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A Day In The Life by Kristen K2
Summary: PG. Harem 155 word challenge fic. Kim. What happens in the outer office during those meetings with Skinner.

A Day In The Life *PG* 1/1
Kristen K2

SPOILERS: None, but set in Season 9.
SUMMARY: What happens in the outer office during meetings in Skinner's. Kim in 155.

Juggling two callers on hold and one temperamental computer, while simultaneously rifling through filing cabinets for a misplaced folder, she wonders if this day will ever end.

Her printer spits out the necessary report, and she trots down to the copier to make duplicates. The Minolta repairman points out the run in her stocking.

She flops back behind her desk just in time to watch the agents file past, their meeting complete. Only Reyes acknowledges her with a friendly smile.

Empty box in hand, she heads for the messy conference table, and wipes up the spilled coffee and forgotten pens and paperclips. She squares her shoulders with a sigh.

Finished. What's next?

A warm hand settles on her nape, massaging her tired muscles with a too-brief squeeze.

"Tonight," he promises, his glasses winking at her in the late afternoon sunlight.

She smiles, re-energized.

The days may be long, but the nights make up for it.



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