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Just Friends by Eilan
Summary: Monica reflects on Doggett. Harem 155 challenge fic.

Just Friends 1/1

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Rating: G
Keywords: Reyes
Summary: Monica thinks about her friendship with John.
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We're friends.

We're just friends. At least that's what I'm trying to tell myself.

It did work a few years ago and it will work again. I hope so. If it doesn't it will end up like with me and Michael. I don't want that. But I can't help the feelings I have. Can't run away from them. It takes too much strength to even try.

I know that I will never tell him. If he tells me that he has the same feelings for me I will tell him. But he doesn't. Because he thinks we are just friends.

He looks up and smiles at me.

Would he do that if he knew what it means to me?

I don't know.

And he doesn't know what it means to me.

Because we're just friends.

That is what he is supposed to think. And that's what I am supposed to think.

We're just friends.


Thanks to the ladies of the Harem and exspecially Karo. Without her I would have never tried to write a story in english. Like her I'm German. So excuse any mistakes.