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Something Blue by Maidenjedi
Summary: A walk through the mind of Linda Bowman. Written for the Harem Obscure Other Woman challenge.

TITLE: Something Blue
AUTHOR: Maidenjedi
ARCHIVE: Spookys, list archives, otherwise please
KEYWORDS: Linda Bowman
SPOILERS: Kitsunegari, Pusher
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, thank you very much.
SUMMARY: A walk through the mind of Linda Bowman.


For the Obscure Woman 500 challenge at the Harem.

Author's Notes at the end.


Something old, something new.

Something borrowed, something blue.

Cerulean blue.

When she married Nathan Bowman, her something
blue was a ribbon laced through her garter. It
had taken quite a few trips to find it, but she
got lucky at a thrift store upstate. Cerulean
blue ribbon.

As she became Nathan's widow, the world turned
cerulean blue. Not from ribbon, but from paint.
The clerk had looked pleased when she asked for

Such a pretty color, thought Linda. Like a
gentle breeze, said Bobby's voice in her head.

As Nathan exhaled his final breath, bubbles of blue
paint popped on his nose and his lips.

She splashed more paint from the can. Nathan's tie
was showing.

She was calm.

When her brother was shot, she was a
wreck. Nathan hadn't noticed, because he was too
busy prosecuting the case.

One night, as she watched him sleep, Linda
had visions of this day. A can of paint and
her dearly beloved husband. And a plan was
born. She was giddy then.

And now, as the pieces fell into place, she
was calm. The power that always exhausted
Bobby, that made him weak and easy to catch,
coursed through Linda's veins. Such clarity,
such peace.

Bobby had escaped, just as she knew he would.
Anything to prevent his sister from making
the same mistakes he had. That lured the Fox
from his hiding place.

She would make him pay for what he had done.
She would do it as Bobby would have. Play
with the Fox, taunt him, hunt him down.

She painted the word on the wall. She'd coaxed
Bobby into teaching her just a little Japanese,
just for this occasion.

She learned to make the ideogram for "KITSUNEGARI".

Fox hunt.

Even now, she could almost smell him. Getting
closer, looking for her brother. A predator
with skills.

Kitsunegari in cerulean blue paint, marring her
suburban beige walls, dripping onto her
suburban oak furniture.

Cerulean blue taking over her plain vanilla world.

How long would it be before they found Nathan?
She hoped it would be sooner rather than later.
She hoped the paint would still be wet, that it
would stain the F.B.I. agent's hands. She hoped
his pretty little partner ruined her shoes in it.

Bobby had told her everything. The Fox was a
formidable foe. Perhaps, Linda thought. But
she was a more powerful enemy than her brother.
He thought of himself as ronin, a samurai without
a master. She thought of herself as kamikaze.

If she had to go down, she'd take her enemy
with her.

She left the house, locking the door. She thought
again of Bobby in the wheelchair.

Bobby told her not to go through with it. She
laughed at him. Someone had to, she said.

She would dance the dance her brother didn't get
to finish. She would dance with the Fox and she
would lead.

She would finish him off.

Cerulean blue for Nathan's shroud, and to line
the Fox's grave.


A/N: I once sold my soul for a cerulean blue

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