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Mother's Day by Christina Davis
Summary: Cassandra thinks about Mother's Day in 155. Harem challenge fic.

Mother's Day 1/1
Christina S. Davis

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SUMMARY: Cassandra thinks about Mother?s Day in 155.
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NOTES: This story is dedicated to the 3 unfinished stories I have sitting on my hard drive, the two finished ones that need to be edited and the fact that I can?t seem to find the time to finish and post any of them. It?s also dedicated to my mother, who thank god has never been abducted by UFOs, because I don?t know what I?d do without her.

Every year, since his thirteenth, I?ve gotten a card and flowers for Mother?s Day. Even was I was away, they?d still be there waiting for me, no matter how long it took me to return. When whole months would pass I wondered how many flowers he had gone through so the one waiting for me would be fresh and if he knew how much I loved him. There was no card I could give back that said, ?Sorry I missed so much, your father had bigger plans for me.? No flowers I could give for making him cook his own meals when he was small. I could be a mother when I was there but that morning would come when he would wake to an empty house and when I returned to that haunted look in his eyes I wondered if he would ever know why I left and how much I loved him.