Welcome To The Harem

Sweet Sorrow by Bobbi Part 2 of 2
Summary: Krycek finds something he never expected in the most unlikely of places: the daughter of the enemy. Krycek/Marita, pre-XF.


"She's talking to him," the Smoking Man observed as Jeffery Spender
and him spied in on Marita and Krycek.
"They're not only talking - look at his hand," Jeffery said.
"I saw that," the Smoking Man said, frowning slightly. "But, it
means nothing. He's only holding his hand."
"And, she's not letting go."
"Is there a reason that should concern me?"
"He's falling for her. Falling in love with her. We're not allowed
to fall in love."
"Just because he's holding her hand doesn't mean he's in love with
her. It means he's trying everything he can think of to get her to
"Well..." Jeffery paused. "It is working."
"Yes, and as long as it is working, I don't have a problem with it.
Do whatever you have to to get the girl to talk, I say. Because,
until she opens up, we have no idea how much she knows."
"Are we going to eliminate her, father?"
"Most likely," the Smoking Man said.
"Why, though?"
"Because, she's an unnecessary problem. We don't need some girl
running around knowing what's going to happen... not when she might
leak that information. God knows what problems that could cause."
"What if she... promised to be quiet?"

The Smoking Man laughed.

"Son, you still have much to learn," he told Jeffery. "Just because
someone promises something doesn't mean they're going to do it."
"Well, what if we had her word?"
"The same goes for a person's word."
"Marita Covarrubias doesn't strike me as the type of person who would
break her word."
"Marita Covarrubias should strike you as nothing. You don't even
know her. Besides, you're not even fully aware of the hell her
father caused us. Like father, like daughter, they say, and we just
can't deal with that all over again."


"When did your father tell you this?" Krycek asked Marita.

His hand still held hers as they sat across from each other in the
conference room. To Marita, it might as well have been a prison.
She had the increasingly pessimistic feeling that she was never going
to get out of there, that her life would never be the same again.

"He didn't tell me," she finally responded.
"What?" Krycek asked, conufsed. "Then how do you know?"
"He wrote me letters. Letters that he planned to give me one day, in
hopes that his eldest daughter would be able to fight the future,
that she would be able to make more of a difference than he ever did,
the difference he had strived to make, but missed."
"Do you realize the danger you've put yourself in by reading those
letters?" There may or may not have been a trace of sharpness in
Alex's voice.
"We've always been in danger, anyway," she shrugged
nonchalantly. "I figure, what's a little more on the side? At least
by reading the letters, I was able to figure out what was going on."
"Did your father know that you had already read the letters?"
"I can't be certain either way, really. Sometimes, I could have
sworn he did, because my attitude naturally changed each time I read
one. I'm not sure, though, because father... he was the type to say
something, not sit back and think about it. I almost think, if he
would have known, then he would have said something."

Krycek just nodded, at a loss for words. Now that he was aware of
the full extent of her knowledge, he wasn't sure if or how he could
protect her. He would, however, do so, as much as he could. He'd
die for her if he had to. He'd die in her place, if they'd let him.

"Alex... are they going to kill me?" she asked quietly, her voice
quavering ever-so-slightly.
"Not if I have anything to do with it," he said, suddenly bringing
her hand to his lips and kissing it lightly.


"See what I mean?" Jeffery asked his father. "He kissed her.
*Kissed* her. Surely, you saw it."
"I saw it," the Smoking Man smiled.
"Aren't you going to do anything about it?"
"I sense... jealousy," the Smoking Man's voice trailed
off. "Jealousy at another's good fortune. Jealousy at Alex's
attraction to Ms. Covarrubias, and, in turn, jealousy at Marita's
attraction to Alex."
"Jealousy?!" Jeffery exclaimed. "I'm not jealous-"
"Jealousy is nothing to be ashamed of, it's only a natural human
"But I'm not jealous," Jeffery stubbornly insisted.
"Sure you are. And I can completely understand your jealousy."
"I'm not jealous - simply concerned..."
"Jeffery, Jeffery, Jeffery..." the Smoking Man chuckled. "Jealousy
is not a weakness. We all experience it. She is very young and very
beautiful. If I were you... I couldn't help but feel a twinge of
jealousy myself."
"But, father..." an expression of shock came over Jeffery Spender's
face. "I thought we weren't *allowed* to love.
"You're not."
"Then... then aren't you going to stop him? He fucking *kissed* her."
"Son, watch your mouth."
"Dad, I'm fucking sorry, but sometimes it seems that the rules apply
to everyone except me."
"That's not true."
"Then, stop him!"
"All in due time, Jeffery, all in due time..."
"But, he's breaking the rules!"
"Be patient and wise, my young apprentice. You must remember this, a
kiss is just a kiss."


