Welcome To The Harem

Stop by Elaine Duncan
Summary: Prison walk. Requiem missing scene. Marita.

Title: Stop
Author: Elaine Duncan
Email: mpweke@yahoo.com
Keywords: Marita
Spoilers: Requiem
Summary: Prison walk.
Copyright: Not mine! Not mine!

Stop screaming.

I don't know why I am here.

The bastard is here.

What do I know?


Well, they're still screaming various lovely phrases to me.

I'd like to shoot each and every one of them.

Especially Alex.

I'd remove something very important to him, his spleen, and then shoot him.

Multiple times.

The smoking son of a bitch would decide to kill me, though.

I'm too useful--aren't I?

I know.

They know.

Alex wants to know.

He's dirty.

They took his arm.

I'm stifling laughter in my throat.

He's glaring.


Same ground.


He tells me he thought I was dead.

No, I magically appeared.

Thank God for Spender.

Too bad.

Poor kid.

He wants me to rot there.

Fort Marlene.

He can rot here.

If it were my choice.

I'd kill him.

But if it were my choice..

I'd never have hurt him.