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[XFVCU-fic] Blood Orange by Eodrakken Quicksilver
Summary: 155-word outtake from the XFVCU episode Skyland.

This drabble is an unofficial out-take from the XFVCU episode "Skyland". Enjoy.

_Blood Orange_
by Eodrakken Quicksilver

Diana, sitting in the passenger's seat, peeled another tangerine with hands still wet from the one before. She dug her long, already-sticky thumbnail into the waxy, dimpled surface, and felt the damp white interior of the peel bunching up and getting jammed into the tender borderline of the nail bed. She pulled, and felt the strangely satisfying almost-pain of that tug against her fingernail.

The thick soft shell came away in torn-edged pieces, leaving the tender, naked fruit. The juice was was dark orange, just barely contained by the thinnest of membranes. Like bruised blood. It wanted her sharp white teeth to break the thin skin, to let the blood run-- to find the hard, hidden seeds at the center of it, that yearned to touch the air, to be spit into the dirt, to grow--

Alex rubbed his hand over his face and shook his head. This case was starting to get to him.