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Kindred Encounter by E. Watson
Summary: Brief meeting of two women with a lot in common. Takes place during One Son. PG.

Title: Kindred Encounter
Rating: PG
Author- E. Watson
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Spoilers: Two-Fathers/One son
Summary: Brief Meeting of two woman with a lot in common. Takes
place during One Son.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit. They belong to Fox, Chris
Carter and 1013.
Thanks should go to Pollyanna who wrote about this type of
meeting first.

Kindred Encounter

"Let go of me you bastards!" A woman screamed. "You're going to
kill all of us!"

A door opened and a woman was thrust onto the floor of a
hospital room.

"Behave yourself Ms. Spender or we'll have to restrain you."
Chastised one of the orderlies.

As the men left, Cassandra raced to the door. She tugged at it
several times. Realizing her efforts were useless, she sat down,
crying with her back against the door.

Still unwilling to accept failure, she wiped her face with both
hands, and looked around the room. Her eyes brightened as she
saw a glass placed on the small table beside the bed.

She got up, grabbed the glass, and shattered it against the
wall. Sorting through the pieces, she found one of appropriate
size and began to slice her wrists.

"It won't work." A frail whisper called out from the corner of
the room.

"What? Who's there?"

"If you are what they say you are, what you're trying to do
won't work."

Cassandra looked about the room and shook her head.

"No time for voices," she scolded herself, and dug the glass in
deep. As soon as she removed it, she let out a cry. The wound
immediately healed up.

Another gasp came from the corner. "It's true,"

"Whose there? " Cassandra asked. " Who are you?"

There was a long pause. Then a voice called out. "My name is
Marita Covarrubias. I know what they've done to you."

"Marita?" Cassandra pondered for a moment "Marita, I know that

The recollection hit her and she clapped her hands together,
losing the severity of the situation with her pleasure at being
able to remember. "Marita! I remember you. You were just little
then, a pretty girl with long blond braids."

Cassandra frowned as she was pulled back into the situation at

"Oh Marita, you've got to help me. If you know what they did,
then you know I can't be alive. I must die or else."

"I know," the voice interrupted, "but I can't. There's only one
way to kill someone like you. It's a special weapon, and I
don't know how to get one."

Cassandra sat down on the bed, still holding the piece of glass.
Her other hand rubbed her forehead, as she tried to think of
what to do next. Finally, her shoulders slumped in defeat. She
peered into the corner.

"Come out of there Marita, I'm harmless." She placed the glass
piece back on the table. "Can't even hurt myself."

A pale figure shuffled out from the dark corner. Her arms were
wrapped around herself for warmth.

Cassandra gasped at the ghostlike waif in front of her. "Oh my
god! What did they do to you?"

"They cured me," Marita replied, glaring at the ground.

"Oh you poor thing. You look so cold. Come here and wrap
yourself up in a blanket."

Marita stood, looking doubtfully at the woman in front of her.

Cassandra sighed, got up, and wrapped a blanket around Marita.
She sat her down on the bed and sat beside her.

"There, that's better isn't it?" Cassandra asked, placing her
arm around Marita. "The world isn't over yet, no point in
freezing to death now."

Marita sat stiffly for several seconds, looking at the hand on
her shoulder. She wasn't sure what to do. Part of her wished
she could run from the room. Another side wanted to place her
head on the woman's shoulder and cry until the end did come.

"It's okay, I don't bite. Well, once or twice, but it was in
self defense."

Slowly Marita relaxed. "You won't be destroyed with the others.
You'll be safe, so will your son"

Cassandra smiled. "I know. It's exactly what he told me. We'd
be safe and together, but I don't think so. I won't go play
happy wife in his type of Eden. The bastard will have to kill
me, I'm sure he has one of those thingies you were talking

Marita opened her mouth to speak, but decided against it.

Cassandra smiled. "I know what you're thinking, it's okay, you
can ask me."

"It's just you don't seem like the type of woman who would.."

"Marry the devil?"

Marita nodded.

"It's all right, I know what kind of man he is. You don't have
to protect me from his reputation. When we met he wasn't at all
like he is now. That's the thing about devils, they're
charming. They don't come out you with full horns and glowing
red eyes. Most of them are very attractive and enticing,
otherwise where would the temptation be?"

Cassandra felt Marita stiffen.

"I see, you have a devil of your own."

Marita looked away from Cassandra's glance.

