed behind Sharon before
turning on her husband angrily.

"You and your big mouth!" she hissed.


"Now is not the time to talk about any of this with them."

"Oh Grace please. I thought that was the whole point of this
vacation: to put all this out on the table."

"But not tonight and especially not after something like this."

"Well don't wait too long. 'Cause if Walter finds out on his own
what you've been up to with this Agent Mulder, there's gonna be hell
to pay."

(End part 2)

Title: Dream Of Me
Author: Rev. Anna. Send feedback to ataylorsweringen@yahoo.com
Classification: SA
Rating: R (part 1, 2, 4 & 6 - G; part 5 is NC-17)
Spoilers: The Beginning, Zero Sum, Memento Mori, One Breath, minor
ones for Emily, Tithonus and Avatar
Keywords: Skinner, Sharon, angst, X-File
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Sharon and Walter Skinner and
CSM belong to 1013 productions. Everyone else is mine. (And a lot
better appreciated if I do say so myself.)
Summary: Walter and Sharon Skinner's niece exhibits abilities that
pique CSM's interest

Dream of Me (3/6)
By Rev. Anna

New York in November was wonderfully warmer than usual and, by the
time the Skinners arrived the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it still
was. The city was already decked out for the start of the Christmas
season and its holiday atmosphere provided a welcome escape from
nightmares and worries.

There were many wonderful things for a four year old to do and see,
but as far as little Catherine Amanda Skinner was concerned, they
could have stayed in the hotel room. She loved jumping on the king
sized beds, playing with the water jets in the Jacuzzi and running in
and out of all the suite's connecting doors over and over.

She loved the Central Park Zoo and the show at Radio City. The
Christmas window displays of the Fifth Avenue stores and the toys at
FAO Schwartz had her wide-eyed and giggling. On the fourth day, ice-
skating at Rockefeller Plaza had taken its toll on Sharon and she
begged off from that afternoon's trip to see Santa at Macy's. Grace
and Arthur had a lunch date with old friends, so only Cassie and
Skinner embarked to 34th street.

The specter of Spender hovering around Cassie still bothered Skinner
as he listened to her breathy rendition of Jesus Loves Me.

"Are we almost there, Wally?"" she asked with her nose pressed up
against the bus window.

"Yes, sweetheart. We're almost there."

Skinner gazed lovingly at his niece, looking and sounding so much
like her mother. His sister, Janet, had come to him four years ago
with the good news of her pregnancy and while Sharon had been
overjoyed, he had been reserved.

"Aren't you happy for me?"

"Of course I'm happy for you, Jan. But have you thought this

"You've been talking to mom. I don't know what upsets her more: the
fact that I'm going to be a single parent or the fact that her
grandchild was conceived via a sperm bank."

"I'm just wondering if you realize how hard this is going to be for
you as a single woman."

"Of course I have," his sister had answered. "I know I can't do this
alone. That's why I'm asking you to be my baby's godfather."

She had hugged him warmly as she spoke.

"I want my child to have a wonderful male in its life when it finally
learns how she or he was conceived. And I can't think of a more
wonderful man to have in her life than my big brother, Wally."

"Ugh!" Skinner laughed. "I hate it when you call me that."

"I know. But it'll be music to your ears when my child says it."

"Jan, you wouldn't?!"

"It's my fervent prayer that Wally will be their first word."

They had laughed when indeed something like Wally was Cassie's second
word. The birth of his niece had brought Skinner a joy he had not
previously known, nor knew he missed. A joy cut short when Jan died
of cancer shortly before Cassie's second birthday.

"Now Wally? Are we there now?"

"Yes, sweetie. Press the tape for our stop."

Cassie laughed at the sound of the bell as Skinner took her hand and
got off the bus in front of Macy's. She laughed and ran ahead of him
into the store.

"Where's Santa?" she asked the lady at the information desk.

"Santaland is on seven. The elevators are over there and also in the

"Thank you!"

They got off on seven and were greeted by a smiling elf pointing the
way to Santaland. Skinner's eyes glazed over as he looked from the
line snaking endlessly up from the '"To See Santa" sign to the non-
existent line at the "Take A Peek at Santa" sign.

"Christ on the cross," he moaned. "Why did I say I'd do this?"

Just as he was wondering how he could convince Cassie taking a peek
at Santa was the better thing to do, he felt an urgent tug on his arm.

"Quick, Wally in here!" she whispered, pulling him into the Take a
Peek area.

"What is it, sweetie?"

"The bad man is here."

Skinner turned around, all his senses on alert. Cassie pulled
urgently on him.

"No Wally! Don't be like Foxy! Don't let the bad man see you!"

Skinner picked Cassie up.

"Cassie, this is important. Show me the bad man."

"Over there," she whispered. Skinner got a glimpse of a man in a
trench coat, turning his back on them and walking quickly away.
Skinner didn't see his face, but the build seemed uncomfortably

"Was that the bad man from school, Cassie?"

She nodded.

"He's always looking at me and Foxy."

"Who's Foxy?"

"Granny's friend. He plays games and draws pictures with me. He
makes a funny Mr. Potato Head face to make me laugh."

"Does he?"


"Cassie, can we just take a peek at Santa today and maybe come see
Santa tomorrow with Granny?"



