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Final Truths by Lexy Torell and Psi Fi Part 1 of 4
Summary: Deslea's rec: "This Krycek/Other love story is a little sweeter than my usual tastes, but it meshes with a strong mytharc-based intrigue. Well-developed almost-original character and a nice balance of schmoop and angst. Mulder is a strong supporting presence."

TITLE: Final Truths (1/4)
AUTHOR: 'Lexy Torell & Psi Fi'
EMAIL ADDRESS: lexytorell@qwest.net
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SPOILER WARNING: Entire Mytharc and Samantha
Storyline up through Millenium
SUMMARY: A mysterious woman appears in Fox Mulder's
life and he investigates to find out who she is.

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***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Andrea Spender sat in a chair in front of her Father's
desk, waiting to hear the assignment. The old man was
cool as always, taking long, steady drags off the
cigarette hanging from his lips.

"Alex, Andrea...I have a new assignment for you
concerning Agent Mulder."

Alex Krycek's eyes narrowed almost imperceptibly and
only the very observant or someone who knew him would
notice the tension that was suddenly vibrating through

"Mulder? What about him?"

"Do we finally get to take care of him?" The young
woman offered with cool enthusiasm. "He's been
causing enough problems lately."

The smoking man, called Cancerman by many of his more
sarcastic enemies, took another long drag off the
implement of his many nicknames. Krycek shook his
head warningly.

"I'm through committing murders for you..."

"Not murder. I told you before we can't risk that.
We've decided that Mulder should be put away somewhere
quiet...for his own good, of course."

Andrea Spender spared Krycek a brief glance, wondering
why she was being paired with him if he couldn't work
for the greater good of the cause. She had heard
rumors and warnings about this particular agent and
she had strong doubts about his loyalty, especially
given the lack of respect he showed her father...a
great man who had dedicated his life to their
important work. She resolved to study Krycek, so she
could report any treachery.

"Mulder is quite obsessive," the smoking man puffed.

"With the right prodding his behavior should
deteriorate. If that were to happen, I'm sure even
Skinner and Agent Scully would admit the need for
Agent Mulder to receive some...professional help."

Andrea grinned slightly, catching on, but Krycek
smiled wryly.

"You tried that already...he only drinks bottled water

Andrea shot him a hard glance, but answered as if he
hadn't commented.

"I see. I'm sure that wouldn't be too difficult. A
nice padded cell with a white jacket...that would suit
him nicely."

"Your objection is noted, Alex. I'm sure you and
Andrea will find something more...creative this time."

"It shouldn't be too difficult, I'm sure," Andrea
repeated, glancing over at Krycek, who reluctantly

"Good. I look forward to hearing of your progress."
the smoker exhaled smugly, stamping out his cigarette.

Krycek nodded once, a barely respectful curving of his
neck, then left. Andrea stood and glanced at her

"We won't let you down. I can promise you that."

"I'm sure you won't. And I'm sure you will exercise
due caution in your dealings with Mulder AND Krycek."

Andrea smiled confidently.

"You needn't worry about that. I will take care of
both as needed."

Cancerman nodded and waved a dismissal. Andrea
hurried out and moved to catch up with Krycek. He
turned to see who was behind him, suspecting it was
her, but ready all the same.

"Well, well...when can you be ready to go to DC, Ms.

"My bags were already sent ahead, Mr. Krycek. So, I
suppose I am ready when you are."

"Good. I have tickets waiting...do you have a cell

Andrea raised an eyebrow, as if to suggest the
question was a stupid one.

"Of course. As well as a satellite link. I suppose
we should exchange numbers?" she offered.

"We really should. No point letting Mulder and Scully
have any unnecessary advantages over us."

He handed her a business card. Pressing her lips in
disdain, she handed him one of hers as well. **Did
even hired thugs have cards these days?** Andrea
thought to herself.

"Are you ready?"


Andrea moved out the door to the waiting car. Krycek
followed and sat next to her in the back.

"I should warn you, Ms. Spender, not to underestimate
Mulder. He's very clever...intuitive and
unpredictable. Have you any ideas on how you want to
complete this assignment?"

Andrea smiled.

"I'm planning on using his own psychoses against him."

Krycek smiled back, amused.

"Yeah? Which ones? There's a lot to choose from."

"Oh, perhaps a few well-planted problems from his
past. I'm still working on the specifics. Do you
have any particular ideas? You seem to be buddies
with him."

Krycek blinked; sure he had misheard.

"Excuse me?"

Andrea raised her eyebrow, appraising the man's

"You heard me, Mr. Krycek. You think I don't keep
track of those I have to work with?"

Krycek laughed in a low, husky chuckle.

"Mulder and I are enemies, Miss Spender. I respect
him as an adversary, but there is no love lost between
us. As for ideas...well, he's used to the demons of
his past. We might need to create some new ones."

She chuckled slightly.

"Such as? There isn't much he hasn't seen."

Krycek nodded.

"He's had everything taken from him at some
point...his work, his parents, Scully, Skinner. Don't
think this will be easy. For all his demons, Mulder is
pretty fearless."

