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Lover's Embrace by Julie L. Jekel
Summary: Deslea's rec: "I'll admit it - I'm not a fan of the 155-word genre. This fabulous Shannon McMahon POV on John Doggett, however, is something special. Glorious imagery packs a punch in a very small space."

Lover's Embrace 1/1
Julie L. Jekel

Disclaimer: Not mine, except for the interpretation.
Rating: PG, to be on the safe side
Spoilers: NIHTI
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Summary: Shannon McMahon in 155 words.
Note: My first 155 *ever*, so bear with me.

It is like air, only softer and more fluid. In its embrace she can almost forget that she ever had or ever wanted another lover. Like the deepest passion, it renders clothing superfluous and warms her to the nucleus of every cell. She breathes deep, loving the way her body has remembered how to breathe it, with a little help. These winds are always warm, and they caress instead of biting.

Sometimes she imagines she will never need to return to the surface.

Somewhere above, there is a sound alien to the peace of her world. A splash, and another form joins her in the darkness. It's him.

She knows he cannot stay below, like she can. She knows that he must, or risk everything. He is still needed, and not just by her. She realizes she hates the ones who need him.

Her hand parts the darkness, drawing this lover into her other's embrace.