The little girl smiled and pulled her face to Skinner's, lowering her
voice confidentially.

"Wally, wanna know a secret?"


"There is no Santa."


"No. Jesus is the reason for the season."

Skinner didn't know how to respond to this. He merely smiled.

"But don't tell granny. Okay?" the little girl asked
earnestly. "She still believes in Santa. She talks about Santa all
the time."

"Okay. I won't tell."

They took their peek and left, stopping on the way out to buy a
bottle of perfume for Sharon. Once outside the store Skinner started
to hail a cab, but Cassie pulled him across the avenue as soon as the
light turned green and down 34th street toward Fifth, begging to go
for a walk to see all the big buildings. He enjoyed watching her
looking up at the buildings around them, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

"Look, Wally," Cassie said, pointing to the New York Public
Library. "Lions with hats!"

"Cassie!" Skinner shouted as she pulled away from him and ran up with
her arms eagerly outstretched to the lion. Much to Skinner's chagrin
a young man helped her climb onto one of the lions before Skinner
could stop him. People around them applauded and pointed to the
happy little girl.

"Please sweetie, come down."

"Wait mister, let me get her picture," a passer-by pleaded.

Several people were snapping pictures of Cassie hugging the nattily
dressed statue. Skinner's heart was in his throat and he was mighty
glad he didn't have his gun right at that moment.

Someone nudged Skinner and handed him a developed Polaroid.

"Some day she can show it to her grandkids."

Skinner thanked the lady and waved Cassie down.

"Look sweetie, this lady took a picture of you. Come down and see."

Cassie climbed down into his arms and waved bye to all the people who
had found her so entertaining. He carried her to the corner to keep
her from running from him in all her excitement and eager curiosity.
He handed her the Polaroid. She gazed at it and laughed.

"Rrrroar," she growled at the lion then laughed again.

He put her down once they had crossed 42nd Street and continued their
trek uptown.

"Look, Wally!" she exclaimed, pointing to a poster of the Chrysler
Building at night. "That building has a crown!"

"Yes, baby," Skinner answered, keeping a tight grip on Cassie's
little hand the entire way back to the hotel.

"This is a funny place, Wally. Lions wear hats. Buildings have

He marveled at her observations as she continued to point here and
there, asking what's this and what's that. She had him turning every
which way so that by the time they reached their hotel on Central
Park South, Skinner's neck was aching.

He rang the elevator bell and watched her dance around the lobby not
far from him.

"She yours?"

Skinner glanced at the woman who had stopped to wait for the
elevator. Skinner smiled and nodded, keeping his eye on Cassie.

"My niece."

"Where do they get the energy?"

"I don't know. We've just walked up from thirty-fourth street and
I'm exhausted."

Just then they watched Cassie stop and rub her eyes. Skinner
immediately recognized the telltale signs of sleepiness.

"Although she looks ready for a nap."

Cassie looked over in his direction and beamed at him. He smiled
back and motioned for her to join him. She walked over and raised
her arms to be picked up.

"You're ready for a nap, princess."

Cassie smiled and gave him a kiss, then hugged him.

"A happy child. Such a refreshing change from all the whiney, bratty
kids you see around these days."

The elevator came and the woman motioned for Skinner to get on before
her. He pressed the button for seven and the woman pressed the
button for five. She smiled at Cassie who beamed back and held up
her package.

"For Auntie Sharon."

"Ooo, how nice!"

The lady gave Skinner an appreciative but salacious look.

"Lucky Auntie Sharon," she said, licking her lips lightly.

She touched Cassie's nose, eliciting a gale of giggles from the
little girl. Cassie leaned over and copied the touch by tapping the
woman's nose lightly too.

The woman laughed as the elevator door opened on her floor.

"Bye. Sweet dreams."

"Dream of you?" Cassie asked after her.

"Yes, please. Bye."

As the door closed Cassie looked at Skinner, blinking and pushing her
fists in her eyes.

"Nice lady, Wally," she said, yawning as her little head rested on
his shoulder.

"Yes. Nice lady."

The elevator stopped and he put Cassie down.

"Can I open the door, Wally?"

He gave her the keycard and listened to her giggle as she inserted it
and pushed the door open.

"We're back!" he called as they entered the room.

Cassie got a sudden burst of energy and started running through the
doors of the suite.

"Cassie I think you should stop before you get hurt," he said.

"I won't get hurt," she sang as she disappeared again. "I promise."

Skinner tried to catch her as she came around again but she threw up
her arms and easily slipped past him. He called for assistance.

"Sharon, can't you stop her? She's gonna slam her hand in a door or

"Ha! You stop her," was the reply.

"Great. That's all we need: for something to happen to her on our

"Oh don't be such a worry wart," Sharon said, finally appearing from
the bedroom. "She'll be all in one piece when Grace and Arthur take
over tonight,"

"Granny's back," Grace sang, catching Cassie in her arms as the
little girl reentered the suite for the fifth time. The little girl
smiled sweetly at her grandmother.

"Look at me with the lion, granny," Cassie said, holding the Polaroid
for Grace to see.

"Oh sweetie, how nice. What a nice surprise."

"This is for you, auntie," Cassie said between yawns.

