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Eyes Like Yours by Elaine Duncan
Summary: Tearing down windows and doors, I could not find eyes like yours. Krycek/Marita, PG, One Son, Harem 155 challenge fic.

Eyes Like Yours 1/1
Lanie Duncan

E-mail: lanya@siren.nu
Spoilers: One Son
Summary: Tearing down windows and doors, and I could not find eyes like yours. - Shakira, "Eyes Like Yours"
Keywords: Marita
Copyright: Not mine. I wish. I'd do hell of a lot better.
Dedications: All the peeps at the Harem list for making me get off my ass and write. ;)

He stares at me.

I hate it when he does that.

His eyes get intense, dark, foreboding--hiding something that I?ve never seen, nor do I want to.

He still stares at me, even when I wish he wouldn?t. Keep his eyes to himself, to shut up those little secrets in his brain. It?s temptation enough, those eyes: dark, verdant green. Passionate, cold at the same time.

I want to keep his eyes to myself, for me, mine only. God knows that they?re not mine, they?re his, and I can?t have them. I?d run through walls on some days just to see them, his eyes.

Even if I ran away, I?d return, looking for him and those eyes. Therein lies our differences. Our eyes. Mine pale jade, red and bloodshot. His dark, hints of brown, still the same.

He stares at me, then at Jeffrey, expression incredulous. "They took it," he said, apathy completing his words.