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Hate It When You're Right by Nom De Plume
Summary: Just a nasty little bit I had to get out of my head while writing a much bigger and even nastier piece. Now close your eyes and imagine whatever argument between Follmer and Reyes... This is my end. Follmer/Reyes.

Title: Hate it when you're right
Author: Nom de plume vtibika@yahoo.com

Rating : A good NC17, for strong allegations to sexual activities of
kind (Implied m/f & f/f)
Spoilers: none, too short a piece :-D
Pairings: Implied Reyes/Follmer, Implied Reyes/other, Hinted
Reyes/Doggett and Reyes/Scully (just to be thorough!)
Disclaimer: Guess whose they are... Guess what I get for writing this...
Guess what I would do with them if I was the former :->

Summary: Just a nasty little bit I had to get out of my head while
writing a much bigger and even nastier piece. Now close your eyes and
imagine whatever argument between Follmer and Reyes... This is my end.

"Fuck you Brad"

"Oh, sure! Your desk or his? Which one are you used to ?"

"Think you're funny?"

"Yeah, actually... But you seem to loose that sensational sense of
humour when it comes to 'John Doggett', the saint... Too bad, I always
loved your wacky sense of humour." He was giving her the low, sexy

She swallowed.

"Are you alright Monica ? You seem a little... tense"

"I'm going home."

He moved to block her way, and she nearly walked right into him before
she stopped, sighing. He reached down to smell her hair. "Bet I can
still make you come just by licking your nipples?"

Her head shot up and she glared at him, obviously pissed off, and
offended. "I'm leaving now Brad..."

"Oh come on Monica, you weren't always that tight..." One step closer.
"You used to like that I make you come... Used to tell me to make you
moan. Dare me to make you scream." Closer. "A few times, you even
me to."

She stared at him hard to let him know he was way past all boundaries.
But he knew that already.

"What's the matter ? You're shivering... Are you cold?" With a snide
leer he glanced down at her taught nipples showing through her black
silk shirt. "Are you getting excited Monica ? Don't I 'disgust you' ?"
He bent over to talk into her ear. "Are you getting wet ?"

With both hands on his chest, she firmly pushed him two steps back.
"That's *enough* Brad."

Grabbing her wrists, he pulled her to him, chest to chest. She gasped
and held her breath, obviously aroused.

"Mmm. You still like it rough ? Hard and furious ?... Is that why you
love him ? Because he's so rough and rude ? I'm sure he would
you in bed. He's the kind of guy that treats women like they're made
porcelain... Boy, would you hate that !" He gave one of his smug
little laughs.

She was fuming.

"I know you, Monica... Know what you need. At high-dosage. And you
be sooo frustrated thses days." He caressed her breast,
furtively. "You
were never a cold-shower girl. You need action. So you slip in a hot
bubble bath, every night, and caress yourself." He smiled. "Do I love
the soft little moans you give when you touch yourself... So
Your eyes half-closed, your lips slightly open. That light frown..."
Now he touched his nose to hers. "Do you think of him? Do you think of
me?... Or the luscious Agent Scully... Come on, I know she's your type
too. And if the rumours are any true, you might have your chances."

She tried to step back, but he held her firmly. "It's funny that
so in awe of hard cocks could be into that dyke thing so much."

She eyed him venomously "Oh, you'd be surprised what a woman can do
you can't."

He grinned. "Oh, I know, believe me."

"That's not something you learnt out of your porn flicks, Brad."

He laughed. "Course not. I'm talking live observation here. Then
you probably still 'dont remember'. That's what you always said... That
girl you'd picked, right under my nose?"

She sighed with exaperation. "I was --drunk-- Brad..."

"Barely inebriated, I'm afraid. I've seen you drunk, Mon. And I
your eyes... You were turned on, not wired... And what you did to her!
if you ever throw an x-files party down here - Doggett, Scully,
- I'll be happy to just sit and watch..." With that he started rubbing
against her in a more than suggestive manner.

She tried to break free, a look of disgust on her face. "What do you
think you're doing ? Do you seriously believe your offensive ravings
going to turn me on?!"

He chuckled. "But I --know-- they have, I'm just collecting now..." He
grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a deep kiss.
and encouraged when she didn't resist, he started fondling her again.

Warming up to the action, Monica squeezed his ass, tiptoeing to
his earlobe in her mouth, eliciting a moan from deep inside him.

"Are you hard?" she whispered in his ear.

"Sure am..." he growled.

"Good for you."

Only the sound of her heels clicking away could convince him of what
senses had already told him : that she had actually stopped her
brutally and was headed to the elevator.

"Where the hell are you --going--??!"

Her voice came fading from the hallway "To fit your profile, AD
: Bubble bath, Solitary delight. 'Night Brad..."

He was incredulous... until her head reappeared in the doorframe, a
cheshire cat grin on her face. He almost smiled back, so relieved it
just a joke on her part... But she was just throwing in her punchline.

"Don't you just --hate it-- when you're right?"


This is probably the shortest thing I've ever written. Hope you liked
it. I'm sure Brad didn't :-p