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One Good Reason by Julie L. Jekel
Summary: Maggie reacts to the news of her daughter's decision. William, PG.

One Good Reason
Julie L. Jekel (Azar)

Category: SA

Rating: PG for a little swearing

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Keywords: Scully!Angst, Angry!Maggie, missing scene from "William"

Spoilers: "William"

Acknowledgments: To Langleigh for giving me the idea, and the ladies
at the Harem of X-Files Other Women Defenders for wondering if Maggie
Scully might sometimes be unhappy with her daughter's choices

Dedication: Again, to Langleigh, who asked me to write this. She said
I wrote Margaret Scully well, but in this piece, most of Maggie's
words--in content if not verbatim--are hers. I only transcribed them.

Summary: Maggie reacts to the news of her daughter's decision.

"One Good Reason"
by Julie L. Jekel

"Give me one good reason," Maggie Scully fumed at her daughter, "why
I should believe you haven't been looking for an excuse to get rid of
this child."

Dana stared at her mother, incredulous and angry. "Give you a reason?
How can you say that? My God, Mom, how could you even think that?"

"How can I not?" Margaret almost shouted, her arms tightening almost
imperceptibly around her grandson. "Dana, this baby is a miracle. A
gift from God. But instead of being thankful for the son He gave you
when doctors swore you would never be able to conceive, you've done
nothing but treat him like one of your goddamned cases to be
investigated! And now you tell me you want to put him up for
adoption? God, Dana, if you don't want him, give him to me!"

"I do want him!" the younger woman choked. "Do you really think I
want to give up my baby? The only child I'll ever have and the only
thing I have left of the man I love?"

Her mother's angry eyes pierced her, drawing blood from what little
was left of her soul that could still feel pain, that wasn't beaten
into numbness. "Then why on earth would you give him away? Dana--"

"Because I love him, damn it!" She shouted back. "I love him too much
to ask him to live like this, always looking over his shoulder--"

"Do you think he won't always be looking over his shoulder if you
give him up?" her voice was softer now, but her words no less
hard. "Looking for you?"

"What if I can't protect him, Mom?" the younger Scully pleaded.
Unable to meet her mother's angry eyes any longer, hers focused sadly
on her child. "What if someone comes for him...and I can't stop

"You're an FBI agent, Dana. How could two strangers who don't even
know that someone might want this child protect him better than you,
his own mother?"

"Because they'll always know where I am." Her face tightening, Dana
reached one hand up to touch a small scar at the base of her neck,
biting back a sob. "Without me...William can disappear, just like
Mulder did. I can live with giving him up...I can't live with risking
his life when I know I can save it."

"You should have thought of that before you accepted this
assignment," Maggie snapped. She relented a little when she saw the
horror in her daughter's eyes. "Oh, Dana...you know I love Fox and I
know this is what you want...that you chose him..."

Approaching, she laid her grandson in his mother's arms and captured
her daughter's face in her hands, forcing her to meet her eyes
again. "...but I want you to be happy, Baby. And you're not. You're
not happy being apart from Fox and you won't be happy without your
son. You've sacrificed enough. Don't throw away what little happiness
you still have left."

Looking down at the child in her arms, Dana shook her head
slowly. "It'll never be enough, Mom. I gave up the chance to have a
normal life a long time ago. But my choice shouldn't dictate
William's--he still deserves that chance and I won't deny it to him."

Margaret watched mutely as her daughter turned away, carrying William
back to his crib and laying him in it. Her lips parted, words
hovering on them that she'd never been able to voice, but words that
spoken now might get through to Dana and make her see the enormous
mistake she was about to make.

Words about a child she'd given up long ago...and never stopped
longing for.

Words that died on her tongue, still unshared.