Seeing the response, Cassandra patted Marita on the shoulder.
"It's okay dear, you don't need to tell me, in fact, I can just
shut up right now if you like. Over the past few days so many
memories have come back to me. I'm sorry if I was babbling.

"No, it's okay." She hesitated and added, "I'd actually like to
hear more."

Cassandra looked at the door. "Do you know how to unlock it?"

Marita shook her head. "I sneak out of my room during times they
forget to close mine. They use to always lock it, but lately
they don't bother. I don't know if it's because they think I'm
harmless now or it's because they don't care."

Cassandra kept staring at the door. She tapped her fingers on
her leg and turned to Marita. "Well, since we're stuck here for
a while anyway- Like I said, he was very different when I met

I knew he was a powerful man. I saw his entourage he carried
with him, but power never interested me. What struck me about
him was what I saw lying underneath. Despite his power, he
appeared to be vulnerable, unsure of himself, lost almost, and I
was always a sucker for strays.

The more time we spent together the more I got swept off my
feet. We were both orphans, so I felt a bond with him for that,
although he could have lied. He was always gentle with me, and
treated me like a lady and I wasn't use to that. My life was,
shall we say, a little wild before. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't
really abused or anything, but the men I was accustom to
wouldn't think of holding a door open or pulling out a woman's
chair for her. I know times have changed, but back then I was
in heaven.

I think the biggest thing was, when we were together, he acted
like I was the most important person in the world. He listened
to me, really listened, no matter how crazy my ideas sounded.
Lies or not back at the beginning I felt adored, loved, even

By the time he proposed, I was hooked. God knows why he married
me. I'd like to think he actually loved me once, but I remember
now that he was very envious of Bill Mulder, especially his
family. Could be one day he decided, 'I should get me one of
those', and I walked in at the right time.

Obviously, I said yes, and shortly after that it all went to

Cassandra frowned. "To put it simply, I was duped. People said I
was a fool who'd believe anything, aliens, government
conspiracies, but those all turned out to be true. Turns out the
real reason I was a fool was for believing in him."

"But you eventually realized the truth, you left him." Marita

She gave Marita a sad smile. "Oh no dear, you're wrong. I
realized a lot of the truth and still stayed. He's the one who
left me, and it took a long time before I could honestly tell
myself I would never take him back. I know it sounds crazy, but
it was like he was two different people inside one body. One
was capable of tremendous kindness and love, and the other was
equally capable of cruelty and destruction. I was so in love
with the one side of him that I'd."

"Endure anything if it meant you could see that part again."
Marita interrupted, staring at the floor. "No matter how loud
your mind is screaming to get out, you can't leave what you once
had, so you go through months of torment for a few seconds of

She looked at Cassandra and added. "It's not that crazy."

Cassandra patted Marita on the knee. "I had a feeling you'd

She gave Marita a squeeze around the shoulder. "I'm glad I met
you, Marita. When I was at agent Mulder's apartment tonight I
was very comfortable dying. I figured I met everyone worth
meeting in this life. At least one good thing came out of all
of us getting taken."

"Agent Mulder was with you when you came here?"

"Yes, they took him and Dana somewhere down the hall. I came to
his place so panicked that I'm afraid I didn't get to explain
much to him. He's probably more confused than ever right now."

"If I could get out of this room. I can try explain it to him."

"You think it will do any good?" Cassandra asked

"I don't know, but he's the only option I can think of. I just
need to get out first."

"Leave that to me."

Cassandra walked over to a corner and picked up a chair. She
motioned for Marita to stand back and banged the chair on the

"Let me out of here you bastards!" She screamed over and over
again, hammering the door each time.

She looked out the tiny window on the door.

"They're coming" Cassandra said, and rushed back by the bed.

Marita stood back behind the opening side of the door. Several
seconds later the two men that brought Cassandra in appeared.

"We told you to behave yourself Ms. Spender."

Cassandra stood straight. "Go to hell." She said and spat at the

The men step forward to Cassandra, and Marita quietly grabbed
the door before it closed.

She left to the sound of Cassandra screaming at the men as they
tied her to the bed. A smile came to her lips as she heard one
of the men yell out, "Ouch, the bitch bit me."

For an instant Marita almost ran back to the room to try and
help her, but she knew that's not what Cassandra would want. She
intended on sneaking back in afterwards. It had been a long
time since she felt a connection with another person. She hoped
she'd have the opportunity to spend more time with her.

She never did.