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Visitation by Mariann
Summary: When Jeffery Spender goes to pay his respects to a fallen colleauge, he recieves an important message. Written for the Harem Jeffrey Spender 500 word challenge.

Title: Visitation

Author: Mariann

Rating: G

Classification: V

Spoilers: Basic mytharc

Keywords: Jeffery Spender, Diana Fowley

Disclaimer: I'm not making money from the use of the X-Files here so please don't sure me.

Summary: When Jeffery Spender goes to pay his respects to a fallen colleauge, he recieves an important message. (Harem Challenge Fic)


A week had passed since he had come out of the shadows to help save his nephew and Jeffery Spender was still alive, much to his surprise. No one had come for his head, and perhaps no one was out to kill him this time. And even if they were, he couldn?t bear hiding any longer. The life of a horribly disfigured man wasn?t much, but it was his and he was glad to be alive again.

It was a confusing ordeal, trying to decide where to go from where he was at the moment. Jeffrey needed to talk to someone about it, someone who would give him good advice and help him follow it. His former partner would have listened, she was very good at that when they worked in the basement office together. But like Jeffrey, Diana Fowley had betrayed his father?s cause, and the cost of it was her life.

Two days after he found out about the death of his friend and former partner he found himself parking his car in the driveway of a small family cemetery just over the Pennsylvania border. Jeffery followed the dirt path away from road and into the trees. After about a quarter of a mile, the trees gave way to a clearing littered with headstones of various sizes and shapes. The sun shone down on them, making the scene morbidly beautiful.

Jeffery walked among the grave markers, until finally finding the Fowley named Diana with the correct death date. He knelt down in front of the headstone and pulled away the strings of moss creeping up the sides. It was an awkward moment, but then he found himself talking.

?You?re probably wondering what I?m doing here. I just found out you passed away a few days ago, and I wanted to pay my respects. I don?t know if you knew it or not but, Diana, but I considered you a friend as well as a partner....?

?I did know.?

The sound of the familiar voice jolted Jeffery to his feet. Standing behind her own grave was Diana Fowley, looking almost identical to how he remembered her. She smiled at him, and there was a calming affect to it that told him not to be afraid.


?I know why you came here, Jeffrey.? Her dark eyes were fixed on his. ?You?re wondering where you go from here, what to do with the hand you?ve been dealt. And I?m here to tell you that you already know the answer.?

?I do?? Jeffery looked slightly confused.

?You?re already on the right path. But there are more people that are going to need your help.?

?How? What can I do for them??

?Three words, Jeffery...fight the future.?

Within the blink of an eye, Diana was gone. Suddenly it all made sense to Jeffery, what his place in the scheme of things was and what he should do about it. Filled with gratitude, he looked up at the clear blue sky.

?Thanks Diana.?


The End

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