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The Disappearance Of Yves - Unsolved Mysteries by Martha
Summary: Complete title: The Disappearance Of Yves: An Unsolved Mysteries Segment by Martha. Deslea's rec: "This crossover is priceless. The Lone Gunmen will use any means necessary to locate Yves - including Robert Stack. The characterisation is gorgeous and the comedic timing is perfect. Great fun."

DISCLAIMER: The X Files, The Lone Gunmen, and their
characters are the creative property of 1013 Productions and
FOX Broadcasting. Unsolved Mysteries, hosted by Robert
Stack, is the creative property of Cosgrove-Meurer
Productions and Lifetime Television Network. The inclusion
of Mr Stack in this fiction is solely for the purpose as the
host and narrator for Unsolved Mysteries. These characters
and television shows are being used without the permission
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Rating: PG
Classif: Crossover (XF/TLG/Unsolved Mysteries)
Spoilers: All About Yves (TLG) & Jump the Shark (XF)
Keywords: Lone Gunmen
Summary: The Lone Gunmen take the search for Yves to the
the airwaves.

Author's notes: Yeah, it could happen. *snicker* Just
keep in mind that the Gunmen would not necessarily reveal
everything that they know about Yves to a television
audience, nor would they be above embellishing some of the
events in All About Yves to gloss over the fact that most of
their actions - and Yves' - were not entirely lawful. This
fic takes place *before* the events of Jump the Shark but
uses some information presented in that episode. Dedicated
to those of you who know and love and are highly addicted to
Unsolved Mysteries.

The Disappearance of Yves: An Unsolved Mysteries Segment
by Martha

(cue intro music)

(flash place card - Missing Persons)

(The scene opens in a darkened alley lined with metal
fencing and with one dimly lit street lamp. The host,
Robert Stack, dressed in his signature trenchcoat, walks
into the spotlight.)

Late one spring evening, a young woman is kidnapped, driven
away into the dark of night and never to be heard from
again. Her name is Yves Adele Harlow and, at the time of
her disappearance, she was gathering information on a
company that has since ceased operations. Three of her
colleagues, witnesses to the kidnapping, are still searching
for her one year almost to the day after they last saw her.
Why was she taken, and where did she go?

(cue film of John F Byers, in a low-lit room so that only
the outline of his upper body is distinguishable with his
face masked by the darkness. The legend identifies him only
as `B', and his voice has been slightly altered.)

We were following up on a lead we'd been given about The
Fenix Atlantic Corporation in Washington, DC. We had been
told that there were a number of items stored at their
headquarters that had been reported as stolen from several
other companies.

(cue film of Robert Stack, still in the alley)

The three witnesses have come forward in the hope that
telling their story will lead to clues of the woman's
whereabouts. They have asked Unsolved Mysteries not to show
their faces or to reveal their identities due to the nature
of their investigative work.

(cue film of Melvin Frohike, lit and disguised in the same
manner as Byers, and identified only as `F')

Our initial inquiries into Fenix Atlantic turned up some
suspicious activity, and the complete lack of information on
their Securities and Exchange Commission filings raised a
lot of eyebrows as to what their actual purpose was. We
still don't know what they really did to this day.

(cue film of Ringo Langly, also lit and disguised as the
other two and identified as `L')

They've got a heavy-duty security system for a really old
building. Kind of makes you wonder what they've got to hide
there. So we went in to ask some questions. Imagine our
surprise to find that not only was Yves there, but she was
there against her will, being held by some guy with his own
personal SWAT team.

(cue grainy photograph of Morris Fletcher)

She was last seen by these witnesses in the company of this
man. His name is Morris Fletcher.

(cue B)

Morris Fletcher works for the federal government. His last
assignment was at Groom Lake, Nevada, a place more commonly
known as Area 51. We know that he dealt with national
security issues and had access to top-secret records, but
what any of this has to do with Yves we have not been able
to uncover.

(cue F)

There was some sort of communication going on between Fenix
Atlantic and Morris Fletcher behind the scenes, that much we
know. And from what we've been able to find out over the
past months, it appears that Yves was to go to the Fenix
headquarters to discuss acquiring some new merchandise, but
she had been lured there under false pretenses by Fletcher.

(cue L)

Yves lives in the fast lane. She likes to go after some new
gadget on the market and then sell it to the highest bidder.
The only thing that we can figure is that she had something
that Fletcher wanted - or had acquired something from
Fletcher that he wanted back - and that's why he kidnapped

(cue to film of Robert Stack, now in daylight, standing in
front of the abandoned headquarters of Fenix Atlantic)

Repeated requests for information from the federal
government about this individual have gone unanswered, and a
review of public records finds no Morris Fletcher listed in
the state of Nevada. He, too, appears to have vanished.

(cue L)

We haven't been able to connect Fletcher to this Fenix
Atlantic Corporation or to find out why the Feds would be
interested in that company in the first place. For all we
know, Yves could have been working for Fenix and Fletcher
grabbed her when she wouldn't give him what he wanted.

(cue Robert Stack)

Although there have been several reported sightings of Yves
in various European cities, none of the local law
enforcement there can specifically verify that the person
seen is Yves Adele Harlow. State Department records show no
use of a US passport in her name. Is it possible that she
is free of her captors, traveling under another name, and is
no longer in danger?

(cue F)

We have a colleague who's been doing the legwork overseas
for us. Every time he gets a new lead as to where she is
and he follows it, Yves - or whoever it was - is already
long gone. We've expended a lot of money following these
tracks, trying to find out if it's her or someone who wants
us to *think* that it's her and that she's just carrying on
with business as usual. The thing that doesn't make any
sense is that she hasn't tried to contact us in almost a
year, and I would bet my last dollar that, if she felt safe,
she'd let us know that she was all right.

(cue B)

We've done some work with Yves in the year before she
disappeared and have relied on each other's resources. She
was taken captive *right in front of us*. If she were alive
and free, she would let us know that she was okay. I know
that in the bottom of my heart. She still has to be on the
run, in fear of her safety.

(cue to grainy picture of Yves, taken from the camera at the
front entrance of The Lone Gunmen headquarters)

Yves Adele Harlow is approximately five foot six inches in
height and weighs about one hundred and five pounds. She
has long curly black hair, brown eyes, and speaks with an
English accent. She has been known to completely disguise
her appearance and speech patterns, and, we are told, she
does have one particular quirk.

(cue F)

Yves Adele Harlow is not her real name, but it is the name
she most often uses. That name is an anagram of Lee Harvey
Oswald, and all of her other aliases are anagrams of that
name as well. She's a stickler for it. We usually find out
where she's been after the fact, if we look for variations
of that name. But lately, we haven't had any luck with that

(cue Robert Stack)

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Yves Adele
Harlow, you are asked to contact the Metro Police Department
of Washington DC or call our toll-free hotline at 1-800-876-

(cue out music)