"I was thinking of playing on his emotions a little, Mr.
Krycek. Perhaps cause him to fall for someone and
then just as quickly take them away from him," she
suggested, looking over at him.

"Someone, Miss Spender?"

"I was thinking of myself. It'll be easier to know
what is going on that way."

Krycek carefully hid his look of disgusted concern and
laughed, slightly.

"I don't know, Miss Spender. I don't think that's a
good idea. It'd take too much time for you to win his
trust. Plus, he's in love with Scully. I mean, the
guy doesn't exactly date, y'know?"

"So, now suddenly, you're the all-knowing expert on
him? I personally don't believe you have a say in
this matter."

Krycek's green eyes went very cool.

"I know him better than anyone else in the Consortium.
I worked with him and I've watched him for years. I
have a very large say in things, Ms. Spender. If
appropriate, you will take orders from me."

Andrea Spender's eyes went hard.

"Excuse me?" she questioned frostily.

Krycek smiled softly.

"This is an equal partnership, Miss Spender," he
husked in a low voice. The almost whisper lent a mild
malice to his tone.

"Sort of like marriage?" she replied sarcastically.
"I fear you overestimate you position in the chain of
command, Mr. Krycek."

Andrea eyed him slowly, noting the unpolished boots,
faded jeans, and battered leather jacket, letting her
eyes scrape over him in judgment. She knew her own
attire was impeccable. Her suit was a fine blue silk,
from one of the best tailors in Paris. She smoothed
her skirt, trying to draw attention to the unwrinkled,
rich material. She settled back smugly, certain she
had made her point. Krycek's face went blank, hiding
his anger.

"No, Miss Spender. I'm VERY aware of my position. I
worked quite hard for it; believe me. And if you're
going to underestimate people this badly, Mulder and
Scully will fillet you for lunch. Mulder has a knack
for getting at people's true feelings and motives."

She glared, offended and furious that he had not only
dared to talk back to her, but that he was questioning
her abilities!

"Excuse me?"

Krycek smiled coolly, leaning back with at least the
appearance of calm. He raised both eyebrows, a
questioning and assessing look in his cool, jade eyes.

"How do you see me, Miss Spender? Why do you think
I'm here? You'd better be a sharp judge of people, if
you want to get to Mulder. I think you're allowing
appearances to deceive you."

Andrea glanced out the window, wonder what her father
had gotten her into and contemplating what Krycek was

"I think you need to back off," she warned, still

Krycek studied her, noting how close she was to
completely losing her temper. He decided she needed
time to cool off before she could be counted on to
listen. He nodded slowly.

"For now..."

Her lips tightened.

"I don't appreciate your "games", Mr. Krycek. You
might as well stop right now. Whatever you choose to
believe, you don't have the upper hand here and you're
not getting it by posturing."

The car stopped and the discussion halted as they
waited for the driver to open the door.

"Games, Miss Spender? We don't have time for games
with each other," he responded, climbing out of the
car. He offered his hand with a charming smile, full
of gleaming white teeth. "We'll save that for Agent

Faking a sincere smile, she accepted his help out of
the car.

"As long as we understand each other on that issue."

Krycek gave her a slow look through hooded eyes.

"Oh, I think we do..."

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Mulder lay back on his couch, watching "Them!" He
stretched tiredly. A shadow detached itself from near
his window and Mulder reached for his gun. The shadow
moved back toward the window, waiting for Mulder to
get the idea and come outside. Mulder wasn't biting.
He aimed his gun at the shadow's center.

"Come out! Who's there?"

Krycek held his hands out away from his body and
stepped a small way into the light.

"YOU!" Mulder spat, and then swallowed his rage with a
sarcastic grin. "What do you want, Ratboy?"

Krycek glared, slightly, then snorted.

"Very funny, Mulder," he acknowledged, moving a little
closer. "I came to warn you. If you're smart, you'll

"Listen? Krycek, you do nothing but tell lies with just
enough truth in them to keep me hooked. But, by all
means, go ahead. I keep the place relatively free of
bugs, so you can go ahead and spout whatever it is the
Consortium wants me to believe this week!"

Krycek pursed his lips, partly exasperated and partly
amused by Mulder's fatalistic paranoia. He tried to
keep his voice reasonable and relatively

"Look, Mulder. I came here to *help* you. They're
sending someone to you...to try to get involved with
you...and a few other nasty surprises."

Mulder smirked.

"So what else is new? Nasty surprises are your
bosses' specialty. What do you mean involved?
Another partner? Sheesh. That's not very original,

"No, not a partner. A romantic interest. Not that
you would exactly go for that sort of thing."

Mulder laughed, a bit brokenly.

"I don't exactly have time for that what with trying
to bring down your bosses and search for my
sister...I'm surprised you haven't offered me
information about her, Krycek. The perfect carrot,

Krycek glanced away; afraid Mulder would read
something in his eyes. He shook his head slightly.

"Look, all I'm saying is watch out. And, maybe you
might want to play along with her game for a while.
It might help you figure out what they are shooting at
this time."

"Gee, Krycek, do I get a description? Who has the
Consortium chosen as my dream date?"

"You'll figure it out, I'm sure. But...she might be
calling herself Andrea."