"You're beautiful..." he whispered softly.

The feel of his lips on her hand lingered there for a moment, her
hand still remaining in his. She almost wanted him to kiss her
again. She found that gesture comforting, and also... alluring.
Marita Covarrubias was beginning to be drawn toward Alex Krycek in a
way she had not expected.

"Kiss me, Alex," she whispered.
"I can't, not here..." he said, swallowing and becoming aware that
he might have taken things too far even already, considering the
people he knew were looking in on the other side of the glass.

She nodded. She, of course, understood. They were being watched.

"I... I should be getting back..." he said suddenly, standing up.

She clung to his hand, though.

"Where are you going?" she asked.
"You know and I know that I have to report back to them..."
"So soon, though?" she asked, stroking his hand this time.

He didn't reply because he wasn't sure how to.

"What are you going to tell them?" she wanted to know.
"What you told me," he responded simply.
"That's going to get me killed, though."
"Not if I have anything to do with it."
"Yes, but how much do you have to do with it? What are you to them?
It's not like you're at the top here, Alex."
"They'll listen to me if they know what's good for them."
"Why? Why will they do that? Why do they have reason to care what
you think, do, or say?"
"Because *I'm* going to rule the world," he said simply, gently
taking his hand out of hers.

Turning and giving Marita one long, last glance, Krycek then turned
around and opened the door.


Jeffery and the Smoking Man stopped chattering when Alex Krycek
entered the hallway.

"What'd she have to say?" the Smoking Man was the first to address
the matter at hand.
"She knows," Krycek confirmed.
"Just as I thought," Jeffery said.
"This certainly puts a damper on things," the Smoking Man said,
taking his pack of Morley cigarettes out of his pocket.
"It doesn't have to," Krycek spoke up after a few moments silence.
"What do you mean?" the Smoking Man asked.
"I mean, just because she knows, doesn't mean we have to dispose of
"Well, what else do you have in mind, oh brilliant one?" Jeffery
"She's brilliant. The girl's not stupid. She's got one hell of a
sturdy, analytical mind on her shoulders, and I don't think that
should be put to waste."
"What are you suggesting we do?" the Smoking Man inquired further.
"Have her work with us... for us."
"Have her work with us?" the Smoking Man's eyebrow furrowed
slightly. "How? Of what use would she be to us?"
"Some use... there has to be some use..." Krycek mused aloud.
"See, he's just stalling for time," Jeffery laughed. "Just
stalling for time for his little girlfriend, in hopes that he might
actually save her life."
"And so what if I am?" Krycek snapped. "I'm so sick and tired of
innocent people dying! I refuse to be directly or indirectly
involved with her death, and I will do everything in my power to make
sure that that does not happen!"
"Now, Alex... you understand why we eliminate complications, don't
you?" the Smoking Man asked slowly and quietly. "We eliminate
complications because complications turn into problems, problems into
threats, threats into battles, battles into wars-"
"Stop," Krycek said. "Just... stop. I don't want to hear it."

He started to walk away, to where, he wasn't sure. He felt like he
had to do something - anything - to stop it. If he could stop it, he
wasn't going to let her die.

"Alex," the Smoking Man's voice halted Krycek just as he was about
to open the door.

Not replying, Alex turned around slowly.

"Andre... he would be very proud of you."

Again, he was met with only a silent, cold stare from Krycek.

