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Stories Arising From List Challenges
An Honest Word by winter baby
We all lie, for better or for worse. DSR, DRR, MS UST.

Sleeping With The Television On by Rev. Anna
A missed opportunity leads to a long lonely night for one female FBI agent. Detour post-ep, response to the Harem Adjoining Hotel Rooms challenge.

All In Your Mind by Reverend Anna
Good can come from bad. Pusher post-ep. Holly, Mulder, response to the Harem Mulder Love Interest Challenge.

The Pleasure's All Mine by Reverend Anna
Kim reaches out for comfort and receives it. A response to the Harem Doggett Manwhore Challenge. Doggett/Kim.

Three Times A Lady by Deslea R. Judd
Challenge fic in which Deslea takes a Season 8 character and a character who died in Season 7 and puts them together in Season 9 and foreshadows the Season 8's Season 9 canonical pairing, all without breaking the time-space continuum of the universe. Oh, and Doggett gets laid. NC17.

Working Girl by Maidenjedi
None of them had ever held her hand. Doggett/Kersh's Assistant. Written for the Harem Doggett Manwhore challenge. R.

Trivial Things by winter baby
There's nothing wrong that wasn't wrong before. Mulder/Diana, pre-XF. Written for the Harem Deslea's Birthday Challenge.

Wonderment by Deslea R. Judd
She will wonder. A brief glimpse into the world of Mrs Van De Kamp, the woman who adopted William. An experiment in future tense. Written for the Harem Late Season Women challenge.

Revelation by Maidenjedi
"Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love." - Revelations 2:4, KJV. Mulder/Diana, bittersweet and dark. Written for the Harem Deslea's Birthday Challenge.

Three Words by Rev Anna
After all they've been through, why does Mulder call Diana over to his apartment at the end of season six? Mulder/Diana, written for the Harem Deslea's Birthday Challenge.

Love, Power, Freedom by Vanzetti
XF/24 crossover. One question matters, but what is the correct answer? Set post-The Truth, between S1 and S2 of 24.

Losing Love Forever by Rev. Anna
A decision made from love almost destroys the love between Skinner and Sharon. Harem Guilty Pleasure challenge fic. Skinner/Sharon, pre-XF.

The Visitor by Deslea R. Judd
Skinner, serving time, has a visitor. Short post-col Existence tie-in. Guilty pleasure/birthday fic for KristenK2.

Unwritten Life by Vanzetti
Jeffrey Spender avoids death and finds happiness. Written for the Harem Secret Santa challenge, 2002.

Christmas Comfort by Rev. Anna
Pre-X-file. Monica/Marita. Secret Santa challenge fic.

Borrowed Time by Azar
Living on borrowed time is still living if you have someone to share it with. Secret Santa fic. Kim, Doggett, others.

A Lucky Christmas by Kristen K2
Monica trusts her instincts and changes several lives. Secret Santa fic.

Fleeting by Julie L. Jekel
Melissa Scully's one-time lover tries to come to grips with her death. Highlander crossover, sort-of Six Feet Under Challenge fic.

Wali by Shahara Zade
A good friend will help you move. A *really* good friend will help you move a body. Kim/Diana friendship, Secret Santa challenge fic.

Let Me Drown by thepiratequeen
Christy's Secret Santa present for Shahara Zade, Krycek/Marita.

A Glimpse Of Love Forever by Rev. Anna
"Here was a Caesar! When comes such another?" Julius Caesar, act III, scene 2. Walter/Sharon, pre-XF, Guilty Pleasure Challenge fic.

The Marriage Of Lucius And Narcissa by Vanzetti
X Files/Harry Potter crossover. Marita. WMM. A guilty pleasure fic.

Song For The Forsaken by CGB
"They have always been utilities." For the Harem Secret Santa. Krycek/Marita.

Invading Space by Maidenjedi
Two women grieve for the same man. Scully/Diana, references to Mulder/Diana and Mulder/Scully.

All Work and No Play by Eodrakken Quicksilver
It's a night to be someone else. A bit of fluff written for Maidenjedi's Halloween Challenge. Marita/Krycek.

Ofrenda by Shahara Zade
"The word, `death', is not pronounced in New York, in Paris, in London, because it burns the lips...the Mexican, in contrast, is familiar with death, jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, celebrates it; it is one of his favorite toys and his most steadfast love." (Octavio Paz) F/F slash, Marita/Monica, Implied K/M, D/R. For the Harem Halloween Challenge.

Ghostbusting by Maidenjedi
"To go tramping around a supposedly haunted house on Halloween? Sounds pretty ludicrous to me." Jeff Spender, Diana Fowley, casefile, humor.

Of All The Words by Rev Anna
An FBI agent is dead and her secret admirer comes to mourn. Harem Six Feet Under challenge fic.

Power Play by Deslea R. Judd
Krycek. Covarrubias. Jeraldine Kallenchuck. Two formidable women. One powerful man. But who's running the show? Written for the Harem Femmeslash Challenge.