"Andrea, huh? That's it? No warnings about alien oil
spills or anything? You just wanted to give me tips on
my love life?"

Krycek swallowed a sigh, trying not to lose patience
with Mulder's sometimes grating sense of humor.

"Look, just play along with it for now. You'll
understand more when the time is right, but don't fall
for her tricks."

"Yeah, sure...why not?" Mulder agreed, grinning
sardonically. "Well, thanks for the tip, Alex. It's
interesting to see one of my worst enemies play the
mother hen..."

Krycek shook his head in warning, not sure if Mulder
was taking his suggestion seriously or not.

"I'm not playing games here, Mulder."

"Krycek, you don't know how not to play
games...besides, I haven't dated in ages. My personal
life sucks."

"And you think they don't know that?"

Mulder shrugged, giving a sheepish grin.

"I don't care. Your masters probably know my favorite
brand of toothpaste...for all the good it does

"Well, don't say I didn't warn ya, Mulder."

"Me? Blame innocent Ratboy? Never!"

Krycek grimaced.

"Yeah, whatever. Just watch your back."

He moved back into the shadows, before slipping
silently out the window. Mulder watched him go,

"I wish I had evidence to arrest him! Good riddance."

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Andrea sat in the dining room, enjoying her coffee,
before ordering breakfast. She was waiting for
Krycek, so they could discuss the next step in their
mission. She glanced up briefly and saw him a short
distance away. He walked casually towards her, more
at ease in the elegant surroundings than she would
previously have given him credit for. He sat down
across from her.

"Well, how did your meeting with Mulder go?"

She rolled her eyes; exasperated by his uncivilized
lack of greeting and not wanting to admit how badly
things had gone.

"It was...enlightening."

Krycek arched his eyebrow, looking unnervingly

"How so?"

"It's like he purposefully goes out of his way to find
a reason to distrust someone. I have never seen
anything like it..."

She drifted off, staring morosely into her coffee.
Krycek smiled softly.

"It's called paranoia, Ms. Spender. Men like Mulder
thrive on it, even more than we do...He knows that
people are out to get him."

Andrea managed a lady like snort.

"And I suppose we are just proving him right?" she
retorted, then paused, a little uncomfortable. "He's
very unassuming for a man who has caused so much
trouble for the cause."

Krycek chuckled, amused both by Mulder and her
response to him.

"Mulder thinks of himself as a good guy...he's a boy
scout who believes the stories told around the

"I haven't believed those stories since I was ten. How
a man of his age can be so deluded..."

She shook her head, puzzled. Krycek sighed, shifting
a little.

"I saw some weird stuff as his partner, Ms. Spender.
You should read some of the cases he and Scully have
solved. It's eerie..."

"How do you know I haven't?"

They paused and grew quiet as the waitress came and
took their orders. Krycek shrugged as she left.

"If you had, you'd show Mulder more respect...and if
you want to get anywhere with him, you'd better show
him some. He's not going to follow you around like a

Andrea's next words were quiet, almost a snarl.

"I didn't think he would. Look, why don't you quit
telling me what *won't* work and try helping me figure
out what will?"

Krycek smiled, his green eyes alight with mischief.

"I'm trying, Ms. Spender. I really am. As I said,
show Mulder some respect and lose the scorn for his
work. He can pick up on things like that. I'm not
saying you have to make out you believe. Goodness
knows, Scully doesn't. But at least make out that you
respect HIS belief."

Andrea sat back suddenly, staring into Krycek's eyes.

"We're going to be working together for awhile, so why
don't you just call me Andrea to make it easier for
everyone?" she suggested, almost absently, as she
mulled over what he had said, almost losing herself in
his deep, green eyes.

Krycek smiled, slightly.

"I'd like that, Andrea. And please, call me Alex..."

She paused, almost wondering if she wanted to get
*that* familiar with him.

"All right...Alex."

Krycek nodded happily, pleased that they were on an
easier footing.

"Well, when are you meeting Mulder next?"

Andrea ran her hands over her face.

"I figured I would give it a day or so. I don't want
to be too obvious."

"You're probably right. Maybe you should arrange to
bump into him at the grocery store or video store.
Don't try anything, just say hi, make light
conversation. Let him get used to seeing you

Andrea nodded.

"Probably a good idea. Perhaps even move into an
apartment near his. Make it at least viable that I am

Krycek nodded thoughtfully.

"That would work. There are some good apartments a
couple of blocks down from him...his buildings full."

She raised her eyebrows in amusement.


Krycek laughed.

"Yeah, amazingly, he hasn't scared his neighbors away

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Andrea lay in her apartment, staring at the ceiling.
She had been trying to sleep now for a couple of hours
but it seemed as if everytime she tried to fall asleep,
the dreams would start anew. Turning to her side, she
glanced at the clock: 3:14.

With a sigh, she stood up and walked out into her living
room. It was almost useless now to get any sleep. She
entered her living room and sat heavily on the couch,
clicking the TV on with the remote that lay on the coffee
table in front of her.

She flipped through channels and lay her head on the arm
of the couch. At this time of the morning the only thing
to watch was either news networks or infomercials and she
wasn't really into either one.

