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Wednesday by Christina Davis
Summary: Monica thinks about life, lunch, and the pursuit of Polish sausage. Harem 155 challenge fic.

Wednesday 1/1
Christina S. Davis

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SUMMARY: Monica thinks about life, lunch and the pursuit of Polish Sausage. For the HaremXF Fic in 155 words Challenge.
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NOTES: To Maidenjedi for presenting this challenge, it?s gotten me out of my almost three month long creative rut.

"You ready?"

"I?ll be right there, John"

"Hurry up, I?m starving."

It had become their weekly tradition to go to lunch together, always on Wednesday, always Polish Sausage.

Lunch was fun time, sometimes their only fun time that week. They talked about books or the news or every so often their personal lives but never about work, their fellow agents or what had happened that day he had first visited her new apartment.

She located her shoes, slipped them on and walked out of the office to find him waiting impatiently for her by the elevator. The image of him in that hospital bed still flashed through her mind every time she looked at him. The sight of him alive and well in front of her made her grin.

"What are you smiling about?"

Dozens of answers flashed through her mind. Because you?re alive. Because you?re my partner. Because you?re my friend.

"Because it?s Wednesday."