"For risking everything you're in the process of learning and
becoming to stand up for his daughter," the Smoking Man
continued. "One night, while Andre and I were discussing
colonization over champagne, he spoke to me of his daughter. He
spoke to me of her quite frequently, actually, it's just this night
that sticks out at me in particular. We were in Paris - we'd just
met with a United Nations representative there. Marita Covarrubias's
"Marita's mother?" Krycek asked, confused. "Marita's mother was in
the photograph. "Why were you visiting her in France, if..."
"Mrs. Covarrubias spent quite a bit of time in France. Her husband
had hoped that, by removing her from the danger, she might be
spared. He didn't know how deep it went, that she was working for
the same thing. When he did, he realized there was no running from
it. It became all Andre and Louisa lived and breathed."
"Louisa... Marita's mother?" Alex inquired.

The Smoking Man nodded.

"And eventually, died," he said.
"And what did he tell you about her - that night...?"
"He told me that she was his pride, joy, and hope. He told me that
she was something very special, that he had very high hopes for her,
that she might one day step in his shoes and fight for the same thing
that he did - resistance. He had full confidence that she was
capable of doing it, and, when the time came, that she would. He
said that, given the facts and the opportunity, there was no way she
could refuse stepping into his shoes."
"Don't tell me you're going to refuse a dead man's last wish,"
Krycek said, knowing this could be the chance to possibly get the
Smoking Man to see his stance.
"It depends..." the Smoking Man replied.
"On what?" Krycek was quick to ask.
"If she'll agree to our terms or not."


"Marita..." Krycek whispered softly, peeking in at her through the
bars of the holding cell in the basement of The Compound, "Wake

The way the moonlight played across her face, made her look eerily
seductive to him. In normal lighting, she was beautiful. In the
moonlight, she was exceptionally beautiful. Of course, knowing that
he shouldn't want her was only encouraging Krycek's inner yearning
for her, which seemed to be increasing by the second.

He noticed that she wasn't sleeping on the possibly-probably-most-
likely cockroach infested bed that they'd provided for her, but
instead on the hard cement floor. The way her hair laid around her
head did make her look like an angel, he had to admit.

Taking the keys that he'd managed to snatch from the sleeping guard
out of his pocket ever so carefully and quietly, Krycek unlocked her
cell door and stepped in, shutting the door most of the way, but not
all the way. He then knelt down by her and ran a hand through her
blond hair, enjoying the silky, clean feel of it.

"Marita..." he whispered again.
"Mmm hmmm..." she muttered in her sleep.

He didn't even know if she was fully aware of his presence.

"Marita, I need you to wake up..." he whispered, smiling slightly as
she stirred.

Her eyes opened slightly before she sat up.

"Alex!" she exclaimed.
"Shhhh!" he whispered, clasping a hand over her mouth.

She nodded, signifying her understanding, and he then took his hand
away from her mouth.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.
"I'm here to help you," he told her honestly.
"Help me what? Escape?" she paused a moment. "Because if that's
your brilliant plan, let me tell you, it's not going to work.
They've got this place surrounded..."
"I know," he whispered.

Looking directly into her eyes, he once again ran a hand through her

"I'm not going to let you die. I refuse to let go," he said.
"Alex, don't do this, they'll kill you for it..."
"If they kill me for it, they kill me for it. At least then I
haven't died in vain."
"I can't sleep here... at least not well," she told him.
"I know, and that's why I intend to get you out of here," he said,
taking her hand and standing up.
"What do you think you're doing? You're being fucking foolish!" she
said as he pulled her into a standing position. "Don't you get it?
I'm their fucking prisoner! If they find me missing, there's going
to be no question about who got me out of here..."
"Shut up and fucking listen. You've got to fucking live a little
"Not if I don't want to fucking die," she retorted.

Looking into her eyes once more before stepping out of the cell, he
brought his lips to hers and kissed her passionately. She kissed him


"Wow..." was all she could manage.
"Yeah, beautiful, aren't they?" he whispered, encircling his arms
around her waist tightly.
"They are. I don't believe I've ever seen such a starry night," she
whispered, snuggling her head in the crook between his neck and head
as she leaned back and stared upward.

He kissed her head lightly, and she smiled.

