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On The Seventeenth Floor Balcony by Kristen K2
Summary: Kim looks to the stars in 155. Harem challenge fic.

On The Seventeenth Floor Balcony *PG* 1/1
Kristen K2

SPOILERS: None, but set in Season 9.
SUMMARY: Kim looks to the stars in 155.

In the city, this is the only spot where star-gazing succeeds. Wyoming is sky and flat openness; DC is marble and crowds and rules. The night breeze ruffles her hair as she spies Orion, and she wonders how something so pretty could contain such evil.

Burly arms come around her shoulders, the blanket draped in his hands made superfluous by his warmth.

"Come back to bed."

"I'm looking for Jupiter."

He growls, and she wraps her arms backward to keep him still. His scars, born from bullets and duty, press along her spine.

Maybe the evil is more Earth-bound than extraterrestrial. The city has taught her well about the cruelty humans inflict on each other. He learned that lesson long ago.

She turns toward him for a kiss, leaving the rest of the universe behind. Tonight, she will only inflict kindness.

He nudges her chin, smiling.

"There's Jupiter."

In reply, she leads him back inside.



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NOTES: Thanks to Maidenjedi for the challenge idea. Whee!