Her mind began to wander over the past month and the
developing relationship between her and Agent Mulder.
She had managed to conveniently bump into him a few
times in the park, at a local grocery, and one of the
local coffee shops. Once she had become a familiar face,
she had arranged to speak with him.

After that, they had gotten along quite well and had even
managed to get together a couple of times. She made sure
they always had fun together and was sure that things
were progressing rather well.

Even though her mission stayed foremost in her mind, she
was having a hard time reconciling the man she was
becoming close to with the man her father had always
warned her about. He just didn't seem to be what she
had expected. There had seemed to be an instant connection
with him that she wasn't sure she could explain. It hadn't
been difficult to draw him in..and she felt herself being
drawn to him at the same time.

Her eyes finally drifted closed around 4:30, as she continued to
click through the channels. She barely managed to turn the TV off
as sleep finally overtook her exhausted body. Her last thought
was a hope that she would be so tired that the dreams would not

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Krycek stood over Andrea, watching her toss and moan
on the couch of her apartment. He shook her shoulder,

"Hey, wake up!"

Andrea snapped awake and came up swinging, but managed
to catch herself, when she realized who it was.

"Don't *ever* do that to me again!"

Krycek rolled his eyes, figuring it was a "Mulder"

"Sorry. Are you all right?" he asked.

She sighed and slowly sat up, stretching, wearing
nothing, but a t-shirt and underwear.

"I'm fine..."

Her mind drifted back to the dreams of the night
before and the reason she had fallen asleep on
the couch. Krycek watched her expression
close off. He smiled appreciatively, with a
skeptical expression in his eyes.

"If you were really okay, I don't think you'd let me
see you like this."

Krycek's eyes raked warmly over her bare legs. She
blinked and glanced down at herself. Annoyed, she
reached over and pushed Krycek back, until his butt
landed with a satisfying *thunk* on the coffee table,
as she stood and moved into her bedroom to change.

"Obviously you're fine or you wouldn't be taking
advantage of the situation," she groused.

She pushed her door shut and began to get decent
clothes on. Krycek laughed.

"Oh, yeah, I'm real good."

Andrea came back out into the living room wearing
jeans and a polo shirt. She walked to her window and
opened the curtains and blinds.

"So, what brings you over so early? I thought we
weren't supposed to meet up until about 9:30?"

Krycek shrugged amiably.

"So I'm a little early. Were you having bad dreams?"

Andrea glanced up at him strangely.

"Dreams? Why do you ask that?"

Krycek grinned.

"Well, for one, few people sleep on their couches.
Plus, you're out of it. It's about 9:45."

Andrea glanced up at the clock, astonished.

"I didn't realize it was so late."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

She sighed and slumped down on the couch.

"I'm not even sure myself what they were about."

Krycek leaned forward, keeping his voice soft.

"Are you sure? You can't remember anything?"

Andrea ran a hand over her face and glanced up at him.

"Why is it so important to you, Alex? They were my

Krycek leaned back, trying to be casual.

"We're working together. We might as well act human
towards each other. You look tired."

She smiled slightly at him, not buying it.

"Uh huh, sure," she humored him. "It was
weird...almost like memories of a different family."

She shook her head, wishing she could clear her mind
of the images and the feelings they provoked.

"I can't explain it."

"But you're okay, right? Just a bad night?"

She smiled into his eyes.

"I'm fine. I would tell you if I weren't, okay?"

Krycek grimaced.

"I hope you're better at fooling Mulder, than you are
at fooling me!"

"Why do you say that? I'm sure I can tell him I had a
bad night and he will understand. Lord knows, he has
had a few of them."

"I don't think he ever has any other kind, truthfully,
but you're probably right, you should do fine. Ready
for breakfast?"

She nodded.

"Yeah...let's go."

**** **** ****
Krycek held a chair out for Andrea. They had selected
a small coffee shop downtown; reasonably sure they
would not be spotted. Alex helped Andrea to
sit and she glanced around the restaurant out of
habit. Krycek smiled, a little amused.

"I think we're safe."

Andrea glanced up at him with an abashed smile as he
sat down.

"It's habit."

Krycek nodded.

"Yeah, I know," he agreed, then grinned widely. "I
did it at the door."

Andrea chuckled, softly.

"I've been living this life too long, I think..."

"So, are you going to give me the details of your

She grew serious at that, her mind drifting back to
her dream. She didn't know why, but she was almost
afraid to tell him. Krycek leaned forward, touching
her hand briefly, then pulled his back. She gave
another brief glance to his face, before taking a
calming sip of her water.

"I'm okay, really," she claimed, biting at her lower

Krycek nodded.

"Take your time."

"I'm having almost memories of having been abducted,
but I know that could never have happened. Of a
family...but not mine. It all kinda blurs together
and makes no sense. A...a mother. Father.
And...another child. A boy," she whispered,
then firmly shook her head. "That makes no sense. I
was raised by my father and had no other family. It's
nothing more than a dream. The Consortium would
*never* have done anything to me. My father made sure
of that."

Krycek frowned.