"Such a beautiful view you've got out here," she said.
"Yeah, only because there's nothing for miles and miles, which means
very little light. That provides for a spectacular view of the stars
on clear nights like this one."
"I can't believe you're risking everything just to bring me out here
and show me the stars."
"Sometimes, we're treated to special air shows," he
continued. "Testing of the crafts that we've been able to piece
together at crash sites. And sometimes, the E.T.'s even fly by
"Think we'll get that lucky tonight?"
"Maybe, maybe not," he whispered in her ear. "But you know, there's
always other ways to get lucky... at night... with earthly beings."
"Alex Krycek... are you saying what I think you're saying?" she
asked, gently stepping away and letting his arms fall at her sides,
turning to face him.
"Depends on what you think I'm saying," his eyes challenged her to
"I'm pretty sure I know what you're thinking."
"Well, what are you pretty sure that you know I'm thinking?"
"That you'll get lucky tonight..." she started.
"But I hope I get lucky every night."
"Of course you do. Who doesn't hope they get lucky every night?"
"Well, this time, that you'll get fucking lucky, and -"
"And what?" he tilted his head and gave her a coy glance.

She smiled, but didn't respond.

"And what, Marita Covarrubias?"
"Stop being so cryptic."
"Oh, but then there's no fun in it. I'd be playing right into your
hands, and you strike me as the type of girl who's always up for a
"Fuck you, Alex."


"Sir... sir, I think we have something you're going to want to
see..." the man adjusted his earphones and kept his gaze focused on
monitor in front of him.

"Is it really important enough to wake me from my much-needed rest?"
the Smoking Man stared at the ceiling of a large, lavishly decorated,
and expensively furnished bedroom.

Of course, he wasn't sleeping. He rarely slept anymore. He just
laid there, and thought. He thought many things, pondered many
questions, wondered many things, theorized many theories.

For a second, the man didn't respond. He was too entranced and
intent on watching the scene unfold in front of him, as Alex Krycek
brought his hands to the blond woman's shirt and ever-so-slowly,
slightly, and carefully began to unbutton it, kissing each newly
revealed spot as he did.

"Don't rat on him," the man next to him whispered. "He's
practically been a fucking monk ever since he's joined The Project.
Let him get his kicks for once. Lord knows he needs it."
"Well..." the man took off his earphones.
"Hello?" the Smoking Man's voice could be heard as he set his
headphones down.
"Just leave the old man be, he'll go back to sleep soon enough.
Besides, it's not going to hurt us to see this..."
"Not at all."
"And I thought when they said no porn and lovin' around here, I'd
never get to see anything ever again, my eyes may as well declare
themselves virgin..."
"Well, you better think again."

"Stupid kids," the Smoking Man muttered, reaching into his ear and
clicking the speaker off. They wouldn't be bothering him anymore
that night.


She wasn't in the cell, was the first thing she noticed the next
morning. Sheets, white sheets, comfortable sheets... and, a strong,
muscular arm around her waist. Last night hadn't been a dream,
apparently. They had both lost and found themselves - lost
themselves under the stars shortly before coming in and finding
themselves under the covers of Alex Krycek's bed.

They'd been so eager and at it that both herself and Alex had
reminded her of a couple horny teenagers. But then, she reminded
herself that that was all Alex was, and that was most likely all he
saw in her. That was all anyone ever saw in her. She just wished,
for once, that someone would see her as a person, with a soul, with a
heart - with more than just a body.

"Marita..." Alex whispered, massaging her shoulder.

His whisper surprised her. She hadn't known he was awake. She
rolled around to face him, and he gently kissed her forehead.

"Marita, you have to listen to me..." he started gently.
"What?" she asked.
"You have to work for them. With us... with me. You have to listen
to them. You have to work for them, you have to promise never to
tell, and you can't ever leave."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, that you have to work with us, and you have to take a vow of
silence as to all that you know and all that you're going to learn in
your time here. You also must realize that you can never leave.
Believe me, I've seen what happens when people try to leave."
"What if I don't? Accept this proposition, I mean?"
"Then they'll kill you," he replied, his hands still massaging her
shoulders. "And I really don't want to see that."
"I don't want to see that either, Alex... but I'm not sure I can work
for the same people who killed my father."
"Marita, you're going to have to... if you ever want a chance at
life. You're so young, you have so much ahead of you..."
"I could say the same for you. You're so young, you have so much
potential, and you go and throw it all away by becoming an assassin
for them."
"An assassin?" Krycek frowned and stopped massaging her shoulders
for a moment. "Marita, I'm not an assassin."
"They tell you to kill people, right?"

