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Forbidden Release by Bobbi
Summary: A super soldier may not know anger. Nor hatred. Nor love. Shannon McMahon/Knowle Rohrer, R.

TITLE: Forbidden Release
DISCLAIMER: Not mine - these characters, even though we'll never get
to see them in action again, still belong to Chris Carter.
KEYWORDS: Shannon McMahon, Knowle Rohrer. Shannon/Knowle.
SUMMARY: A super soldier may not know anger. Nor hatred. Nor
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A super soldier may not know anger. Nor hatred. Nor love.

Perhaps they love each other because it's forbidden. Perhaps it's
nothing akin to love - perhaps it is just a way to escape from their
duties and find a forbidden release.

They rebel together silently and secretly in the moonless night.
Their silence is not to be taken as a lack of passion: it is, in
fact, the contrary. It's a release from what they do, a freedom from
all of their guilt, an escape from their obligation, a rebellion to
their rules, as they find each other in the night.

They've done this quite often now, and yet, the passion has never
diminished. Every time, they take their time and savor each
mountain, valley, and curvature of each other as if it is unexplored.

They find solace in each other, because they cannot find it anywhere
else. They find peace in each other, all the time preparing for war,
in hopes that maybe, just maybe, they can save each other.

"Shannon," Knowle breathes as her face is illuminated by the

They've forgotten to close the curtains, and he admires the way the
moonlight lights up her face - hauntingly, almost.

"Knowle - you better... close the curtains..." she mumbles as he
trails down her chest with kisses, not leaving a single spot
untouched, it seems.
"But you're so beautiful this way."
"It's dangerous," she runs a hand down his chest and sighs.
"Fuck dangerous."
"Fuck dangerous?" she laughs.
"You heard me right."
"You know there's risks, even for us..."
"Fuck risks, too. There's nothing in this world that can take us on."
"And there's nothing in this world that can bring us down," she

He suddenly stops kissing her and leans against her suddenly,
embracing her almost so tightly that it's suffocating - an iron grip.

"Let - go - of - me..." she manages.

She's breathing hard, an expression of something near panic finding
its way onto her face.

He releases her and stands up, shaking his head and laughing, near

"I had you," he says.
"Had me? You think that's funny?"
"Of course."

He throws a pillow at her. She looks up at him, her face confused,
and possibly a little upset.

"Knowle, aren't you coming back?"
"Of course - I always do, right?"

She nods.

"But, you're going to have to catch me first."

Arching an eyebrow lazily, she gives him a skeptical glance.

"Knowle, come on..." she rolls her eyes. "You're being... childish."
"So?" He, too, rolls his eyes. "Well, aren't we just the party

Sighing, she gets up from the bed, a ticked-off expression on her
face. Moments later, it has transformed into a smile and her arms
are around him. He leads her back to the bed, smiling, too.

"Knowle?" she asks when they lay down.
"I love you."

The silence, once again, settles over them.

He wraps his arms around her again - not suffocatingly, this time,
but instead, reassuringly.

A super soldier may not know anger. Nor hatred. Nor love - most of
the time.


Author's Note: Knowle and Shannon? Nearly impossible 'ship, I
know. I had to toy with it, though, on a dare. Let me know what you
think, please. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, though I
really doubt anyone could persuade me to try this again.