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Common Sense Be Damned by Langleigh
Summary: Reyes has another encounter with Follmer. See also Common Sense. Follmer/Reyes.

Title: Common Sense Be Damned

Author: Langleigh

Disclaimers: The X-Files, it's characters, concepts and theories are
not mine. They're owned by richer people than me, so please don't
sue. You won't get much.

Category: VR

Key Words: Reyes, Follmer, Reyes pov, Reyes/Follmer Romance

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Spoilers: NIHT1 & NIHT2

Rating: PG/PG13

Summary: Reyes has another encounter with Follmer

Authors Notes: This is post ep for NIHT2 and a sequel/follow up to
my previous story "Common Sense."

"Common Sense Be Damned"

It was Brad who called me this time.

I certainly wasn't expecting it, but when I got home from work, there
was his message on my machine. "Hello, Monica," his voice was as
smooth and steady as if we were talking face to face. Brad's the
only person I know who can do that; most people sound nervous and
hesitant when it comes to answering machines. "I was hoping to enjoy
your company at dinner tonight. Would you care to join me at the
Versailles Palais around eight?"

The Versailles Palais turned out to be a little out of the way French
restaurant--and cozy as hell. I'll give Brad credit: he can sure
turn on the charm when he wants to.

I was shown to his table, and when I saw him rise from his chair to
greet me--that charming-as-hell smile on his face-- I had to remind
myself that I wasn't here to get swept off my feet. At least not by
him... again.

When I finally stood before him, however, I had to remind myself
again. He greeted me by leaning in to kiss my cheek and his lips
touching my skin sent a thrill straight through me. "I'm glad you
could make it," he all but purred. "I thought perhaps you might
still be angry with me."

I did the only thing I could do--take the seat he was holding out for
me and lie. "I'm not angry with you, Brad." Okay, it wasn't an
outright lie... I wasn't all that mad at him now that he had helped
me and John. He didn't have to, after all.

His smile widened. "Good; I'm glad," was his reply. "I'd hate to
jeopardize our friendship over a difference of opinion." He reached
over the table and placed his hand over top of mine. "Your
friendship means a great deal to me, Moni," he said, using the pet
name he'd given me while we were dating. His voice went an octave
lower when he said those words and literally dripped of sensuality.

My heart nearly stopped beating... that's how much his touch and his
words effected me.

I was spared the embarrassment of having him notice by the waiter,
who showed up just in the nick of time to take our orders. I had to
admit that I had barely noticed the menus anyway.

We ordered our meals and Brad requested a rather expensive bottle of
champagne. Champagne and I don't get along very well and he knows
it. Or... is it that we get along too well? The bubbles always go
to my head, as the saying goes.

That's probably when I should have left, because in the back of my
mind, I knew he ordered the champagne fully aware of how it would
effect my judgment. Of course, my judgment was already in question--
I'd accepted his invitation, hadn't I? I didn't leave, however; I

I stayed and we ate together, making small talk about work and our
lives over the past couple of years. Every word out of Brad's mouth
was tinged with romance and seduction at this point, and even though
I tried to keep my alcohol intake to a minimum, I felt myself warming
to his subtle advances. Maybe it's not the bubbles, but the man I
was with, that went to my head?

After dinner, Brad walked me to my car. His hand kept brushing mine
as we walked, and like before, the slightest touch sent my head
reeling and my pulse racing. I'm sure he noticed it.

"I'm glad you showed up this evening," he said as we stopped in front
of my car. "It was an enjoyable evening."

I nodded in agreement, fumbling with my car keys. Outside the
restaurant, my common sense was starting to kick in--a little belated-
-and all I wanted to do was get out of there before I did something
I'd regret later on. Brad stopped me, however, by taking my hands
into his own.

"Moni..." The way he literally breathed my name sent the butterflies
in my stomach into a mad fluttering frenzy. Then he reached out with
on hand and touched my cheek, caressing it gently. I knew then that
he was going to kiss me, but instead of stopping it, like common
sense dictated I should, I melted into his embrace.

As I returned his kiss with one of my own, a single seed of common
sense remained to nag at my mind, but I pushed it aside in favor of
my increased desire for this man. His hand caressed the small of my
back. Common sense be damned, after all.