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Be Our Guest - Canada TV Week May 2002 - top XF guest stars
This article, which appeared in TV Week (Canada) May 4-10 2002 issue, gives a rundown on the magazine's favourite guest stars on the show throughout its run. It was transcribed by and appears courtesy of Megan.

X-Tra Special Saucy - Laurie Holden - Bikini, July 1999
Short interview with Laurie Holden from Bikini Magazine, July 1999, pp.52-53. Laurie talks, among other things, about the joys of messing with people's minds. Transcribed by Deslea.

Blonde Audition - Laurie Holden - Details Magazine, Nov 2001
Short interview with Laurie Holden, Details, November 2001, p.62. Discusses her The Majestic audition, THOSE Jim Carrey rumours, and more. Transcribed by Deslea.

Online Chat Transcript, Laurie Holden, January 1999
Transcript of a Magnificent Seven-focussed online chat with Laurie Holden and Anthony Starke in 1999. Mirrored from TV Guide Online.

Laurie Holden Shuttling Between X Files, Magnificent Seven
Nice in-depth 1999 interview with Laurie, mirrored from Another Universe. Follow the link for their nicer version, with photos.

Top Ten Talent To Watch - Laurie Holden - Variety Oct 2 2001
Mini-interview with Laurie Holden as part of a Variety spread on their pick of the year's top ten talent to watch.

A Woman We Love - Laurie Holden - Esquire, January 2002
Short, anecdotal sidebar to a photo of Laurie that appeared in Esquire magazine in January 2002. You can also see a formatted version with the photo at Esquire Online.

Laurie Holden - WineX Magazine, April-May 1999
Laurie talks food, wine, and life with WineX magazine. This article is mirrored from the WineX site - follow the link for a nicer version with photos, and lots of other fabulous interviews.

Samantha Mulder Revealed - Transcript Of OS Samantha Feature
Transcript of a Samantha Mulder feature from the Official Site. It originally appeared on the Australian and UK Closure video. Commentary by Megan Leitch, Frank Spotnitz, Bill Millar, Kim Manners. Kindly transcribed by Cassie.

Monica Reyes Revealed - Transcript Of OS Reyes Featurette
Transcript of a Monica Reyes feature from the Official Site. Commentary by Annabeth Gish, Robert Patrick, Cary Elwes, Frank Spotnitz. Kindly transcribed by Cassie.

Chris Owens - Good Looking, So Refined. TV Zone Oct 1999
In-depth interview with Chris Owens (Jeffrey Spender) from a five-page layout. Chris discusses all his X Files and Millennium roles. From TV Zone 119 (October 1999): pp.44-49. By Steven Eramo, transcribed by Deslea.

Mimi Rogers Interview - Season 5 DVDs
Mimi Rogers and Chris Carter discuss Diana Fowley for the Season 5 DVD set.

Laurie Holden Behind The X Files TV Spot Season 5
Transcript of a TV spot ad from Season 5 featuring Laurie Holden and Kim Manners on Marita.

Laurie Holden Speaks To The Official Site
Transcript of Laurie Holden's interview with the X Files Official Site. See the video here.

Will The X Files Survive? - Manners - Cyberex
2000 interview with director Kim Manners about the future of the show. Includes some discussion of the Season 8 plans for Krycek and Marita (those plans were aborted when Laurie Holden signed for The Majestic). This interview mirrored from Cyberex.

The Majestic - Holden - Landau - Atomic Retro, 2002
Extracted comments from Martin Landau and Laurie Holden about their other joint venture, The Majestic. Atomic Magazine, Fall/Winter 2001 (Issue 10) pp. 60-64.

A Hard Act To Follow - Gish - Starlog, March 2002
Exit Special Agent Scully, Enter Special Agent Reyes. Bill Florence Meets Annabeth Gish, One Half Of The X Files' New Dynamic Duo. Starlog, March 2002.

X And The Single Girl - Holden - Entertainment Weekly, 1997
Interview with Laurie Holden on her role of Marita Covarrubias. Some good quotes. Entertainment Weekly, 25 April 1997, p.53.

Marriage Impossible - Entertainment Weekly, May 2001
Retrospective on Mimi Rogers' marriage to Tom Cruise. Entertainment Weekly, 11 May 2001 p84.

Cool Charmer - Entertainment Weekly, 1993
Brief commentary on Mimi Rogers from a larger feature on cool people. Some really good quotes.

Mimi Rogers' Neighborhood - US Weekly, February 2001
At 43, the co-star of The Geena Davis Show enjoys balancing work on a TV series and raising a 6-year-old. This is quite a good interview.

Mimi Rogers Talks To The X Files Official Site
Transcript of a 2002 video interview with Mimi Rogers at the Official Site.

Reyes Of Light - Cinescape Magazine, May 2002
Annabeth Gish sheds some insight on her short-lived role as The X-Files' Special Agent Monica Reyes. Courtesy of Megan.

Laurie Holden - Making Smart Choices
Article from Venice Magazine, January 2002.

Smallpox And Bees by Anthony Leong. Notes by Deslea. (1996)
In-depth article by Anthony Leong. Frontier: Australian Science Fiction Media Magazine. Issue 13: November 1998, pp.12-14. Transcribed by Deslea, along with additional parethetical notes in light of episodes aired since this article was written.