"I wouldn't be too sure, Andrea. Our employers are
pretty ruthless. Did you know they once tried to blow
me up?"

She nodded.

"I know. Alex, I know quite a bit more than my
position as a simple Operative would warrant. And
trust me, I know they wouldn't have done anything.
Anyone who would have attempted it would have been
killed. Instantly," she stopped, realizing who she
was talking to and that she had basically told him who
her father was.

Krycek smiled.

"I know a lot more than you might think, too, Andrea.
And believe me, no one is out of reach if the wrong
person gets mad. Not even your Father."

Andrea glanced down at the table, hearing the truth in
his words and wishing she didn't.

"Except that doesn't explain the family I saw...It all
makes no sense. Like I was in someone else's head,"
she sighed. "Anyway, it doesn't matter."

Krycek smiled softly.

"You're probably right. It's probably just a dream.
I just don't want you to have any illusions about who
we are."

"Are you saying not to get too secure in my position,

Andrea tried to sound amused, but knew she was stating
her own fears out loud, not wanting to admit she felt
that way. She felt the fears were disloyal to her
father, who had always protected her. Krycek nodded,

"Mulder's feeling pretty comfortable right now,

Her worry made it's way into her blue-hazel eyes and
she nodded slowly, not realizing how comfortable she
was with Alex and that her feelings were showing so

"You're right."

Krycek nodded; satisfied that she would be careful.

"Then you should be okay...Now about the dream. It
doesn't sound too bad, so far. Why was it bothering
you? I mean, you mentioned abduction, but why?
Because you were with a family you didn't recognize?"

Andrea looked up into his eyes, worried, but again not
voicing it.

"I don't know...perhaps because it felt so real...and
I'm not exactly used to feeling like a victim. That's
the point. I didn't feel in the dream as if I didn't
recognize them. It was like...god, I need to just
forget about it!"

"Okay. Hey. Maybe it was just a subconscious
yearning for family fixed up with some of the bugaboos
from our work! Right?"

"It was the boy who seemed the most real though."

She sighed in frustration, but grabbed onto Alex's
explanation and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm sure that was it," she responded, searching
his eyes.

Alex kept his eyes firmly on her.


Andrea reached over and touched his hand slightly.

"Thank you."

Krycek's smile softened again.

"You're welcome. So what are we doing today?"

"I'm supposed to meet Mulder for lunch," she informed
him, smiling. "You get to retrieve those files we

Alex nodded at another customer as she passed,

"Okay. Good luck! If you're going to have lunch,
there's a good chance you'll get to meet his partner,

Andrea blinked, not sure how to respond.

"Oh? Well, that should be interesting then. I need
to get going. I'll talk to you more tonight," she
stated, standing.

Krycek stood, respectfully.

"Okay, I'll see you later."

She turned and left quickly. Krycek turned his
attention to the customer he had nodded at. She was
watching him from her table, scowling. Krycek walked
over to her.

"May I sit down?"

Scully cocked her head to the side, appraising him.

"Do I have a choice?"

Krycek shrugged, claiming, "Sure. My mama raised a

Scully waved graciously to the seat across from her.

"Sit. It'll be interesting to find out what you are
up to now."

Krycek smiled charmingly and sat down.

"Thank you," he acknowledged, then tilted his head a
fraction to the side. "Are you eating lunch with
Mulder today?"

Scully furrowed her brow, puzzled by the mundane

"Possibly. Why do you ask?"

Krycek grinned, knowingly.

"Mulder has a new girlfriend, he should be introducing
to you soon...the girl I was just with in fact."

Scully's mouth tightened.

"Excuse me? I somehow doubt Mulder would..." she
drifted off, watching him closely.

"Oh, I warned him about her, but I also told him he
should play along. I figured I should tell you the
same thing."

Scully glared.

"Just what are you getting at? Why would you help us?

"Why wouldn't I? I like both of you. I tried to tell
you before, Scully. We're on the same side..."

Scully shook her head.

"The only thing you like, Krycek, is the attention.
And I seriously doubt you will convince Mulder or me
that we have *ever* been on the same team," she
informed him, coolly.

Krycek frowned, slightly.

"Attention, Scully? I risk my life every time I help
you and usually get beaten up by Mulder...or Skinner.
I could kill you at any time. Now...isn't that proof
I'm not your enemy?"

Scully gave a delicate snort.

"It proves you haven't had the opportunity or the
orders from up above, Krycek."

Krycek laughed, uncontrollably.

"Scully, I've had enough opportunities to kill you for
a hundred assassins. And I'm not just some flunky
anymore. If I wanted you dead, you would be," he
corrected her, then his voice softened. "I've suffered
as much as you have you know..."

"Suffered?" she inquired, a bit incredulously.

Krycek frowned.

"Do you know what it's like to have your arm cut off
in a forest with a heated blade, while being pinned
down? Or to wake up trapped in an abandoned silo with
no food or water, covered in a grimy oil that has just
leaked out from your eyes, nose, and ears? To be
violated by an alien consciousness? Oh, I forgot.
Skeptical Scully doesn't believe in aliens, right?"

Scully stood.

"No, Krycek, I don't believe in aliens. And I don't
have time to listen to your delusions...or your lies."

