Welcome To The Harem

Forsaken by David Hearne
Summary: If Mulder is Christ, what does that make Cancer Man? Post-ep for "Amor Fati," Sequel to "Cierta Gente Solo". Diana at the crossroads.



CLASSIFICATION: Post-ep for "Amor Fati," Sequel to "Cierta Gente Solo"


SUMMARY: If Mulder is Christ, what does that make Cancer Man?


He looked below him and pulled up a hundred secrets. The people on the
sidewalks were a feast of hidden terrors and private hopes. He found
hatred for an employer, longing for a married man, fear of closed
spaces, a need for attention, confusion over the news. He realized
that his previous insight into the world was only superficial. The
intricate network of motivation in humanity was as deep as the
universe itself. Whatever information he could access before was
meaningless to the knowledge giving itself up to his mind.

Being God was keen.

Another mind unfolded itself before him, one that was closer than the
people in the street. In this mind, anxiety was present, but it was
counterbalanced by resignation and self-disgust.

The door of his apartment opened. He didn't turn from the window as
she entered. He kept his attention on the outside, inhaling and
exhaling the rich smoke of the millionth cigarette in his life.

"You know I can read your mind now," he told her.

"I do." She thought, who is this man that can survive while others die
and suffer?

"I am a man, Diana, who believed that he taught you better. Even
without telepathy, I would have caught you. Surely you knew that I
would have been able to trace Scully's ID card back to you."

"I was prepared for that." Prepared for everything.

"I would like to know why. Not because I'm hurt or offended. I'm used
to betrayal. However, I am surprised that you of all people would turn
traitor. So...why did you do it?"

He lifted a hand before she could speak.

"No. Just let me see for myself."

Even though she couldn't feel his intrusion, a shiver ran across her
skin. Just knowing that he was inside her mind, going through her
memories as if he was an old pervert flipping through a porno

"Hm. I see. It was Scully who pricked your conscience."

"Yes," she whispered.

"Well...I understand that. Somewhat. In this whole game, Scully has
kept the strongest hold on her values. She has been the most honest,
the most trustworthy and the most noble. Her sense of honor can be
quite inspiring."

Still not looking at her, he pressed his cigarette down into an
ashtray on the windowsill. "It's also irrelevant."

He placed his hands in his pockets. "So...would you like to fall on
your sword or...?"

"If you want this done, then do it yourself. I want Mulder to have no
doubts about what I did."

"It's your choice. You'll find Alex waiting for you outside."

She looked at the door. He felt her resignation become complete. She
could see none of the value in her sacrifice. She was wondering why
she even did it.

"You did it because you decided to ignore the future for a dead past,"
he told her. "Now, go."

She took slow steps to the door. When her hand pressed the cold metal
of the doorknob, she looked back and asked, "What will you do now?"

His smile's reflection in the window was a hollow version of joy.
"Everything," he said.

After Diana had left, he received a new female visitor. She entered
without the need of a door. He didn't bother to look at her either.

"I wonder if this was the destination to which you were guiding me. Am
I now the man you wanted me to become?"

He thought about it, then said, "What you wanted is irrelevent, too. I
have become the future. I will guide this world to a new era made in
my image. Caesar, Alexander, Napoleon, all the kings and popes, even
Christ Himself -- none of their acheivements will come close to what I
will accomplish.

"For showing me the way here, I thank you. Now, go."

He continued watching the people below him. He felt as if he could
just make them disappear by blinking his eyes.

Then an aged hand touched his shoulder. It extended to him from a
shawl made with the colors brown and red. This has been the second
time he had ever been touched by that hand.

"Behold, your house is forsaken and desolate," he was told.

When he spun around, no one was there.