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Behind Closed Doors by Thiala Dreamer
Summary: Monica finds herself in Brads office after realizing the sexual void that she has been feeling lately. Follmer/Reyes.

Behind Closed Doors
Category: Reyes/Follmer Relationship
Rating: NC-17 Sexual Situations
Spoilers: 9th season
Summary: Monica finds herself in Brads office after realizing the
sexual void that she has been feeling lately

Even though Monica was sure she was in love with John she found it
hard to resist Brad's unforgettable charm. Every time she waked past
him she knew that he was checking her out, remembering what they had
and the feel of her naked body against his skin.

She knew this because she was doing the exact same thing. It was
something that she had often longed for and thought about going back
too often. She knew that she could never have John so settling for
Brad's . . . well that wasn't a bad idea at the time.

This morning she made sure to go to Brad's office before he had any
meetings if she was going to go through with her plan. She was a
young woman looking a one night stand and Brad, well he was the man
to give her what she wanted.

As his secretary let her in, she couldn't help but smile a bit. This
would be like old times, the old times that she never actually did
regret opposite to others' opinions.

'Monica what are you doing here?' Brad asked as she shut the door
behind herself. All she could do was smile as she made her way to the
edge of his desk doing a sexy cat walk that had him memorized already.

'To talk to you and tell you what a big mistake I have made.' she
sighed sitting inches away from him. She found her fingers making
their way to Brad's arm running up and down it lightly.

'Big mistake? What do you mean Monica?' Brad asked a little unsure of
what to think. He could hardly keep himself in check and his boyish
giggles got the better of him. Damn, he hated it when Monica did
this. She toyed with him like a jungle cat and always got what she

'Leaving you Brad. I long for you touch caressing my body and holding
me so close.' she begged pulling him by his tie close to her mouth so
that she could kiss him. She felt his tongue enter her mouth, juices
mixing with juices and tongue meshing with tongue.

Brad to the initiative to grab Monica by the waste and move her to
his lap. There he had a better grip of her and she could feel the
hardness of his manhood rising through the material of his pants.
Brad's kisses moves from her lips down to the arch of her neck and a
small moan escaped from Monica's throat.

'If we do this you have to be quiet. We don't want Miss. Chaney
hearing us here do we?' he asked running his hands over the front of
her blouse where he could feel her hardening nipples.

'nah ah.' was all Monica could mumble under her eradicated breath.
Brad knew that his golden touch had brought Monica back, she couldn't
resist to have him again. Slowly one by one he started to undo the
buttons of her blouse kissing the exposed skin until it was undone
leaving her white laced bra exposed. Slipping the blouse off of her
shoulders he realized that you could hardly classify it as a bra and
that it was barely holding in the full of her breasts.

'Monica, your so beautiful.' he whispered kissing the tops of her
breasts and reaching behind her for the clasp. Everywhere that his
fingertips touched she felt a wave of passion run through her
and a tingling sensation from the depths of her womanhood. It was to
the point where she had to bite her lip to keep herself from becoming

After removing her bra and letting it fall to the floor with her
blouse he found his hands reaching to cup her lush full breasts and
his tongue reaching for her hard nipples. He played with them
tugging and tickling until he knew that Monica couldn't take anymore.

He wasn't worried about Monica reaching orgasm since he had made her
come many times before so he wasn't worried about how far to take her
before fulfilling her every wish. Trailing his hands down he slipped
her skirt up to her waste and fingered at the elastic top of her lacy
thong. He trailed more kisses like butterflies along the line of her
neck and jaw bone slowly inching her thong down.

Monica's hands fell to the front of Brad's shirt undoing only enough
buttons so she could slip it over his head and massage his tight,
firm chest. Her fingers traveled over his pecks to his side and
rested on his back as he took her mouth into his.

Once he had removed her of her panties he slid his thumb into her
warm depths and began moving it around testing her boundaries and
needs. Hearing moans escape her mouth he decided now was the time to
lay her across his desk. Spreading her legs apart he leaned in to
taste her sweet juices and slid his tongue into her. Immediately she
arched her hips to him making more room for him not afraid to give
herself up. It was instinct and she knew that this was what she

'Brad, please...now.' she moaned throwing her hands into Brad's hair
holding him where she was. She knew that she was close to her climax
and she wanted Brad in her when she did. He chuckled to himself as he
stood up and pulled his pants and boxers down freeing his erected

Hopping on to the desk with Monica he drew covered Monica's mouth
with a kiss to cut of her moans as he drew his massive cock into her.
He waited until he felt Monica's warmth forming to him before he
started moving his shaft in and out of her, first slowly then
eventually picking up the pace. They found their rhythm at once and
his thrust and their breathing became attune to each other. Monica's
world was spinning with each demanding pull and she could feel
herself coming close and closer to orgasm.

He was now taking what he wanted from Monica knowing that his nearly
painful plunges were satisfying her sexual needs. Her head hung back
and Brad couldn't resist but kissing the underside of her neck until
he reached her lips.

Monica's world spun as her body finally let go, but there was even
more bliss when she realized that Brad too was cumming and spilling
himself inside her. Her body squeezed all that it could out of him as
her forced himself to be quiet despite the painful pleasure.

When it was all over he fell into Monica and the two stayed like that
for sometime before finally Brad ran his hand up Monica's side.

'I think we had better get dressed.' he suggested leaning into her
ear. She was just finally starting to get a hold of herself and
smiled as Brad finally pulled himself out of her.

Monica found it hard to put her cloths back on seeing Brad across
from her. She had to admit, he knew every way to please her and tease
her the way that she wanted him to.

'Brad.' Monica said pulling up her thong and sliding down her skirt.

'Yeah hunnie?' he asked looking at her momentarily before going back
to buttoning up his shirt.

'I want you to come over to my place tonight. I don't want to be
alone.' Monica cried walking over to him and kissing him one last
time before leaving his office.

'As you wish.' he replied with a smug smile as he watched her leave
the office. He would be there, and he wouldn't let Monica off so easy.

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Thiala Dreamer