Krycek glared, furious and a bit hurt that she would
so easily dismiss the worst moments of his life. **And
they call me callous?**

"I'm not Mulder. Don't talk to me that way. I'm as
sane as you. I'm not blinded by a refusal to believe
in anything I haven't dissected! Ask Mulder. He'll
tell you about the peasants in Tunguska who took my
arm. I was healed by an alien like Jeremiah Smith.
Remember him? The guy who healed the gunshot wound in
the restaurant?"

Scully noticed other customers glancing their way.

"And I'm not the double agent who has proved again and
again he's not trustworthy and will stab us in the
back every chance he gets! I don't have time for
this, Krycek," she stated in a cool, even voice that
showed anger more clearly than any amount of yelling.

Krycek glanced around, the stares from the restaurant
making him nervous.

"Lower your voice and sit down," he urged, smiling.
"You haven't finished your breakfast, yet, Scully."

Scully ignored him and moved towards the door, leaving
money enough to cover her check and tip at the front,
hoping he wouldn't follow her. Her inherent compassion
made it impossible for her to completely ignore his
litany of sorrows. It wasn't in her nature to ignore
anyone's pain. But she also wouldn't let him use his
problems to justify the crimes he had committed. She
heard the rapid footsteps behind her, knowing it was
Krycek catching up.

"Hey, Scully! Wait up!"

She stopped and turned, glaring coolly up at him.


"I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to cause a scene."

She sighed.

"Look," she commented, softening her tone to its
usual, rational timbre. "It just seems like whenever
you show up, trouble isn't far behind. We've had
enough trouble for awhile."

Krycek's eyes lost their icy veneer, becoming once
again soft and oddly respectful.

"Maybe that's because I only show up when I know
you're going to need any help you can get...After all,
It'd take a lot to get you to accept my help. And
Scully? You're always in trouble. You just don't
always know it."

Scully crossed her arms, glancing around to gain
perspective from the mundacity of her surroundings.

"I would prefer not to think like that. What is it
that you want, specifically? You had to have a reason
for approaching me today."

"If Mulder's taking my advice and leading the woman
along, I didn't want you to blow the whistle on either
of them," he answered, smiling sheepishly. "I didn't
intend for you to see us, but it seemed impolite not
to say hello."

Scully decided to ignore that last.

"Who is she, Krycek?"

"An associate. You know who I work for...who I'm
working to bring down."

"And where do her loyalties lie?"

Krycek frowned, sighing.

"She would tell you she's a patriot of the human
race...he has taught her well, since she was very

"He?" Scully inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"You know. I believe you once called him
Cancerman...the man responsible for the deaths of your
sister and Mulder's father."

"Ah, I should have known," she observed, then her
voice grew cold. "All right, I'll try to go along
with you for now. But if I see anything from her to
indicate she is going to hurt Mulder..."

Krycek nodded, agreeing, "Of course. I want you to
protect Mulder. He's lousy at it..."

Scully shook her head.

"I have to go now. I'm not sure I trust you...but,
for now I will do as you say."

Krycek smiled.

"Thank you," he husked, then his voice dropped to a
whisper. "Wow, a meeting with one of the X-files team,
where I didn't get a gun in my face!"

Scully rolled her eyes.

"I can accommodate you on that. We wouldn't want to
ruin our stellar record, would we?"

Krycek grinned.

"Agent Scully, I wouldn't dream of it!" he said with
a wink.

She turned and moved down the sidewalk.

"Perhaps next time, Mr. Krycek," she said over her
shoulder as she began walking.

"Have a nice day, Scully."

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Another few weeks had passed and Andrea lay once again
in her bed, tossing and turning with another dream.
A pair of green eyes watched as she kicked out,
entangling her legs in the sheets. Krycek
leaned against the wall in the darkest corner of the
room, unmoving, but not unmoved. Andrea found herself
suddenly completely awake and aware. She felt a
presence in the room and glanced right at Krycek. He
felt her eyes and stepped calmly forward, his hands

"It's just me."

She sat up suddenly, glaring at him.

"What the hell are you doing in here?"

Krycek made a soothing motion with his hand.

"I was just checking on you. You've been having that
dream again. I wanted to make sure you were okay."

She shook her head. Despite her job and training, she
was deeply disturbed that anyone dared to enter her

"You shouldn't be in here. You aren't even supposed
to be in town!"

Krycek shrugged, not understanding why she was upset.

"I got back hours ago. Things went easily."

Andrea stood and moved over to him. Alex backed away,
seeing she was furious, but only moved away enough to
maintain personal space. The instinct to not show
fear was too deeply ingrained to allow anything else.

"The point still stands. You shouldn't be in my room.
That borders on obsession, Alex."

She turned her back on him and moved to grab a pair of
jeans, pulling them on. Krycek just shrugged.

"You learn that, when you're on the run. Look...I
just wanted to make sure you and the apartment were
secure. Okay?"

"You are in my *room*, Alex. My *private* space. The
one place I expect to be able to go and not be

She glared tightly into his eyes and he sighed.

