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Tomorrow by KajaM
Summary: Susanne and Byers meet after their separation. Harem 155 challenge fic.

Tomorrow 1/1
KajaM AKA Karo

E-mail: Kaja.M@t-online.de
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SPOILERS: 6x19 Three of a kind
SUMMARY: Susanne meets Byers after their separation in Las Vegas.

Excuse any mistakes... native German at work *lol*

Our second reunion. I discover him sitting in a bar after another conventions, looking like a mess... like he has been trough hell. Recognizing me, his beautiful blue, but sad eyes fill with sudden passion again.

I sit down by his side. We start talking about what we've been doing since Vegas.

Carefully I ask him for his reason for being all alone at a bar early in the morning. "I've been drinking quite a lot since I had to let you go back in Vegas," he confesses. I feel quilty for being the cause for his pain.

Before I get a chance to answer, he overrolls me with his confession.

"I love you, Susanne."He turns a shy glance at me.

I`m not sure what to say... not even sure he might remember all this later. Instead I take his hand and place a kiss on his cheek.

Tomorrow... tomorrow, I will tell him.