Sharon took the proffered bag.

"Thank you, sweetheart."

"Someone needs a nap," Skinner hinted, flopping down on the couch and
stretching as he toed off his shoes.

"Two someones need naps," Grace answered. "Sharon help him get his
carcass off that couch and into bed.

"I'm hungry, granny," Cassie said sleepily.

"I want you to nap first, sweetie. After you're rested, we'll eat
dinner. Okay?"

The little head nodded in agreement and didn't protest the idea of
being laid down and tucked in for a rest.

"Have a good nap, sweetie," Skinner called to her. "Dream of me."

"Okay Wally."

Grace and Cassie disappeared into their bedroom as Skinner took off
his jacket and lay down on the couch.

Sharon sat beside Skinner and began to massage his feet.

"She's only four," he mused aloud. "What's she going to be like when
she's five?"

"I guess we'll all need a whole lot of naps," Sharon laughed, giving
him a gentle kiss. "Come on. Take your mom's advice. I want you
nice and rested for our night out."

"Got big plans for me, eh?" he asked, allowing her to lever him to
his feet and take him into their bedroom.

"That's right."

"So what's the plan, Stan?" he asked, pulling her down on the bed
with him.

"Dinner and dancing at the Rainbow Room for starters," she gasped
into his mouth as he palmed her breasts.

She placed her hand between his legs and began to rub firmly. Now it
was his turn to gasp.

"And for finishers?" he asked, holding her closely and placing his
hand between her legs.

"Then I'm taking you to the Ritz where I've booked a room for the
night and where we will have champagne, strawberries and sex."

"Sharon you didn't?"

She nodded, rocking against his hand.

"I've lain next to you for five nights now, worried about what's
gonna be heard across the way or if Cassie's gonna pop in at some
inopportune moment."

Beyond the door they could hear his mother moving about in the living
room, humming It Might As Well Be Spring.

"I want to have uninterrupted carefree sex with my husband."

"How about we start the evening that way and end it that way? Mom's
back early. We could take off now."

"Okay let's--"

Suddenly, Sharon froze. Stunned, Skinner pulled back and looked at
her, worried.

"What's wrong?"


Small cries rising in intensity were drifting through the air.


Skinner held Sharon still.

"Wait. Mom's out there. Let's see if she goes back to sleep."

But the cries became louder, more frantic. They hurried in to their
crying niece and found Grace already there, rocking the little girl
as she had several nights before.

"Cassie," Grace said. "Wake up, darling. Wake up."

Cassie's eyes opened and she looked at her hand. Tears spilled down
her cheeks and her little lips trembled. Skinner came in and sat
beside them.

"What's wrong baby?" he asked.

"Red, Wally."

Skinner took his niece's hand and turned it over. There was no sign
of blood or injury.

"There's no red, baby. Look. See? No red."

"Yes, Wally. "Red everywhere."

She climbed into Skinner's lap, buried her face his neck and sobbed.

He swallowed hard as his niece's cries struck a sympathetic chord in
his heart.

"Sssh," Skinner cooed, holding her as tightly as she held him, trying
to soothe her. "Sssh. It's okay, baby. Everything's going to be
all right."

Grace went over to the dresser and came back with a piece of hotel
stationary and a box of crayons.

"Draw for me, sweetie. Draw what you see for me."

Skinner watched as his niece took the crayons from his mother and
began to draw. He watched her draw a female stick figure on the
floor of a room not unlike the bedroom they were in now. Then she
took a red crayon and drew an irregular shape that spread out from
the figure and filled it in. She then drew another stick figure with
glasses bending over her. She finished and handed it to Grace before
pulling herself back into Skinner's arms.

"Who is this, baby? Who's bleeding?"

"The nice lady, granny."

"What nice lady?"

"The nice lady in the elevator, sweetie?" Skinner asked.

Cassie nodded, burying her face in Skinner's chest.

"What lady is she talking about, Walter?"

"A woman in the elevator touched Cassie's nose and Cassie touched

Grace placed her hand on Cassie's back, making the little girl look
at her.

"Is the lady here in the hotel, baby?"

"Yes, granny."

"Is she red now?"

"Yes granny."

"Walter, what floor did the woman get off on?"

"Five I think."

"Wally can help the lady, granny."

"Okay. Let's go help her."

"Mom, what are you saying?"

"Walter, please."

She took Cassie by the hand and went to the door of the bedroom that
went directly to the hallway.

"Mom what are you doing?"

"Walter, please, just trust me."

Sharon pushed Skinner to follow them.

"Go on! I'll wait here for Arthur."

Skinner joined his mother and Cassie in the elevator. He noticed
Cassie was calmer, more intent.

The hallway was empty when they got off at five.

"Find the lady, Cassie."

"Mom, what-"

Grace held up her hand and watched Cassie go from door to door. She
passed one, came back to it, went on but came back to it again.

"Here granny. Here!"

Cassie began banging on the door with her little fists then raised up
on her tiptoes and fumbled with the doorknob. Grace could see the
door wasn't fully closed.

"Walter, stop her!"

Skinner broke into a run just as the door gave way under Cassie's
weight and she fell into the room. He got there just as Cassie stood
up. He pulled her to him, holding her head against his chest so she
couldn't see what he saw.

