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Devil Her Due by Mariann
Summary: Betsy Monroe's thoughts at the end of Terms Of Endearment. G.

Title: Devil Her Due

Author: Mariann

Rating: G

Classification: V

Spoilers: "Terms Of Endearment"

Keywords: Other Character POV

Disclaimer: I don't own X-Files, but I'm not making any money at this, so don't sue me, okay?

Summary: Besty Monroe's thoughts as she drives off into the sunset at the end of "Terms Of Endearment".

Devil Her Due

I couldn't be happier to be seeing that pathetic little town in the rearview mirror. Time to move on to bigger and better places. And no putting up with the annoyance of a man this time around. Just me and the baby. It feels so good to finally be able to say that. I've waited so long to be a mother, and now I finally am.

I wonder if those FBI Agents have figured it all out yet. If they have, I'm sure they think I'm some kind of monster. I don't see anything what wrong with actively perusing what you want the most. Besides, isn't that what those modern woman spout with their pro-choice this and equal opportunity that?

Not that I care what they think. They're all hypocrites, women and men both. They like to say they aren't, but they are. Mortals, who understands them anyways?

No one realizes how long it took me to find a man like Wayne Weinsider. We're talking centuries here, not decades. There just aren't as many good man demons out there anymore. But I found one anyways, or so I thought at the time.

Wayne had so much potential, but he pissed it away trying to be a mortal family man. Not that the mortal lifestyle is completely bad, I enjoy some of it myself, but he let it make him stupid. Stupid and naive. How else could he not have known I was just like him?

It wasn't love, I know that now. Maybe I knew it at the beginning too, who knows? What mattered is that he could give me what I wanted. Okay, so I used him. But he used me too, trying to fulfill his "Make Room for Daddy" fantasy.

I'm sure he never thought I could possibly know about the other woman he was using along with me. He thought I was just another dumb, mortal woman. Boy was he wrong, I knew a lot more then I ever let on.

Poor old, naive, stupid Wayne. I can feel that he's moved on, lost his human form. I guess I should feel more pity, but it's hard to after he tried to take my baby. I think he deserved whatever happened to him. Maybe there is some justice in this strange, strange world of mortal affairs after all.

Oh well, I only needed him for one thing anyways. I?m more then capable of raising the baby myself. In fact, little Lillith will have a much better life without her Daddy. I know that sounds cruel, but I don?t want my only daughter falling under the influence of mortals. I want her to be proud of what she is. But Wayne would never have allowed that.

So here we go, off into the sunset. Just me and my baby girl. Now who said happy endings only happen in the movies?

And as for Wayne, well, I hear Hell is lovely this time of year.

The End


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