Welcome To The Harem

Body and Soul by Amy Jonas
Summary: Jimmy and Yves share a night together. Jimmy/Yves, NC-17.

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SUMMARY; Jimmy and Yves share a night together

Yves unlocked the multiple locks to her apartment and opened the door.
When she entered she was startled to see a silhouette in the darkened
room. It was too late, the surprise was on her, and she wondered what
agency this person was from. She reached out and flipped the switch
flooding the room with light. She was shocked to see Jimmy Bond standing
in the middle of her living room, a grin on his face.
"Jimmy?" she asked, "how did you get in?"

He smiled, "I'm not sure, Langly said a bunch of technical words that I
didn't understand so he wrote everything down." He looked at a piece
of paper in his hands. "I think its stereo instructions. But, you know,
whatever, it worked. I'm here."

Yves was confused, "stereo instructions." She shook her head as she
thought of something more important, "Why are you here?"

"I'm here for you." He said as if that explained everything. He walked
up to her and put his hands in her long ebony hair, then leaned into
her, giving her a long deep passionate kiss. Yves thought she would
melt. Her knees buckled and her arms wrapped around his neck, at first to
hold on, and then to bring him closer to her. When he withdrew, she
was breathless. She felt his hands slide around her waist, up her back
and move around to cup her breasts through the tight black spandex tank
she had on. It was if the material wasn't even there. She gasped as
she felt her own excitement grow.

She quickly pulled his oversize shirt off and lifted the blue tee shirt

Jimmy stopped kissing her long enough to pull his tee shirt over
his head and drop it to the floor. He pulled her black tank over her
head to reveal her nakedness beneath.

"You're so beautiful." He said as he nuzzled one of her perfect
breasts. His mouth rose up to meet her mouth and her hands traveled over his
smooth tautly muscled chest. She wrapped her arms around his neck and
soon their tongues were exploring each other. She moaned and he
whispered hoarsely, "Yves, I need you so much."

"Yes." She whispered.

He smiled that smile she loved so much and his hands moved around her,
sweeping her up and carring her toward the bedroom, all the while
kissing each other. He set her gently down on the bed, lowering himself
gently on top of her. He kissed her whereever he could reach as he pulled
her leather pants off of her. She lifted her hips to help, and soon her
lacy panties followed. Yves moaned as he kissed the inside of each
thigh and then worked his way up, stopping at her stomach, nibbling and
kissing, slowly moving foreword again until he stopped at her breasts.
He kissed them gently while his hands moved along her hips, thighs, and

"Your jeans," she croaked. He smiled down at her as she fumbled with
his zipper. She tugged at them, but her trembling hands would not obey,
so the wonderful pressure of his warm body against hers was gone as he
pulled of his jeans and his shorts. She watched him as he undressed
and soon he was back, his body blanketing hers. They shared a passionate
hungry kiss and she felt his penis caress her stomach. She felt
herself get hotter and wetter and she wanted him like she had wanted no man
before. She reached down and started to gently caress his manhood.
Jimmy sucked in his breath and buried his face in her neck. She guided his
penis down to her secret spot between her thighs. Jimmy pumped his
hips, but each time stopped just short of entering her, letting the tip
brush against her. Yves arched her back in delicious agony, and cried
softly, "Jimmy, Now, PLEASE!" Jimmy smiled at her and they clasped hands,
their hips rising as one.

Yves jerked awake in bed; her covers were astray, wrapped around her
hips. It was still dark and her breath came out raggedly. She couldn't
believe she had been dreaming of her and Jimmy making love even though
she had been thinking of it more and more lately. Her body ached with a
loss that had never been, but worse her heart ached as well. She could
never tell him how she felt, it would only endanger him, so she chose
instead to love him in her dreams.

Jimmy had woken, breathing deeply from a wonderful dream of him and
Yves sharing the most wonderful experience two people could share. He
wished it had been real, he thought of being with her more and more
lately. His heart ached for her, and worse his body ached just as much. He
could never tell her how he really felt, she would laugh at him or call
him an idiot, or worse, shut him out of her life, so he chose instead
to keep silent and love her in his dreams.