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Loyal - Reyes And Follmer In Purple Prose by Auburnished
Summary: This vignette examines the complex relationship between Reyes and Follmer. It would never happen on screen. Not unless they begin airing TXF at 2pm weekdays... Follmer/Reyes.

Title: Loyal : Reyes and Follmer in Purple Prose
Author: auburnished (auburnished@yahoo.com)
Classification: Romance
Keywords: Reyes, Follmer
Spoilers: Season Eight
Summary: This vignette examines the complex
relationship between Reyes and Follmer. It would
never happen on screen. Not unless they begin
airing TXF at 2pm weekdays...
Disclaimer: These are CC's children.


"Brad," Special Agent Monica Reyes greeted the new
Assistant Director Brad Follmer in a brusque,
professional tone.

"Monica," Follmer returned stiffly, a trace of
irony in his voice.

"Assistant Director Follmer," Reyes corrected
herself, annoyed yet composed.

"Agent Reyes," Follmer was laughing now. "Please,
come in. And shut the door."

"There's a matter I'd like to discuss with you, Sir."

"'Sir?' You've got to be kidding, Mon. The door's
closed. What--you think someone's listening?" Follmer
paused. "The walls have eyes and ears," he whispered,
a maniacal grin spreading across his lamp-lit face.

"*This* is what I came to discuss, Sir." Reyes

"You want to discuss your calling me Sir?"


"OK, what, Monica?"

"When we're at work, I want things by the book. I
don't want to draw any unnecessary attention to the
X-Files." Reyes explained.

Follmer began again in a low tone, "Then stop wearing
these sexy--" He moved closer to Reyes. "silky--"
His fingertips found the spaghetti strap of her
blouse. "black--" His lips brushed hers.

Stepping back, Reyes retracted her lips into a thin,
tense line.

"Ho, ho!" Follmer boomed. "You've been hanging
around Ms. Spooky Two-Shoes too long, Mon." He shook
his head.

"I feel a lot of anger coming off of you, Brad."
Reyes straightened, taking back her power.

"I almost believe you care," Follmer sneered,
crossing his arms.

Reyes pushed away a flutter of triumph and
concentrated on Follmer's closed-off energy. Should
she find a way in?

Back into the dangerous rhythm founded on their first
night alone in an office together. Years ago. It had
been years. But the dance remained the same.

Back then, she took on his moodiness and hubris as
a challenge. He needed her, her help, her charity.
What a classic flawed figure he was! Strong and
desirable, yet he could not hold onto love, could not
give it. She'd teach him how.

So their arrogance had fused and festered, and their
affection had exploded, showering Reyes in enough
debris to cloud her judgment.

The dark feeling of being sucked clean from herself
by his need had excited her.

"You're the only one I can trust. The only one who
penetrates my defenses. You know how to get inside
me," he'd confided beneath the cover of intimate

Hours later, having forgotten these pleasures, he
would curse her for troubling him with her own
struggles. "It's always about you. You haven't even
asked me how I feel, what I need--"

It had been years since she had felt his fingers
against her shoulder that way, disapproving of her,
while begging her to save him.

"I'm sorry," Reyes inhaled.

Follmer relaxed his expression as a smile glinted
behind his flashing eyes. He appeared capable of
forgiving her for any perceived wrong, if only she
would admit him to her sanctuary where he might
devour the remnants of her reserve. He just needed
someone to call his own.

Slowly she turned, looking over her shoulder as she
placed her hand on the office door.

"By the book, Sir."

Reyes left Follmer standing in the room. His eyes
revealed a desperate, hungry child, abandoned again
by the only person he had ever tried to love.


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