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Stories Featuring Kim Cook
The Pleasure's All Mine by Reverend Anna
Kim reaches out for comfort and receives it. A response to the Harem Doggett Manwhore Challenge. Doggett/Kim.

I Believe by Deslea R. Judd
On faith, friendship, love, loss, grief, fear, honour, dignity, and truth. A speech delivered to the tattered remnant. Krycek/Marita, others. Post-col.

The Gravity Of Stars by Spica
Reality catches up with hubris. Humility ensues. Krycek/Kim Cook.

Convergence by KristenK2
"For years she'd watched Alex and Walter standing across the battlefield from each other, swords drawn across the other's throat." Skinner/Kim, PG-13.

Devil At The Crossroads by Spica
Kim gets an unexpected visitor. He's had a very bad day. Krycek/Kim Cook, R.

Borrowed Time by Azar
Living on borrowed time is still living if you have someone to share it with. Secret Santa fic. Kim, Doggett, others.

Wali by Shahara Zade
A good friend will help you move. A *really* good friend will help you move a body. Kim/Diana friendship, Secret Santa challenge fic.

Room 666 by Scifinerdgrl
Summary: Skinner has an unusual experience in Room 666 of the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. Fortunately, his secretary Kim is there to save the day.

View from the Outer Office - Herrenvolk by Lara Means
She knows how to get things done. Fourth in a series of post-eps/missing scenes from Kim Cook's POV.

View from the Outer Office - The Blessing Way by Lara Means
Like any good assistant, she's aware of things. Third in a series of post-ep/missing scenes from Kim Cook's POV.

View from the Outer Office - Little Green Men by Lara Means
The gossip train chugs along. The second in a series of post-eps from Kim Cook's POV.

View from the Outer Office - Pilot by Lara Means
Everyone knows that secretaries really run the world. The first of a series of post-eps from Kim Cook's POV.

Don't Leave Me by Rev. Anna
Scully wasn't the only one to receive a phone call when Skinner was shot. Sharon Skinner/Skinner.

Of All The Words by Rev Anna
An FBI agent is dead and her secret admirer comes to mourn. Harem Six Feet Under challenge fic.

Secret Admirer by KristenK2 Part 2 of 2
Kimberly's got a secret admirer. Schmoop alert.

Secret Admirer by KristenK2 Part 1 of 2
Kimberly's got a secret admirer. Schmoop alert.

Friends In Hard Times by Emily M
Kim and Jeffrey. Written for the Harem Jeffrey Spender 500 word challenge.

Phantom Pain by Kristen K2
"They aren't star-crossed lovers kept apart by a cruel twist of fate; even from the hazy distance of memory, dating Kim was awkward and rushed and full of embarrassing gaffes." William missing scene. Written for the Harem Jeffrey Spender challenge.

Thirty Years Of Tears by KristenK2
Skinner struggles with losing his sight. A prequel to "To Sir, With Love".

Circle Of Isolation by Kelly Keil
She is the best damn secretary ever. Skinner/Kim.

Elevator Shoes by Kristen K2
Deslea's rec: "A hilarious vignette, in which Mulder finds out that Skinner's secretary is not all she seems. A sweet yet saucy Kim exposes the underbelly of his and Scully's UST with inimitable style. No-one does Kim like Kristen!"

Of Showers And Secrets by Maidenjedi
Like I couldn't tell she was getting thick around the middle. Kim POV, Skinner/Kim, Essence/Existence, PG.

Showers, Agents And Videotape by Dennalynn
Mulder and Skinner see something never meant for their eyes. Implied M/S and Skinner/Kim. PG, humour.

Just A Secretary by Xanthe
Skinner/Kim, hurt/comfort. Written for Kristen.

On The Seventeenth Floor Balcony by Kristen K2
Kim looks to the stars in 155. Harem challenge fic.

In Her Capable Hands by Kristen K2
Skinner muses on a piece of Kim's anatomy. Harem 155 challenge fic. R.

Defending The Fortress by Kristen K2
PG. Harem challenge fic. What happened to change Doggett's mind about Skinner - or, Kim kicks some ass in 155!

A Day In The Life by Kristen K2
PG. Harem 155 word challenge fic. Kim. What happens in the outer office during those meetings with Skinner.

Christmas Traditions by KristenK2
Deslea's rec: "Over the last year, I've had the privilege of watching Kristen soar as a writer. What could have been just another sweet-and-there's-nothing-wrong-with-that Christmasfic is infused with meaning and hope. Skinner and Kim complement one another beautifully in this tale of renewal." PG, Skinner/Kim.