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Don't Think Twice by Vicinity
Summary: No summary provided. Yves/Jimmy.

Title: Don't Think Twice
Author: Vicinity
Email: akavicinity@yahoo.com
Rating: G
Category: VA
Author's Notes: Something else I had to get out of my head.

For VesperRegina, whose "Cry" video inspired it.
Her eyes are dark. Black. He can't see anything in them at all. She
has shielded herself again, or maybe this is simply who she is. He
remembers this, and he remembers her soft touch on his face, and he
remembers the way her hair fell across her eyes when she turned to go.
He remembers all of this, and so much more.

He wonders if she misses him, if she regrets it. He knows that he
does. He thinks about her, and he wonders if she thinks about him. He
wonders if she is happier now, when she doesn't have to worry about
him. She told him that he made her something she could not be, and
that he had to accept that for the both of them. And then she left.

For a little while he wondered if she wanted him to go after her. He
didn't think so, though. Not this time. He decided to let her go. He
didn't want to keep her with him if that was not what she wanted. He
wants her to be happy, to laugh and to smile. He wanted her it to be
because of him, and he wonders if that was selfish of him. He wonders
if she knew.

He thought she would come back at first. He thought that maybe she
would change her mind. She hasn't. He wonders if she knew he was

He thinks that the others knew before he did. When he got back to the
warehouse, they were waiting. They didn't ask him at first, and he
appreciated it. They waited until he could understand himself, and
then they listened.

They told him that she was a child. They told him that she was still
looking for something that she couldn't have. They told him that he
was too good for her, that it was too late to save her. They told him
that it wasn't real to her. He wanted to tell them then that he knew,
he knew all of it, but that he saw something else, too. He didn't
speak, though. He didn't want to hurt their feelings.

He wonders if maybe she did it for him. Maybe she thought it would be
better. He wonders if she thought she was protecting him from
something, from her life. He only thought this for a little while,
though. Now he thinks that maybe he understands. He knew a part of
her, but only a part. She refused to share the rest. For all that he
was willing to give to her, it would mean nothing if she couldn't -
wouldn't - accept it.

He wonders where she is, at night when there is nothing else to think
about. He wonders if she is satisfied, if she was able to find her
happiness. He wonders if she is lonely. It hurts to think about her,
but he does, anyway.

He thinks that if he ever sees her again, he'll tell her he loves her.
That, and goodbye.