He lifted her up and took her from the room. Grace joined him at the
door where he put Cassie into her arms.

"Get her out of here," he said.

Grace caught a glimpse of the blood on Cassie's hand and Skinner's
pants' leg.

"Walter . . . !" she gasped.

"See, Wally?" Cassie said proudly. "Red. Red everywhere."

"Yes, baby. I see." Skinner said, kissing the back of her head,
still keeping her eyes averted from the room. He looked anxiously at
his mother.

"Get back to the room and call the police," he whispered.

(end part 3)

Title: Dream Of Me
Author: Rev. Anna send feedback to ataylorsweringen@yahoo.com
Classification: SA
Rating: G (parts 1, 2 & 6 - G; part 3 - R; part 5 - NC-17)
Spoilers: The Beginning, Zero Sum, Memento Mori, One Breath, minor
ones for Emily, Tithonus, Avatar
Keywords: Skinner, Sharon, angst, X-File
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Sharon and Walter Skinner and
CSM belong to 1013 productions. Everyone else is mine. (And a lot
better appreciated if I do say so myself.)
Summary: Walter and Sharon Skinner's niece exhibits abilities that
pique CSM's interest

Dream of Me (4/6)
By Rev. Anna

Grace took Cassie back to their suite and called for help while
Skinner went in and administered CPR to the woman on the floor.
Within minutes the police came with an EMS team, which took over and
stabilized the woman before wheeling her out. A skeptical detective
took Skinner's statement in the Skinner's suite.

"To be honest with you sir, if you weren't an AD with the FBI, I'd
probably ask you to take a sobriety test."

"I know what you mean, detective," Skinner answered looking at his
niece who was playfully resisting his mother's attempts to get her to
rest. "I still don't believe it myself."

"Has anything like this happened before?"

"Not with me," he answered honestly. "But obviously it has with my
mother. She acted on what my niece said without hesitation."

"How about it, Mrs. Skinner?"

"Yes, it has. Just nothing this dramatic."

"Well, it's a tough row for me to hoe, but thank you for acting so
quickly. You probably saved the woman's life."

Skinner escorted the detective out then stood in the doorway to his
parents' bedroom and watched as Sharon joined Grace in trying to get
Cassie to go back to sleep.

"I'm not sleepy, granny!" Cassie insisted, totally unaware that she
was yawning during her protestation.

"Just a nap, sweetie. Just a quick little cat nap."

"I know," Sharon said. "Why don't we see if Wally will read you a
story to help you rest?"

Cassie clapped her hands, delighted with that idea. Her eyes danced
with glee as she looked over to him.

"Okay! Read me a story, Wally."

Skinner blinked, unaware he was being summoned.


"Cassie wants a story," Sharon said, helping him.

"Okay, baby."

He picked up three books from the dresser and crawled onto the bed
next to his niece. She plucked out Curious George and gave it to
him. He marveled as she settled in and snuggled against him. It was
as if the incident on the fifth floor had never happened.

Grace listened for a while to Walter read the story of Curious
George. His tone was animated and he patiently endured his niece's
corrections and interruptions, but Grace could tell he was tense.
She came over and kissed him softly.

"It'll be all right, Walter," she said tenderly. "Let's talk more
when she's asleep."

"Okay," he said, uneasily.

Grace smiled at Sharon then left the room, closing the door behind
her. She went to the phone, ignoring the "I told you so" look on her
husband's face and dialed a familiar Alexandria number. After
several rings, an answering machine came on.

"This is Fox Mulder. Leave a message."

"Hi, Agent Mulder. It's me, Grace Skinner---"

The machine squealed and a live voice came on.

"Mrs. Skinner! It's me. When did you get back?"

"We're still in New York."

"Still in---? Is everything all right?"

"No. Everything's all wrong. Our little secret popped out of the bag
today in a big way . . . and in front of Walter."

"What happened?"

"Cassie dreamed about a woman she met in the hotel elevator. The
woman had been attacked and Cassie led us to where she was. Walter
was able to save her life."

"Did you get Cassie to draw a picture?"

"Yes. That's how we were able to find her."

"How'd he take it?"

"He's shook up. I know I have to tell him now what we've been doing."

"I'll be glad to talk to him when you get back."

"I wish you were here to talk to him now."

Back inside the bedroom Cassie was fast asleep with her head on
Skinner's stomach. Sharon watched her husband's hand stroke the
little girl's hair softly while he hummed Brahms' lullaby to her.
She came over quietly and joined them on the bed.

"Walter, what are you thinking?"

"I don't know what I'm thinking," he answered sullenly.

"Yes you do," Sharon sighed despondently, twisting her wedding
ring. "You just don't want to tell me."

Their niece stirred just then. Her hands gripped Skinner's shirt in
her sleep and she whimpered as if she could feel the tension in the

Skinner stroked her head gently and gave her a kiss. The little girl
relaxed into his kiss and sighed, letting her thumb slip into her

"I'll tell you what I'm thinking," Sharon offered.


"I'm thinking that maybe what happened today is the same thing that
happened the night before we left DC."

"What are you talking about?"

