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Afternoon Delight by Scifinerdgrl
Summary: Reyes and Follmer smut, set during their years together in New York. Pre-XF, Follmer/Reyes, NC17.

Title: Afternoon Delight
Author: Scifinerdgrl
Rating: NC-17
Classification: SR
Keywords: Follmer/Reyes sex, Pre-XF

Summary: Reyes and Follmer smut, set during their years
together in New York.

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"Mister Follmer, Agent Reyes is here to see you," Janet's voice
sounded over the intercom.

Brad Follmer dropped the manilla file folder he'd been holding
and hit the intercom button. "Thank you, Janet," he said. "Hold
my calls."

He was halfway to the door when it flung open, revealing a tall,
slender, dark-haired woman in a black trenchcoat, a bright pink
scarf just visible above the neckline. "Monica," Brad purred.
"You look fantastic."

She began unbuttoning her coat, keeping her eyes on his. "And
you, Agent Follmer, are a sight for sore eyes."

He helped her off with her coat, using grand sweeping motions
that he choreographed to allow his lips to pass just under her
jawline. Shivers went up her spine as she felt his hot breath on
her skin. "Brad..." she whispered.

After hanging up her coat, he twirled her around, taking in the
dazzling outfit that no other agent but his rule-flaunting
paramour would dare to wear at work. "You look..... hot," he
smiled. "That's the only word for it."

"Yeah?" she blushed. She knew he meant it, but somehow she could
never bring herself to believe that this handsome, successful
special-agent-in-charge had noticed dorky old Monica, no matter
how much she primped for him.

"That conference better have been good, for taking you away from
me..." He nuzzled her neck in the same placed he'd just teased,
then drew one hand into her hair. "God, how I missed you," he

"Let's lock the door," she whispered back. It was their code,
signaling the start of the very unprofessional activities that
they couldn't get enough of.

With a dramatic flourish, Brad turned the deadbolt, grinning
broadly at the "click" it made. A second later they heard the
door to the outer office close, and the click of its lock. Janet
knew what the locked door meant. For the next fifteen minutes
she would be downstairs, smoking cigarettes and gossiping with
fellow smokers. But not gossiping about them. Janet could be
trusted with *any* secret her boss asked her to keep.

"Now, where were we," Brad asked. Before Monica could answer
he'd found that magical place on her neck on his own and began
nuzzling it.

"I missed you too," Monica whispered, moving her head to beg for
a kiss.

He heeded her plea, taking her lips in his, and passionately
working them around until she felt like she might liquefy on the
spot. She returned his passion, then opened her mouth, waiting
for the first of what she hoped would be many penetrations.

His tongue entered eagerly, exploring and tickling her mouth,
then dancing with her tongue, which sought entry to his mouth as
well. As he let her enter him, he pushed her backward until they
were up against the wall. Her knee ran upward against his thigh
until she was able to wrap her leg around his body. Yes, she
told him in every way she could, she wanted him as badly as he
wanted her.

"Hmmmmm," he hummed into her mouth, then pulled away just far
enough to say, "You kept up your yoga while you were away."

"I have motivation," she smirked. "Just wait until I get you

He smiled then bent forward to start the trail of tiny kisses he
knew would drive her wild. Now wasn't the time to tell her he'd
have to work late on his report, he decided. But at least he
could make this visit worth her while.

When a low growl escaped her throat, Brad knew that the time for
teasing was over. He slid his hands downward, over her breasts,
lingering briefly over each nipple, then brought them behind her
waist and started hiking up her skirt. Her leg rode higher on
his back, helping him reach around her, and he laughed when he
found she wasn't wearing panties. "You forgot something," he

"Oh no, I remembered..." she sighed. Yes, she remembered that
time when they'd managed to pull themselves together for an
urgent visit from the A.D. but somehow left her panties on the
floor under his desk. They didn't think he saw, but they
resolved to be more careful afterwards.

His long arms reached toward her core, and she helped him by
bringing her other leg around his body. Now she was utterly
dependent on him and the wall to stay where she was, leaving her
free to think of nothing other than giving and receiving

He moved one arm between them, and snaked it downward to dip into
her wellspring. She was all he could have wanted in a lover and
he would do anything for her. He loved her wetness, and her
willingness, and her adventurousness. They both groaned with
pleasure as he stroked her toward a mind-blowing orgasm that
threatened to shake the pictures off the wall.

As her breathing slowed, he checked his watch and realized they
still had time. "You really *did* miss me," he said

She nodded, still unable to talk, then clutched him more closely,
her head on his shoulder. When she felt her strength returning,
she started kissing him behind the ear, his equivalent of the
sweet spot on her neck, and he groaned appreciatively. Yes, she
thought. She would do anything for him. Anything he wanted.

When he started walking them toward his desk, his hands firmly
holding her up by her ass-cheeks, she murmured encouraging, using
the language of Brad-love, the language that set him afire.
"Yeah, baby," she said in a barroom voice. "Fuck me. Fuck me
like I've never been fucked before. I want to feel your cock in
my snatch. Oh yeah...." She sighed when she felt the cool
surface of the desk on her bare bottom. She grabbed his fly and
pulled him toward her.

"Yeah, baby," he eked out, his eyes closed as she freed his
member and stroked it.

"Oh yeah, baby, you're hot for me," she cooed appreciatively. It
was no lie. She'd never seen him harder or bigger. "I should go
to D.C. more often," she sighed.

"No..." he groaned, a faraway sound to his voice. "Don't go...
I need you..."

His eyes were still closed when she dipped a finger into her
reservoir, swirled it around, then spread her oily juices onto
him. "Tell me you missed me," she said, moving her fingers
downward to lightly scrape his balls. "Tell me," she said,
squeezing lightly but assuredly.

"Oh yeah, I missed you," he said, trying to thrust against her
hand. "You have no idea."

"You'll have to show me, then," she cooed, bringing the back of
her thumbnail up along the underside of his shaft. She felt the
shudder that went through him and knew the teasing had to end.
"Fuck me if you missed me," she said huskily. "Fuck me like
you'll never see me again."

He edged forward, letting her guide him to her the edge of her
steaming core. "Don't even joke like that," he whispered, then
opened his eyes to look into hers.

Her heart skipped a beat when she looked up at him. She expected
to see the glaze of lust over his glorious hazel eyes, but this
time, she could see through the glaze to his soul. And she could
see that he loved her. "I love you too," she whispered.

As she opened for him, their dirty talk and games suddenly
evaporated, leaving them heaving against each other, slowly
building their passion toward a new type of mutual release.
Deeper. Broader. Slow-motion over Niagra Falls. Falling yet
rising, rising yet falling... Monica couldn't help herself. She
groaned so loudly the agent in the next office would surely hear
her, but for once Brad didn't try to hush her. Instead, he
grunted his way toward a long, low growl of his own as he spilled
his seed into her then collapsed into her arms.

Ten minutes later, their hair combed, their clothes smoothed, the
flush on their faces fading, they were ready to face the world.

"Want to have lunch with me?" Monica asked. "I can pick up some

Brad checked his watch, then shook his head. "I have a meeting.
Let's try for tomorrow."

The tell-tale click of a lock in the outer office told them Janet
was back. "Tonight's no good either," Brad added. "I have to
work on a report."

"Okay, maybe tomorrow" she said as cheerfully as she could
manage. She kissed him then took one last look into his eyes as
she reached for the door knob. "It" was still there even though
the lust had disappeared, and she sighed. "I can't wait."

She left the FBI building, suddenly hungry, and turned toward
11th Street. She was in the mood for Italian food and Carlo's
had the best.