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Defending The Fortress by Kristen K2
Summary: PG. Harem challenge fic. What happened to change Doggett's mind about Skinner - or, Kim kicks some ass in 155!

Defending The Fortress *PG* 1/1
Kristen K2

SPOILERS: Missing scene from NIHT I.
SUMMARY: What might have happened to change Doggett's mind about trusting Skinner. Or, Kim kicks some a** in 155! *g*

The familiar poster caught her eye as she marched into the office. The new agents looked out of place beside it.

She snicked the lock, then stood before them, arms folded in anger. Doggett, as slim as the pencils over his head, seemed less arrogant than he did upstairs.

"Don't ever doubt him again," she challenged. "I won't allow it."


"No. He's done enough to prove himself." She glared at Doggett. "Especially for you."

Blue eyes looked at her, this time properly chastened. She'd never had the courage to do this with the other two, but enough was enough. He deserved better.

"It won't happen again."

"Good. And next time, make an appointment. The hallway door will be locked in the future."

Turning to leave, she caught Reyes' empathetic smile, and returned it without reservation.

Maybe things *would* be different with the new team. She walked back to the elevator, wanting to believe.



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NOTES: Thanks to Maidenjedi for the challenge idea. Doggett's quick turn-around in NIHT has left me stumped- how did he go from yelling at Skinner in his office to calling him for help at the water-treatment plant so easily? So, I filled in the blanks.