"Remember your nightmare? You told me Cassie was in your nightmare
pleading with you not to be a bad man. Walter, she woke up screaming
those very words. That's what made you dizzy, that's why you really
left her bedroom. You and she had the same nightmare. Didn't you?"

"That was a coincidence," he snapped.

"No it wasn't," Arthur Skinner said.

Sharon and Walter looked up and saw Arthur Skinner coming toward them
with a piece of paper in his hand. He placed the drawing in front of
his son.

"After you and Cassie left for Macy's, Grace and I showed this to

Skinner looked at the drawing. There was a stick figure wearing
glasses standing before a box of fire with a female stick figure
inside it. A small stick figure of a little girl holding a yellow
bird in her arms, stood off to the left, crying. There was another
stick figure on the far right, smoke curling up from a cigarette in
its mouth.

"Whenever Cassie has a dream or a nightmare, Grace has her draw a
picture of it. This is what she drew the morning we left to come

"That's your nightmare," Sharon said. "Exactly as you described it
to me."

Skinner glared at the picture.

"You and Jan used to share the same dreams," his father
continued. "Just like Cassie and you did the night before we left."

"I don't remember any thing like that."

"I'm sure you don't," Arthur answered, nonplussed. "Nevertheless,
when you were five and Jan was three, you used to have the same

"Dad, what you're asking me to believe is ---- well, it's just

Just then Grace Skinner returned and joined the conversation.

"Walter . . . is it really so incredible? Jan read to Cassie and
sang to her and talked to her while she was in the womb; she even had
us talk to her. Jan believed Cassie could hear us. I had a lot of
dreams about Cassie while Jan was carrying her. Maybe that's how
Cassie was communicating with me. . . . through my dreams."

"That may be, but it doesn't explain what happened here today,"
Skinner insisted.

"Cassie helped save that woman's life," his mother answered. "I
couldn't possibly explain how or why she was able to do it.

"Then how did you know what to do?"

"Three months ago, something like this happened between Cassie and a
little boy in her school. His name was Aaron Carr. He left early
one day with his family for a holiday weekend up at their cabin in
Maryland. Cassie had kissed him goodbye then during naptime she woke
up screaming that Aaron was on fire. She was inconsolable.
Fortunately the Carrs hadn't left yet and his mother was able to let
Cassie talk to him. But the next day when I brought Cassie to
school, her teacher told me there had been a fire at the Carr's cabin
late that night. Aaron was badly burned."

Skinner took his glasses off.

"I remember Cassie drawing a get-well picture for one of her
classmates who had been hospitalized," he said, his anger barely
contained. "I don't remember you telling me any of this dreaming

"I--I didn't know how to tell you or even what to tell you so. I
contacted Agent Mulder."

"Mulder?! Mom, Cassie is not some damn X-file!"

"I didn't want to think so then . . . but Walter, if what happened
today with Cassie isn't an X-File, I don't what is."

With a sigh he looked over at the drawing Cassie made of today's
incident. He could see clearly now that the figure with glasses
bending over the woman was him administering CPR.

"Why did you have her draw this picture?"

"Mulder said having her draw what she saw would help her not be
afraid of what she saw. It would help her talk about it."

Skinner closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

"Why did you feel you couldn't tell me about this before?"

"We weren't quite sure what to tell you, son," Arthur Skinner
said. "But we had decided to tell you this week. That was the whole
point of this vacation: to give you a chance to be relaxed and rested
when we did tell you. We just didn't expect we'd be telling you
under these circumstances."

Skinner looked down at Cassie who was still asleep, but patting him
on the leg as if trying to console him. He looked at his mother.

"Today in Macy's she said you have a friend named Foxy who plays with
her and draws pictures with her. She was talking about Mulder."


"You've been having her talk with Mulder."

"Yes, Walter. And I'd like you to talk to him too."

Skinner closed his eyes.


"Walter," Sharon said softly. "I think it's important that you talk
to him too."


"For the implications it may have for our own children. This may be
something that's inherited."

"Oh Sharon," he moaned. "This is too much. Too much for me."


He slid carefully out from under Cassie, letting her head rest gently
against the pillow. He looked at his parents then at Sharon. Unable
to speak, he just looked back at Cassie and sighed sadly.

"Are you okay?" Sharon asked.

"No, Skinner said, letting out a despondent sigh. "I'm far from

"Walter, Mulder would like to sit down and talk with you about
Cassie," Grace said. "Will you let him?"

Skinner kept looking down at his sleeping niece, not answering.

"Walter?" his mother asked.

"I don't want to talk about this anymore."

"Walter, please---" Sharon began.

He looked at her tiredly. The plea in his eye stilled the plea on
her lips.

"I never knew you to be afraid to face things son," his father said.

"There are a lot of things I'm afraid to face, Dad," he
answered. "Something being wrong with Cassie is one of them."

He left them without another word. Sharon caught up with him in
their bedroom, taking a suit from the closet. He laid it carefully
in the garment bag that lay open on their bed.

He stopped packing and looked at her.

"Did you know about this before we came here?"

"No. The night we left, Arthur implied that you and Jan had
nightmares like Cassie did, but Grace said you had grown out of it."

Sharon placed her hand to his cheek but he pulled his head back so
that she was no longer touching him.

"I don't like that you kept this from me. Any of you."

