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Angel by Eilan
Summary: She's his angel. His fallen angel. Poetry. Krycek POV.

Author: Eilan
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Category: Krycek PoV, Poem (sort of)
Spoiler: none
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She's his angel. His fallen angel.
Disclaimer:No names mentiones. Does it all belong to me now? Okay,
Krycek's name appeared above, he belongs to Chris Carter, 1013
Productions and 20th Century Fox.
Archive: Ask me and there'll be no problem.
Author's note: Short and inspired by Deslea's ,Walk in darkness, not
in light' and Karen's ,Hourglass figures'. Very experimental.
Thanks to the Harem of X-Files Other Women Defenders for their
very interesting discussions and opinions.
Special thanks to Karo and Nadia, the other ,Lone Gungirls'.


She's his better half.
An angel who's able to survive in darkness.
When he tells her, she laughs.
He's serious about it,
And she knows.

The other side of a coin.
Her side is illuminated by light.
His side lies in shadows.
She, the angel seeking the darkness.
He, the devil yearning for light.

For how long will she be like this?
Without blood on her hands?
He wants her to save herself before it changes.
She wants to stay with him.
He doesn't know if he wants that.

She moves in her sleep.
She has no idea what he'd done several hours ago.
That he killed.
That there's again more blood on his hands.

He's afraid of touching her.
Afraid of handing over the blood of the dead to her.
Of pulling her more and more into the darkness.
Until there's no way back for her.
No way to Heaven for his angel.

Sometimes she cries in her sleep.
No angel is perfect.
And for his angel Heaven wasn't perfect.
She came into his empire voluntary.
To escape Heaven.
Sometimes Hell is the better choice.

She turns to him in her sleep.
And he sees tears at her cheeks.
His fallen angel.