He nodded.

"And you do it, right?"

He didn't respond this time.

"That makes you an assassin."
"You can call me whatever you'd like to call me..." he whispered as
he began to play with her hair. "It doesn't matter to me. What
matters is seeing you live, seeing you get through this."


"Is she going to accept our terms?"
"I don't know," the leather-clad Krycek replied honestly, shaking
his head as he looked at Marita Covarrubias in the glass holding room
once again. "I can't honestly tell you one way or another. She
seems rather indecisive."

He just wanted to stand up and punch out the old man, but he
couldn't. If the old man ever knew what had happened and still was
happening between him and Marita, then he would have to be ready to
kiss his life goodbye.

"Which way is she leaning toward? We don't have time to waste."
"She doesn't appear to be leaning toward either way. She's in that
grey area."
"She's going to have to make a decision or be eliminated."
"Hey, that's not fair, that's not giving her a fair chance!" Krycek
"It's giving her as fair a chance as anyone else would and should be
given," the Smoking Man responded calmly. "I'll have my people
speak with her now."

As the Smoking Man walked down the corridor, Krycek almost followed
him. He had to mentally super glue his feet in place to keep himself
in place.

Krycek felt someone tap his shoulder, and turned around to face
Jeffery Spender.

"What do you want?" he asked darkly.
"Just to chat - seems we've missed that opportunity lately, bro,"
Jeffery said casually.

Krycek could tell by the expression on Jeffery's face, though, that
there was something else to this.

"What do you want, Jeffery?" he repeated.
"You know and I both know that the only reason you want Marita
Covarrubias to stay is so you can get an easy lay," Jeffery said
"What?" Krycek asked.

At first, he was too bewildered to respond. How did Spender know
that Marita and him had been sleeping together for almost a month
now? They'd managed to keep it completely under wraps, at least
that's what they had thought...

"Under the stars the first time... just couldn't keep control of
yourselves, could you..." Jeffery pulled out a videotape, marked
with the date that Alex had originally taken Marita out to show her
the stars, and, well... gone farther than expected.
"Give me that!" Krycek snapped, stepping toward Jeffery.
"Ah ah ah, not so easily..." Jeffery responded, stepping away from
Krycek. "Everything comes with a price, my dear friend."

Jeffery then pulled several more tapes out and waved them in Krycek's

Krycek literally gawked.

"Where'd you get those..." he asked, his voice trailing off.
"The cameramen. Security. Surveillance. What I've done for you,
Alex... I had to bribe them so they wouldn't give these to father.
You are very lucky that I'd do something like that for you."
"You did that?" Krycek asked, surprised. He couldn't ever see
Jeffery saving his ass like that - not without expecting something in
"Being the man that I am, I did that," Jeffery responded.
"Okay, what do you want for the tapes?" Krycek asked, knowing that
not only he would be in trouble if those tapes got in the wrong
hands, but that they would only worsen Marita's plight as well.


"Young lady?"
"Yes?" she looked up from the table that she had intently been
"You have a decision to make. I believe you know both choices, and I
believe you know the effects that both choices will have on your
life. One will end it now, and the other will allow you to live it
"Yes," she whispered quietly, nearly timidly.

Marita Covarrubias had never been a timid person: quiet, at times,
though never timid. She hadn't felt so little, so much like a little
girl, in such a long time. She just wanted to cry like a baby, but
she wouldn't let herself. She had to remain strong and stoic.

"Is that your answer?" the Smoking Man asked her.
"I... I'm not sure..." she spoke, her voice unsteady.
"Well, you'd better be sure."
"I... I..."
"You what? You want to die, or you want to live?"
"I want to live..."
"That's what I thought," he said, rising and opening the door behind
him. "Arrangements will be made."

Before she could comment or complain, he was gone.


"Deal?" Jeffery asked Krycek.
"Deal," Krycek said.

He'd pull it off. He always did.

"I knew I could count on you, buddy," Spender said, handing Krycek
the pile of tapes. "I suggest you either destroy these or keep them
in a safe place. Destroying them would be quite a shame, though,
considering the entertainment they make."
"You *watched* them?" Krycek asked, his eyes widening into perfect
"Oh yeah - me and everyone else," Jeffery told him.
"Great," Krycek said.
"We all enjoyed them."