Hurt, Sharon clasped her hands together, but decided not to be put
off. She sat down on the bed and looked at him.

"Why does this upset you so?"

He sat down with a sigh and wrung his hands together.

"I can't bear to think of anything being wrong with Cassie."

"I don't think there's anything wrong with Cassie, Walter," Sharon
assured him. "I think there's probably something very right with
her, something very special. Let Mulder talk to you, to us."

"Sharon, I'm no paranormal devotee. All these years of Mulder and
the X-Files has not changed that one whit."

He stood up and looked down at her, desperately searching for another

"Why does this have to be something paranormal? Cassie's very, very
observant for her age. You should have heard her on our way back
from Macy's. She doesn't miss anything."

"That night in DC you and she had the same nightmare. That's more
than observant, Walter."

Skinner took Sharon's hand, unable to look her in the eye. She
pulled him to her before he could hide his tears.

"Please talk to me Walter."

"I don't want this to be true," he cried, finally breaking down. "I
feel like something terrible will happen if this is true. And if it
does --- if something happens to Cassie because of this -- it would
be like losing Jan all over again."

His voice failed him and he had to swallow hard to continue.

"I feel all broken up inside right now and all the king's horses and
all the king's men won't be able to put me back together again."

"Sweetheart, you're not Humpty Dumpty. You don't need all the king's
horses or all the king's men. I'm here. I'll help you put the
pieces back together again."

"You will, won't you?" he asked, finally looking at her.

"Yes," she answered, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. "Now,
let's enjoy our night on the town."

(end part 4)

Title: Dream Of Me
Author: Rev. Anna send feedback to ataylorsweringen@yahoo.com
Classification: SA
Rating: NC-17 (parts 1, 2, 4 & 6 - G; part 3 - R)
Spoilers: The Beginning, Zero Sum, Memento Mori, One Breath, minor
ones for Emily, Tithonus, Avatar
Keywords: Skinner, Sharon, angst, X-File
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Sharon and Walter Skinner and
CSM belong to 1013 productions. Everyone else is mine. (And a lot
better appreciated if I do say so myself.)
Summary: Walter and Sharon Skinner's niece exhibits abilities that
pique CSM's interest

Dream of Me (5/6)
By Rev. Anna

Once in their room at the Ritz, Skinner made love to Sharon as if it
were his last night on earth. He felt desperateness and a longing
that he couldn't name, squeezing his heart like a vice. Only the
feel, taste and smell of Sharon eased the pain.

She had gone into shower and he joined her.

"Walter, it's time to wash up."

"Okay. Let me rub you down."

"Walter ---"

"Aw come on. Just a little foreplay to relieve all this pent up
sexual tension."

She laughed and gave him the soap. He lathered up and ran his hands
over her body, playfully at first. Sharon gave herself over to the
tantalizing massage of her breasts and buttocks. Hissing with
pleasure as his hands found their way between her legs and stayed
there, his fingers washing away the soap but then coaxing her to
respond. She dropped her head and sighed, spreading her legs further

Suddenly needing to slay the demons now tormenting him, he turned her
around and entered her with one thrust. She gasped, startled at
first, but was immediately responsive.

He pressed her against the wall of the shower, lifting her legs so
they locked around his waist then thrust in, enjoying the feel of her
legs, tight around his waist and her vagina tight around his penis.
His need to find escape was tangible with every thrust, every groan
and when he finally came, it was if he had been pardoned from a death

Out of the shower as she started to dress, Sharon made an attempt to
name what she was sensing.

"Walter, that was pretty intense in there," she said, hooking up her
bra. "Almost like a condemned man enjoying his last meal."

"Is that a complaint?" he asked, standing behind her only draped in a

"Merely an observation."

"An accurate one," he answered. "I feel like I've been just been

"But why ---?"

He took her in his arms and stifled her question with a deep wet
kiss. Still kissing her, he picked her up and laid her down on the
bed, removing the underwear she had put on. He removed the towel
from his waist, straddled her and spread her legs. Quickly he took
her by the hips and pulled her against him, thrusting in before she
could utter a word. She gripped his shoulders and gasped as he
alternated thrusts, long and gentle with others short and hard,
bringing her often to the edge of climax but not letting her go over
until, after what seemed like hours, her orgasm finally hit, sending
her over the edge, screaming in joy.

The night of dinner and dancing at the Rainbow Room didn't happen.
Too exhausted to move, they just ordered room service and went to

Long wet kisses in the morning let Sharon know Walter still wasn't
willing to talk, so she just let it alone. Their last day in New
York was spent waiting in line to see Santa. Cassie held Grace's
hand and waved back to where Walter, Sharon and Arthur stood. Cassie
winked theatrically at Skinner before climbing onto Santa's lap.

"What was that for?" Sharon asked.

"For Jesus being the reason for the season," he answered.

They arrived back in DC around eight in the evening. Sharon and
Walter put their bags in their car, promising to come over for dinner
the next day. Cassie, already dressed for bed in her favorite
pajamas, kissed Skinner goodbye at the door.

"Night night Wally,"

"Night night sweetie. Pleasant dreams."

Puzzled, the little girl stood at the door and looked at him.

"Pleasant dreams?" she asked clearly confused.

