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Mystery Meat by Kristen K2
Summary: Holly eats alone. Harem 155 challenge fic.

Mystery Meat *PG* 1/1
Kristen K2

KEYWORDS: Holly, Pendrell, Scully
SPOILERS: Only for eps so old everyone's seen them.
SUMMARY: Holly eats lunch alone.

'It's mystery meat today,' she thinks, and a familiar laugh echoes faintly behind her. No point in turning to look; he's been gone for years.

She misses Sean, still. The way he would wiggle his eyebrows at her in the cafeteria line, the smile that broke across his face when she located that old out-of-print medical journal he coveted.

"Hol, you're the best," he would say.

A flash of red passes her as she heads for the beverage counter. It's impolite to cut off a pregnant woman, but boy, she's tempted.

Does Dana even remember him anymore?

He *died* for Dana. He wouldn't have died for her.

She hates thinking of Dana like this; she didn't even know. Sean kept his crush under wraps. Just like she did, with him.

After Dana's gone, she looks behind her and pretends she can still see him, wiggling his eyebrows.

Alive or dead, he still breaks her heart.



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NOTES: This is for the wives of the HaremXF. Just spreading my wings, trying on some different pairings...