"All right. I'm sorry if I upset you. I just
developed a need to check on things periodically. Our
lifestyle trained me to it. I'm used to keeping a
close eye on anything and anyone connected to me."

Andrea shook her head, moving closer again to stare
into his eyes.

"No, Alex. This goes beyond just "checking" on me. I
refuse to be anyone's obsession, is that understood?
Especially when things are getting very close with
Mulder...I won't let you ruin this!"

Krycek blinked, shaking his head slightly, confused.

"What do you mean by that?" he asked, keeping the worry
he felt from his tone, not sure he liked how it sounded.

"Nothing...could you please leave now? And make sure
you lock the door on your way out."

Andrea turned as if to get back into bed.

"Andrea!" Alex demanded, sharply. "What did you mean
about Mulder?! I won't come in here anymore. I give
you my word on that. But I need to know any plans you
have concerning our...target."

Andrea exhaled sharply and looked back at him.

"I'm taking our relationship to the next level. It's
time. This has taken too long. I'm getting pressure
from above."

Krycek blinked, barely hiding a look of disgust.

"You're going to sleep with him?"

"That is nothing you need to worry about. Just be
ready when the time is right. Everything has to play
out perfectly," she cautioned, looking away again.

Krycek tried to keep his voice steady and rational.

"Andrea. You can't do that. He's still devoted to
Scully. There, no, there's no way he's ready for
that! And anything connected to our mission is my

"Who the *hell* said you were the expert on what he is
and isn't ready for? *You* aren't the one dealing
with him on a daily basis, so stay of it. Just be
ready when I say to be ready."

Krycek exhaled slowly, trying not to lose his temper.

"I told you I'm here because of my expertise on
Mulder. You've known him a couple of months; I've
known him for years. You seem to want to go back to
giving the orders, Miss Spender. What? You think
you can just bed and dump Mulder and that'll make him
ready for a funny farm?!"

"No, that isn't what I was planning at all...something
would have to happen to me...to make him go after me.
Perhaps he could even witness my death. It will work
out. But I have to take this step first."

"This will not work! He's already got Samantha as a
holy grail, you're just upping the stakes for him! He
will go after you. You'll just make him more
determined, like when Scully was abducted."

Andrea's mouth tightened. She was offended that he
thought she hadn't planned this carefully.

"And just what would happen if he continued to *see*
me...even after my death, everywhere he turned...there
I was. The decision is made. And this time you don't
get a say, Krycek. The orders came from above."

Krycek glared, his anger making his eyes glow a
luminescent green, like a jungle cats.

"I don't take orders from you and I haven't received
any. If he sees you, he'll just be convinced that
you're alive and try to rescue you. This man does not
think like an ordinary person! He doesn't accept the
pat explanations of polite society. He looks for the
unusual and bizarre and accepts it as commonplace!"

Andrea moved in, standing almost toe-to-toe with him.

"The decision is made. I'm not going to argue about
this any further. You can either continue to help the
mission, or just leave and be reassigned, but I am not
going to play these games any longer, Mr. Krycek," she
insisted, her tone cool and calm, almost deathly so.

Alex's eyes became hard and cold, like sharp green
glass; they were the eyes of a killer.

"You still think you're in charge, but you're not.
You are jeopardizing this mission, Spender. I'm not
going anywhere."

She shook her head, frustrated and confused.

"You knew this was where we were headed with this.
Why are you so vehemently fighting it?"

Krycek shook his head tightly.

"I didn't know you were going to have sex with

"You can't be that naive, Alex..."

"Not since I was fourteen," he smirked.

"Just where did you think this would go? And this is
what I meant about your obsession getting in the way.
You're letting personal feelings interfere in our
mission. And I think you know it."

Krycek barely kept himself from yelling, furious that
she thought there were personal feelings or that he
didn't have the restraint to control them if there

"I am not obsessed with you. That's quite an ego you
have there, Spender. There are no personal feelings."

"Oh? I don't think so. I've seen the way you look at
me, Krycek. *I* am not that naive."

"You couldn't read me if you're life depended on it!"
Krycek snarled, before making a visible effort to calm
down. "I just think you are seriously underestimating

"Oh, really?" she murmured, letting her hand drift up
to lightly caress his cheek. "I don't think so."

Krycek caught her hand softly; worried he would lean
into the gentle touch.

"You don't think I'm unreadable or you don't think
you're underestimating Mulder," he husked in a low,
intimate tone.

"Perhaps a bit of both, Alex, but mostly the first.
I've learned to read you like a book, every little
nuance and glance...things other people would

"I must be slipping...I used to be able to hide
myself," he complained ruefully, then grinned, the
expression adding to, instead of detracting from, the
primal energy that crackled from his eyes, a result of
his own, unique charisma. "So much for my life

She sighed, still standing there with her hand in his.

"You should know you don't have to worry about that
with me by now, Alex," she whispered softly.

"Maybe I do," he conceded.

He reached down and kissed her softly. She responded
tentatively, moving her hands to his strong shoulders.
She pressed lightly against him. Alex brought one
hand to her hair, while the other went around her
waist, pulling her tightly against him. When she
began gasping for air, he released her. She found
herself pulled almost hypnotically to the green depths
of his eyes, which held a primitive gleam of raw
emotion. She found him looking at her questioningly
and she nodded, running the palms of her hands over
his chest. Taking his hand, she led him to the bed.