"Yes sweetie."

"Dream of you?"

Skinner didn't answer. He just gave her a kiss then got in the car
and drove away.

They went to bed early, but he was unable to sleep more than a few
hours. Skinner got up at five and decided to go in rather than try
to go back to sleep.

"I wish you'd come back to bed and talk to me," Sharon said, after he
kissed her goodbye.

"About what?"

"About New York, about Cassie. About what it all might mean for a
family of our own."

He placed his hands on either side of her head and kissed her softly.

"Sorry but I've put that in Scarlett O'Hara territory for the time
being," he lied, knowing full well his mind was full of nothing
except New York and Cassie and what it all might mean for his own

"Scarlett O'Hara territory? So you'll think on it tomorrow, huh?"


"Walter, it is tomorrow."

He took her hand and rubbed her wedding band with his thumb.

"Sharon, I need more time. Give me a few days. Okay?"

Sharon sighed, too tired to insist.


Skinner found the quiet of Hoover's empty halls strangely soothing.
He looked at his watch. 6:30. Kim wouldn't be in for another two
hours. Kim Cook. Just saying her name was reassuring. The sight
of her orderly desk provided a safe haven from the events of the past
two weeks. Her desk. These halls. These things were real, normal.
Cassie sharing his nightmare was an aberration. And what happened in
New York wasn't worth thinking about.

Within an hour Skinner had efficiently sorted through the piles of
reports and requests, deciding which could wait and which he needed
to deal with now. The ones that needed more work he would have Kim
return to the requesting agents with a request for the missing

He sat back, pleased with all he had accomplished and sighed,
relieved. Everything was going to be all right. What was that his
father always said?

"Walter, my boy. The Lord's in His heaven and all's right with the

Just then the door opened and the familiar unwelcome smell of
cigarette smoke drifted into his office. He looked to the door and
saw the devil silhouetted against the morning sunlight streaming
through the blinds from the windows on the left.

"God may be in heaven," Skinner thought, "but the devil is out of
hell again."

"You're a very cool character, Mr. Skinner," Spender drawled, taking
another drag on his cigarette.

The smoke ruined voice set Skinner's teeth on edge. He gritted his
teeth but remained where he was. He knew if he took a step closer,
his hands would be around the man's throat.

"What are you playing at?!"

"You're the one who's playing, Mr. Skinner."

Spender lit a new cigarette with his dying one before grounding out
the old one on the heel of his shoe and tossing it into a nearby

"A strange man approaches your niece at her school and instead of
tracking him down, you do nothing."

He took a satisfying drag off the new cigarette then gazed at Skinner
through a cloud of smoke.

"I would have never thought you'd play Russian roulette with your
family's safety."

"You better start worrying about your own safety. Because if you
come near my family again, I won't be putting bullets in a wall
behind you."

Spender smirked.

"Threatening my life. Is that any way to thank me?"

"Thank you for what?"

"For your happy little family."

Skinner stalked over to the conference table, but kept it between

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the sperm bank that helped your sister conceive.
Do you think little Catherine could be the apple of your eye now if
we hadn't helped Janet then?"

"You fucking son of a bitch," Skinner snapped.

"Not quite the thank you I was expecting," Spender said, leaning back
casually. "But I guess that's the best I can ever expect from you."

"The next lie to come out of your mouth will be your last."

"You think I'm lying?" Spender asked. "Or do you hope I am?"

He took a long slow drag to finish off this cigarette. He could see
that the seeds he was planting were beginning to take root. He sat
at the head of the table and lit up his third cigarette before
discarding the butt of his second.

"Surely you don't think my interest in your niece is accidental or
merely an offshoot of my interest in you?"

Skinner shook his head and turned to go back to his desk.

"I'm not having this conversation with you."

"But I have so much to say to you about Catherine. She is quite a
phenomenal child with phenomenal gifts. Or should I say paranormal

Skinner turned back and glared at Spender.

"You don't have a damn thing to say to me and I have only one thing
to say to you: stay the hell away from my family!"

Spender kept speaking as if Skinner hadn't said a thing. He slid a
folder across the table to Skinner. Skinner glanced down at it, but
refused to touch it.

"Your sister was quite phenomenal herself, Mr. Skinner."

Skinner looked up sharply.

"She had a superior empathetic gift. It was why we took her on. I
eagerly awaited the birth of her child. I knew it would either be
autistic or a paranormal marvel."

The smile that crept across Spender's face turned Skinner's stomach.

"Yes, your niece is a paranormal marvel, Mr. Skinner. You should see
the results of the tests Mulder has been running on her."


"You didn't know? But of course not. Your mother didn't want to
believe it herself. But after the incident with the little Carr boy,
she couldn't deny it anymore."

Spender nodded toward the folder.

"It's all in there. Everything."

He took another drag on his cigarette and watched Skinner battle with
himself not to open that folder.

"In its own way, your entire family is quite phenomenal. Take you
for instance. What do you think that so-called AD's sixth sense of
yours is? Years of experience? Good guessing? It's the same gift
your sister had. The same gift Catherine has. The same gift your
own children will have "

He leaned back and took another drag on his cigarette.

"Your little niece is an answer to my prayers."

"Since when does the devil pray?"

