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The Difference In Normal by Maidenjedi
Summary: Marita thinks about normal in 155 words. Krycek/Marita, PG. This fic started the Harem 155 challenge.

The Difference In Normal 1/1

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SUMMARY: Marita thinks about normal in 155 words.

He'd lean in too far once or twice a day, and she'd hold her breath, half-hoping he was leaning in for a kiss and half-dreading that he was. Their eyes would lock and the world would literally stop spinning, they'd be the only two people in the universe, and then one of them would break the spell and things would return to some semblance of normal.

She remembered this while seated at Starbucks in Annapolis. Normal for them would have included running, guns, black oil, conspiracy.

She wondered for whom kissing was normal. People in movies where the girl-next-door blonde got the guy, people who weren't pawns in a global conspiracy? People for whom black oil was a substance for their cars, not an alien virus?

She watched as a man leaned into a blonde and kissed her, and envied them as they became the only two people in the universe.

The world stopped spinning.


Author's Notes: Never tried a 155 before. Was inspired to do so after reading some at the Scullyfic 155 Archive at Xanadu.

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