***** ***** *****

Alex walked into the living room. He was dressed only
in a pair of his trademark faded jeans and was
toweling his hair dry. Andrea glanced up as he came
in and smiled up at him.

"Feel better?"

Alex sighed, feeling mostly content.

"Yeah, I do..."

"Good," she murmured, leaning back into the couch,
contemplating how to broach the subject they hadn't
settled the night before.

Alex noticed the look in her eyes and groaned. He
walked over and knelt next to her, taking her hands in

"What?" she asked softly, smiling gently.

"Andrea, listen. I admit the idea of you with another
guy makes me jealous. But I learned enough on the run
to keep my emotions in check. That kind of thing
marks you forever. I am not jealous of you and
Mulder. But I am concerned about the consequences if
you sleep with him."

"If it isn't jealousy, then why are you so strongly
opposed to this, Alex?"

Alex groaned, softly, reaching a painful decision.

"I don't think you're ready for this, but hold on.
There's something I want to show you.

Andrea's brow furrowed in confusion, but she waited
for him. Alex went to a cabinet and retrieved a piece
of paper.

"What do you think of Mulder now that you know him a

Andrea sighed, shifting uncomfortably.

"Can I not comment on that one?"

"I need to know," Alex insisted quietly. "The
apartment's free of bugs due to my midnight visits."

Andrea smiled slightly.

"He isn't exactly as horrible as he is rumored to
be...I will give him that."

Alex smiled, a little sadly.

"This is a photograph. You should recognize the
little boy, if not the little girl."

Alex handed her the picture of Mulder and his sister.
Andrea's brow furrowed. The photo showed the boy from
her dream and a little girl. It was a close-up of the
two on a tire swing, both grinning happily. The girl
was on the boy's lap, leaning against him as they flew

"But..." she muttered, stunned, looking up into his

"The little boy is Fox Mulder, Andrea. You are
Samantha, his holy grail..."

Andrea shoved the picture back at him, shaking her

"No, that isn't me."

"And that walking cancer stick is not your father! It
is you, Andrea. You know it is."

She dropped the photo on the table and moved over to
the window.

"No...it can't be."

Alex moved up behind her and gently embraced her.

"I was hoping to break this to you slowly...and more
gently. I'm sorry, Andrea. But the truth had to come
out sooner or later. Are you really going to sleep
with your own brother for the *cause*?"

Andrea pushed against his arms, trying to escape him
and his truths.

"NO. I'm not believing this! Besides, all you have
is a picture...that isn't proof that *I* am her."

"You recognize the boy, I know you do, I saw it in
your eyes. How do you explain that? I bet I could
get into your 'father's' albums and get a picture of
you identical to this little girl."

"He is from my dreams...like you said, I probably am
just remembering a picture I saw when I was a child.
It's all just blurring together."

"Why would you have seen a picture of Fox Mulder as a

"My father has always been fascinated with that
family for some reason. That would be reason enough."

Alex shook his head.

"Andrea, Andrea. Think of it this way. You say you
can read me. Do you think I would make this up? What
would I gain?"

Tears sprang into Andrea's eyes and Alex could feel
shivers running down her slender frame.

"My father wouldn't do this to me. He *wouldn't*!"

"Why not? He's destroyed enough lives of other
people. He lives on lies, Andrea. He probably
doesn't even know how to stop. Is Mulder at all what
you expected? I know my time with him was an eye

She shook her head, slowly, the pain of the truth
making her reluctant to even consider it.

"No. I can't do this, Alex...you are asking me to
turn away from everything I have been told all my
life. I can't do that!"

"You can't run from the truth, Andrea. I wish this
could be easier for you, but..." he paused and turned
her to face him, gazing solemnly at her. "I trusted
him once, Andrea. All it got me was thrown on to hot
pavement when my car blew up."

Andrea shook her head, not wanting to envisage Krycek,
the man who owned her heart more thoroughly than she
was ready to face, being in such peril and facing
such hardships as she knew he had.

"Don't...he said..." she drifted off, unable to

"What? That I deserved it?" he asked, gently stroking
her cheek. "Do I deserve it, Andrea?"

She shook her head again, a tear slowly rolling down
her cheek. He rubbed it gently away with his thumb.

"I can't just turn my back on him."

Krycek shrugged.

"Maybe not now. But can you sleep with and destroy
your own brother?"

Andrea jerked away, moving toward the door.

"I'm not listening to this!"

"Andrea!" Krycek called, before she could disappear
out the door. "I know you need time. Just don't do
anything in haste, okay? Give it a couple of days."

She shook her head and opened the door.

"I have to get out of here," she whispered, glancing
down at the floor and then back up at him...looking

Alex gazed tenderly at her, not moving from the

"That's okay. Go clear your head. We have time."

She rushed out the door, tears rolling down her face.
She moved headlong through the street, not sure where
she was going. Alex watched her leave; saddened at
the pain the old man's deception was causing her.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****