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Faraway, So Close by Bobbi
Summary: Let yourself fall again. Follmer/Reyes.

Faraway, So Close
By: Bobbi
Rating: PG
Keywords: Fripperfic, Follmerfic, Reyesfic, Reyes/Follmer Romance,
Follmer POV, FRR
Summary: Let yourself fall again.
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Spoilers: Various Follmer eps through Season 9.
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Author's Note: Written for a 500-word Follmer/Reyes challenge, even
though it's a bit shorter.


We're together again -- I always knew we would be. It's not in the
sense I dreamt it would be, though. Things are far from perfect, and
I'm not sure if they ever will be again. You're so close that I can
feel your fragrant breath on my skin, smell the all-too-familiar
scent of you that causes me to go wild every time, the bearer of a
thousand lost memories that I just cannot seem to make myself

You wanted love, something you acted like you never had, because
that's what I tried to give you. You seemed blind to it, though.
You accused me of intertwining love and lust, a common misconception
that many get caught up in today's world. Don't you know to respect
your superiors, young lady? I don't think you ever had to learn,
because I didn't make you. How ironic it would be if that very thing
got you into trouble.

So close, but so faraway. Could it be anymore painful? Could it
cause us any more angst? Could I lose anymore sleep? I don't think
you realize... you said it wasn't love for me, but it was. You're so
close that I must muster up every ounce of my self-control to contain
the part of me that still is, and the part of you that died. I yearn
to resurrect that part, yet I'm perfectly aware that you'll never
allow me to do so. So faraway that I don't think you could go any
further without falling down, Monica.

I fell -- we all fall. Let yourself fall again, Monica. It's a long
way down to nothing at all, but for you, it's not nothing. I'll be
here to catch you. Always. Damned if I move on because it'd be
nothing more than a facade, and damned if I don't because I know it
can never work.

Even though my love for you isn't returned and will never be again,
my passion for you burns all the more brightly. Who ever said I
wasn't up for a challenge?

I'll wait -- because with or without you, it's always wrong, and you
know as well as I do that I can never resist succumbing to

Fall again, Monica... into the arms that have known and never wish to
know anything more than you.


Author's addendum: Yes, I know I stole the title from a U2 song --
only steal from the pros! I'd also like to add a few words from the
"And if you look, you look through me, and when you talk, it's not to
me, and when I touch you, you don't feel a thing."