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The Seventh Commandment by CindyET
Summary: A conversation between Teena Mulder and CSM, pre-XF.

NEW: Title: The Seventh Commandment
Author: CindyET
Rating: G
Classification: 500-Words; Pre-XF; Teena Mulder POV
Spoilers: any eps that posit CSM as Mulder's father

Summary: A conversation between Teena Mulder and CSM

Disclaimer: Do these characters really belong to Chris Carter,
FOX and 1013 Productions? If so, no copyright infringement
intended. Fun, yes. Profit, no.

Authors Notes: This story was written in response to Haven's
"Having My Baby" 500-Word Challenge.

The Seventh Commandment
By CindyET

"Bill says there's going to be a child." He strikes a match
and lights his cigarette.

The smell of sulfur pricks her sinuses as smoke invades her
lungs. She twists a striped towel in nervous fingers while the
breakfast dishes air dry. Peripherally she worries about spots
on the juice glasses. "Yes, the doctor confirmed it

"When are you expecting?"


Smoke sifts from his nose and swirls ceilingward. It takes him
only seconds to count the months. "In that case,
congratulations are in order." Arrogance twitches his mouth as
he draws again on his cigarette.

She should ask him to leave, but she has a weakness for him.
He is dashing and powerful, a man of influence. She is no
match for his charm, just as she was no match three months ago
when he flirted with her at the Officer's Social, then wooed
her from the dance floor, away from her husband, and into a
parked car, where he made love to her in the chilly back seat.

"Bill seems pleased at the prospect of fatherhood," he says.
His focus slides to the windowsill above the sink, where she
set her wedding band before taking steel wool to skillet. The
blackened pan still soaks in the dishwater, which has grown
cold and murky, stained by Bill's burnt eggs. "Are you
pleased, Teena?"

"Of course," she lies.

"Really?" He pinches his cigarette between index finger and
thumb. "That's the truth?"

He talks to her as if she is a befuddled child, not a grown
woman who broke her marriage vows and God's commandments for
his sake.

Bitterness spills from her. "What do you know about the

"More than you might imagine. For instance, I know you're in
love with me."

"I hate you." Another lie, to cover her hurt and confusion.
"Y-you aren't going to tell Bill, are you?"

"About us? Hmm." The sound hums in his throat. His face is
hidden behind a veil of smoke. "A baby changes things--"

"He is my husband," she states the obvious. Panic befuddles
her and she loathes its familiar feel.

"You know how fond I am of Bill." Ash drips from his cigarette
onto her polished floor. He offers her an apologetic smile.
"He's an admirable man, a principled man. He inspires envy in
those who are less honorable."

He's talking about himself. He doesn't love her, she realizes.
He doesn't even like her. He never did. He only wants what
Bill has. He duped her and now she's carrying his baby.

"Don't worry, I'm good at keeping secrets," he says. "I can
keep yours, too, if you like."

His calm demeanor infuriates her.

"Get out of my house." She turns away and thrusts her hands
into the dishwater. She intends to scrub the skillet until it
shines as brightly as her abandoned wedding ring. Gilded by
April sunshine, the ring glows like the halo of her lover's
lit cigarette. Daylight blazes beyond the window and stings
her eyes; through unshed tears, the world appears to burn.

- - - - - -

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