Krycek sighed and shook his head.

"Guess you'll have to rely on your porno stash when you get back to
your normal life, then."
"My porno stash isn't half as good as those tapes," Jeffery
said. "Don't let go of that one, Alex."
"I won't," Krycek replied.


"Today we gather together to mourn the loss of Jeffery Spender..."
the priest began.

All eyes were focused on the casket up front, with the photograph of
the smiling young man on top.

The Smoking Man appeared to be listening the most intently of all,
but he wasn't crying. There was no way in hell he would be crying.

"Beloved son, colleague, and friend. We're all regretful of the
explosion that killed him in the line of duty, but we all know he's
passed on to a better place. It was obviously Jeffery's chance. The
world doesn't have many good people like Jeffery, and so it's
incredibly hard for all of us to cope with this loss."

Marita squeezed Krycek's hand tightly. He looked like he was about
to cry, but the truth was, he was trying as hard as he could to keep
from snickering and bursting out in a fit of hysterical laughter.

"Jeffery wouldn't want us to be sad. Jeffery would want us to
continue on in the line of duty, because that's what Jeffery was
always devoted to. Jeffery would want us to live on in his memory.
He wouldn't want us to forget him, but he wouldn't want us to dwell
on the loss, either."

The priest continued to ramble on, and Krycek drifted off into his
own little dream world about how life would be if he ever got out and
ran off with Marita. He'd have to bring that up with her, one of
these days. Hell, if Jeffery could fake his death so easily, anyone
could. Well, in actuality, Jeffery wasn't the one faking his
death... Krycek had been the one who had faked Jeffery's death,
because Jeffery simply wasn't bright enough to pull it off alone.

Afterward, they all made their way to the cemetary to pay their final
respects to Jeffery by throwing handfulls of earth over his casket.
Marita put a hand on Alex's shoulder as he threw his handful on,
growing a bit teary herself.

"Alex, I'm so sorry..." she said quietly.
He turned around to embrace her.
"It's alright, Marita... I don't miss him that much."
"That's not what I mean," she said softly.
"What do you mean, then?"
"I'm leaving."
"Yes, leaving. I thought distance was the best thing, we were bound
to be found out sooner or later..."
"But they'll kill you!"
"No," she said.
"No, because I'm going to work for the United Nations. I can still
stand for their viewpoints, and they'll always be watching me."
"Don't Marita me, Alex. You don't realize how hard this is for me.
This is for the best."


The lone leather-clad form stood near the front gates of The
Compound, watching her all alone with her bags, until another figure
stepped out of the shadows and joined him.

"I thought you weren't letting this one go," he said.
"I never intended to," Krycek said.
"Stop her! You're being an idiot!" Jeffery exclaimed.

Krycek shook his head.

"I've already tried," he said.
"I know," Jeffery said quietly. "And, Alex... I'm sorry for your
"It's okay. She was never anything more than just a good lay
anyway," Krycek said, in an attempt to ease the parting.
"Did you say goodbye?"
"No. I... I can't."
"Why not? Too hard?"
"No. We're not on speaking terms."
"Oh, I'm sorry-"
"No. No need to be. I'm better off without her."
"No. No you're not. She's leaving, you, Alex, though she doesn't
want to. She thinks it's for the best-"
"It is."
"Go stop her!"
"No." Krycek paused. "She wouldn't even let us call a limo for
her. It's not like she can walk... wherever she's going."
"To the United Nations," Jeffery said.
"Yeah," Krycek said distractedly.
"Man, I'm so sorry..." Jeffery put a hand on Krycek's back.
"No. It's fucking okay, really."
"Don't lie to yourself, Alex."

Marita flagged down the Amish buggy and climbed in. They'd arrived
as scheduled, which was good. Now, she wouldn't have to stand around
and mull over her decision anymore. There would be no backing out

"Thank thee," she said simply as she climbed in.

"So, now what do you think of her?" Jeffery asked as the Amish buggy
pulled away. "I think she'd one odd chick, hitching a ride with the
fucking *Amish*..."
"My opinion?" Krycek asked as he watched the buggy ride off into the
dreary, rainy horizon. "She's just another fucking embassy bitch."