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Stories Featuring Teena Mulder
Crossroads by bardsmaid
A knock on the door. A missed phone call. Five moments that changed everything...or might have, if they'd happened this way.

Condemned by Lakticia
"Teena and I are... getting divorced," he admitted finally, hating the way that words with such import could be spoken so normally, so plainly.

The Best Ones by Malograntum Vitiorum
Women are like cigarettes. They cost so much, and you pay it, just to make yourself sick. And in the end, you have no one to blame but yourself. CSM and others.

The Seventh Commandment by CindyET
A conversation between Teena Mulder and CSM, pre-XF.

Letter by Dryad
Years later, when she finally found the letter, her hands shook as she opened it. Teena Mulder.

Persimmon Lips And Honey Kichelkies by Dryad
No summary provided. Bill and Teena Mulder, pre-XF.

Teena's Secret by Donna Honeycutt
Mulder remembers something crucial from his past.

The Reckoning by Deslea R. Judd
Adjunct to the Concessions universe. Why did Cassandra make the choice she did? Why did she let it go on? Pre-XF, Jeffrey/Samantha.

Here Lies A Woman by Mariann
Cassandra pays her respects to the other woman. PG-13

Ashes To Dust by M Sebasky
It's a Consortium love story.

This Is Agamemnon by Vanzetti
Anasazi missing scene. Teena Mulder POV.

An Unnatural Mother by Agent L
Teena Mulder's thoughts at her son's bedside shortly after the events of Demons.

Lady Lazurus by Suture
Deslea's rec: "This short pre-XF sheds light on Teena's relationships with Fox and his father in the most intriguing way. Well characterised with striking use of small details in the name of bigger things."

Cierta Gente Solo by David Hearne
In "Sixth Extinction," Dana Scully is having visions. Someone was having them long before she did. See also sequel Forsaken.

Ebony Eyes by Lara Means
"I have seen my son emotionally devastated three times in his young life, which is three times too many for a boy of sixteen." Teena POV.

Half Life 1976 by Joann Humby
Deslea's rec: "This excellent POV on a young Mulder is notable for its Teena characterisation. Her view of him is both harsh and loving, fondness shaped by pragmatism and pain. A lot of guts in few words."

When I Fall in Love by Plausible Deniability
A one night stand has life-altering repercussions for young CSM. This is part of a series which began with "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." You probably need to read at least "It's All in the Game" to get the most out of this story. Pre-XF, young CSM/Mrs. Mulder - R (language, sexual situations)

It's All in the Game by Plausible Deniability
Some business, some pleasure; and another character makes an appearance in young CSM's life. This is part four of the "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" series. You may want to read the first three parts to get the most out of this story, but you should be able to follow it even if you don't. Pre-XF, young CSM/Mrs. Mulder, young CSM/Cassandra Spender - strong R (sexual situations; mature language)

You Don't Know Me by Plausible Deniability
Bill Mulder becomes a mean drunk, and young CSM learns something distressing about Teena. Part 3 of the "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" series, but if you haven't read the first two stories, you should still be able to follow this one. Pre-XF, young CSM/Mrs. Mulder - R (sexual situations; mature language, including some ugly homophobic epithets)

Somebody's Fool by Plausible Deniability
CSM, young and in love, learns that April is the cruelest month. Sequel to "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," but if you haven't read that story, you should still be able to follow this one. Pre-XF, young CSM/Mrs. Mulder - R (mature language, mild sexual situations)

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Plausible Deniability
The beginning of an affair, before CSM became a black-lunged bastard and Mrs. Mulder repressed it all. First Part in a series of 5 - Pre-XF, CSM/Mrs. Mulder - NC-17 (sexual situations, mature language)

Present Grief by Michelle Kiefer
Deslea's rec: "Teena Mulder is something of an enigma in fanfic. She tends to be either idealised or demonised, depending on who's writing her. This Blessing Way missing moment takes the far more interesting middle road."

A Willing Partner by Maidenjedi
Bridge clubs were one thing, luncheons another, and then there was visiting this woman who spoke softly and knitted socks for her husband. Teena, Cassandra, CSM, pre-XF, PG.

A Woman's Code by Deslea R. Judd
Every woman has an opinion about what's best for her son. Teena's includes Diana. Sixth Extinction missin scene. Mulder/Diana, Mulder/Scully, PG.