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Reality Bites by Bobbi
Summary: Follmer tries to convince himself that Reyes and him had nothing; it was nothing more than a shallow, sexual relationship, and it's nothing now. Follmer/Reyes.

Reality Bites
By: Bobbi smberens1013@aol.com
Summary: Follmer tries to convince himself that Reyes and him had
nothing; it was nothing more than a shallow, sexual relationship,
and it's nothing now.
Keywords: Follmer. Reyes. FRR. Follmer POV.
Rating: We'll say... PG, to be safe, for sexual, uh... ideas.
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, never have been, never will
Archive: Yeah, but drop me a line letting me know where.
Author's Note: I am not a Follmer/Reyes shipper by any means, and
I'm hoping all of my loyal DRR readers know that... I just wanted to
try something with Follmer, broaden my horizons a bit.

I hear she's in town, that she's here. Why didn't she tell me, why
hasn't she called me? It's been awhile, but there's still something
there... isn't there? Maybe it's just that I never let go of it.

I don't think she understands... why I sent her away before. It
wasn't my choice, I didn't want to-- there was tension in the ranks,
people were getting suspicious, seeing us together, so close, so
personal, all the time.

Something had to be done-- something quick, something easy...
something that would make us forget the whole damn thing, if there
even was a whole damn thing. So it was done-- with a few words with
the deputy director, and a few signatures on a paper. I don't think
she understood why... I know I didn't understand why.

It was hard, the hardest thing I've ever done in my life... but it
was necessary. She had to be sent away, pushed to the back of my
mind, forgotten. I had to forget. But I didn't.

Every day, every night... I daydreamed of her, and of course, dreamed
of her during the night. She was my waking thought, and my last
glimpse before I fell asleep. I thought about her way too much for
it to be healthy: she was like my obsession.

Long after she'd probably forgotten about me, I still thought about
her. Long after she'd moved on, I was still stuck.

I was her bad habit, the low point in her love life... that's what
she told me when I tried to rekindle what we have. What we had.
What we have, what we had... two such like phrases, but two such
unlike concepts-- the first, a dream, the latter-- a bitter reality.

Reality bites, quite frankly. Dreams are so much more appealing, so
much better...

I can't hold it back much longer, though. I love her. I want her.
I can't look at her without thinking how much I want her in bed --
and although you may regard that as shallow, I don't.

I still have the photograph of her, that she gave me when we
were 'together'... I sleep with it every night. With my luck, that's
all I'll be sleeping with for a long time.

For her eyes have changed shades, changed their path of vision... as
much as I want her to, Monica doesn't see me anymore. She sees...
John Doggett.

It's amazing, how quick she let him take my place... but I guess I
deserved it. Bureaucracy, keeping a position... it's not free,
there's always a price. Unfortunately, Monica was the price I paid
for mine.

I'll never forget those days under the desk, those days in the
stairwells and the elevators, when we couldn't keep our hands off
each other, when we acted like two crazy kids in love... and maybe
that's all we were.

Monica was a good lay... a damn good lay at that. And that's all she
is, that's all she was... that's all I have to remember.