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It's Not Right by Langleigh
Summary: Yves's reflections on the death of three friends. JTS, PG.

Title: It's Not Right
Author: Langleigh
Rating: PG
Category: V, A
Keywords: Yves pov, post-ep for "Jump the Shark"
Spoilers: Jump the Shark, any LGM episode I see fit
Archiving: Ephemeral, Gossamer, Harem of XF Other
Women, all other must ask
Disclaimers: The Lone Gunmen, Yves and Jimmy are
owned by people who don't really deserve to own them,
much to my sorrow.
Summary: Yves's reflections on the death of three
Authors Notes: I loved the Lone Gunmen, both as they
were on the X-Files and as they were on their own
series. They were 3 friends I never thought to care
so much about, and tonight, I mourn them as Yves does.

"It's Not Right"

"It's not right," I say, and my voice sounds strange
in my ears, distant and removed from where I am.

It wasn't right; they shouldn't have died. But they
did, and they died because of me... because of my
father.. but mostly because of me and their attachment
to me.
One I never should have let them make.

The Lone Gunmen--Melvin Frohike, John Byers, and
Richard Langly--were three of the only four friends
I've ever really had. I never asked for their
friendship, and I never asked to care about them in
return. But I did. In the brief time I knew them, I
cared for them more than anyone else in the world.

That's why I didn't tell them where I was or what I
doing. It was too dangerous... and besides, if anyone
was going to stop my father's organization, it ought
to be me. Alone.

Only, I didn't count on Jimmy trailing me, or the guys
showing up in that hotel. I didn't count of seeing
the concern in their eyes when Jimmy begged me to tell
Fletcher and FBI that that I hadn't become a murderer.
Concern because they cared... cared enough to spend
all their money--and Jimmy's--to chase me half way
around the world.

I loved them in that moment.

My only regret is that I'll never get the chance to
tell them how much.


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