"The devil prays more than anybody, Mr. Skinner" Spender answered

Skinner slid the unopened folder back at Spender.

"For the last time . . . stay away from my family."

Spender shrugged but left the folder on the table.

"As you wish. But the genie is out of the proverbial bottle, Mr.

He stood up and lit a fifth cigarette.

"Just because you banish me from your presence doesn't put it back

Skinner waited until he was sure Spender was gone before picking up
the folder and examining its contents. He picked up the police
report and read the woman's statement.

"I didn't see my assailant. As soon as I entered my room, he seemed
to come out of nowhere. My blood was flowing from me like someone had
turned on a faucet. I remember thinking 'I'm going to die, I'm
dead.' And then I saw her . . . the little girl from the elevator.
She was smiling at me. I closed my eyes and I could hear her
saying `Nice lady. Don't be scared. Wally will help you.' When I
opened my eyes again, there he was . . . the man from the
elevator . . . hovering over me . that's all I remember."

Skinner knew Cassie hadn't had time to talk to the woman. He had
pulled her from the room as soon as she hit the floor. Cassie had to
have come to the woman while the little girl was dreaming.

He had to bite his lip as he read his sister's, his and Cassie's
names on the other reports and charts contained in the folder. He
sat very still for a very long while wondering what he should do.
Finally, he picked up the phone and called Mulder at home.

"This is Fox Mulder," the machine said. "Leave a message."

"Mulder, this is AD Skinner. At the end of the day would you please
come by my office? I've got a file I'd like your opinion on.
Actually, I--I'd like to talk to you about my niece. I'd like to
talk to you about Cassie."

(end part 5)

Title: Dream Of Me
Author: Rev. Anna. Send feedback to ataylorsweringen@yahoo.com
Classification: SA
Rating: G (parts 1, 2, & 4 - G; part 3 -R; part 5 - NC17)
Spoilers: The Beginning, Zero Sum, Memento Mori, One Breath, minor
ones for Emily, Tithonus and Avatar
Keywords: Skinner, Sharon, angst, X-File
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Sharon and Walter Skinner and
CSM belong to 1013 productions. Everyone else is mine. (And a lot
better appreciated if I do say so myself.)
Summary: Walter and Sharon Skinner's niece exhibits abilities that
pique CSM's interest

Dream of Me (6/6)
By Rev. Anna

Mulder entered AD Skinner's office around five o'clock with a folder
of his own. Having been relieved of the X-Files, neither he nor
Skinner saw much of each other these days. He sat at the conference
table in Skinner's office and read the contents of Spender's folder
carefully for a full half an hour without saying a word. Skinner sat
quietly at the head of the table saying nothing, patiently waiting
until Mulder showed he was finished.

"This is quite some file, sir."

"How is it my mother hooked up with you in the first place, Mulder?"

"Well she went looking for help at the X-Files office, came across
Jeffrey Spender instead and decided it was me she wanted. Doing
background checks leaves me plenty of time on my own so I was more
than happy to accommodate her."

Skinner handed Mulder the picture Cassie had drawn of the nightmare
they shared.

"Your mother told me about this. It happened the night before you
left for New York."

Skinner nodded numbly.

"In my nightmare, Cassie was crying for me not to be a bad man,"
Skinner said. "That's what she was screaming in her sleep when we
got to her room."

Mulder pointed to the third stick figure off to the side, smoke
emanating from its mouth.

"Was Spender in your dream too?"

Skinner nodded.

"He had spoken to her earlier that day at her school. She said he
was a bad man who told lies and followed her all the time. When we
were in Macy's she saw him again. She said 'don't be like Foxy.
Don't let the bad man see you," Skinner said. "Why did she say that?"

"Because one day when I had Cassie in the park, she pointed and
said `There's a bad man.' When I looked up, I saw Spender. I got up
and made sure he saw me. I asked her if she had seen the bad man
before and she said yes. I asked her to draw me pictures of where
she had seen him. This is what she gave me."

He gave Skinner the folder he had brought with him. Skinner gasped
as he saw picture after picture of them at church, in the park, going
shopping, playing in the playground at school, raking leaves around
the house. Each time Spender was in the background.

"I wasn't sure if it was real or a subconscious impression of
Spender's presence. Until that day in the park, I had never seen him
and neither had your mother."

Skinner stared in amazement at the pictures.

"You know, just before she died, my sister and I had an argument
about extreme possibilities. I didn't want to hear it. I guess I
haven't gotten any braver over the years since the last time I talked
to you about something like this."

Mulder said nothing, remembering AD Skinner confessing to be too
afraid to look beyond his near death experience in Vietnam.

"Spender says you've been doing tests on her."

"Not testing exactly, sir. Playing. We play games and in them she
shows me what she can do."

"Is that what all the picture drawing is?"

Mulder nodded.

"Yes. I mean . . . that's how it started. Now I believe it's
helping to develop her gifts."

"And just what gifts does she have, Mulder?"

"I've detected signs of clairvoyance, astral projection, mind reading
and an empathetic gift that I have no name for, which seems to
manifest itself most often in dreaming. She daily amazes me."

Skinner sat looking at Cassie's drawings spread before him. He
rubbed his face, tiredly, letting off a