For Jason by Bobbi
This is Jason's compound. Jason's compound, the compound that has to exist - does exist. She will make it exist. To find Jason - to be with Jason again. Synchrony post-ep. Written for the Obscure Other Woman challenge.

In Life by Winter Baby
Everybody dies but not everybody lives. Krycek/Marita. Harem Six Feet Under challenge fic.

Through The Markers by Vanzetti
Two women at a graveside. Monica Reyes/Marita Covarrubias (past K/Ma, but isn't there always in my stories?). The Truth spoilers. G.

Ilium Fruit by Bobbi
I don't know when I'll get around to acceptin' that any `justice' that Lukesh may see won't bring you back. Written for the Harem Six Feet Under challenge.

Here Lies A Woman by Mariann
Cassandra pays her respects to the other woman. PG-13

Transposable Elements by Malograntum Vitiorum
Deslea's rec: "This short piece rocks! A brilliantly characterised glimpse into the mind of Amina Ngebe, the scientist who worked alongside Scully in Sixth Extinction. MV draws us into her world with deceptive simplicity, and dovetails her story into the XF world we know. Very, very nice work!"

Something Blue by Maidenjedi
A walk through the mind of Linda Bowman. Written for the Harem Obscure Other Woman challenge.

Visitation by Mariann
When Jeffery Spender goes to pay his respects to a fallen colleauge, he recieves an important message. Written for the Harem Jeffrey Spender 500 word challenge.

Friends In Hard Times by Emily M
Kim and Jeffrey. Written for the Harem Jeffrey Spender 500 word challenge.

Little Girl Nevermore by Deslea R. Judd
Eve Seven repeats a cycle that came before her. Pre-XF and missing scene. Written for the Harem Obscure Woman 500 word challenge.

Alone by Christina Davis
"You can't run from the past if you bring parts of it back into your life." Jeffrey, Marita. The Truth missing scene. Written for the Harem Jeffrey Spender challenge.

Not In The Brochure by Maidenjedi
A new job doesn't mean a better one. Jeffrey, Diana, Kersh. Written for the Harem Jeffrey Spender challenge.

Phantom Pain by Kristen K2
"They aren't star-crossed lovers kept apart by a cruel twist of fate; even from the hazy distance of memory, dating Kim was awkward and rushed and full of embarrassing gaffes." William missing scene. Written for the Harem Jeffrey Spender challenge.

About The Maimed by Deslea R. Judd
Jeffrey meets an old acquaintance. The Truth missing scene. Written for the Harem Jeffrey Spender 500 word challenge.

Staying Late by Maidenjedi
An assistant's job is never done. One Son missing scene. Harem Jeffrey Spender challenge fic.

Left Standing by Maidenjedi (155 word version)
When the world ends, you have to find comfort in those left standing. Mulder/Reyes, comfort, post-col, 155 words. Response to the Harem Medie's Birthday Challenge.

Something About The Way You Look Tonight by Deslea R. Judd
Marita comes home. Alex and his alien buddies have been drinking. Marita plays straight man. Truly dreadful response to the Harem Beer Bottle and Medie's Birthday challenge. Don't say I didn't warn you.

99 Bottles Of Beer by Elaine Duncan
Complete title: 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, Elton John and an Ice-Pick Make Marita a Drunk Girl. Humour. Marita gets drunk. Harem beer bottle challenge fic.

Wednesday by Christina Davis
Monica thinks about life, lunch, and the pursuit of Polish sausage. Harem 155 challenge fic.

Tomorrow by KajaM
Susanne and Byers meet after their separation. Harem 155 challenge fic.

Smoke Signals by Lara Means
Fire. The view from across the garage. Harem 155 challenge fic.

On The Seventeenth Floor Balcony by Kristen K2
Kim looks to the stars in 155. Harem challenge fic.

Mystery Meat by Kristen K2
Holly eats alone. Harem 155 challenge fic.

Mother's Day by Christina Davis
Cassandra thinks about Mother's Day in 155. Harem challenge fic.

Lover's Embrace by Julie L. Jekel
Deslea's rec: "I'll admit it - I'm not a fan of the 155-word genre. This fabulous Shannon McMahon POV on John Doggett, however, is something special. Glorious imagery packs a punch in a very small space."

Just Friends by Eilan
Monica reflects on Doggett. Harem 155 challenge fic.

In Her Capable Hands by Kristen K2
Skinner muses on a piece of Kim's anatomy. Harem 155 challenge fic. R.

Imperfect by Maidenjedi
Marita compares herself to Scully, as they relate to Mulder. Harem 155 challenge fic.

He Will Never Forget by Kristen K2
Doggett muses on the twin hearts of the X Files, both old and new. Samantha-fic. Harem 155 challenge.

Futile Efforts by Langleigh
Reyes POV, TrustNo1, Harem 155 challenge fic.

A Day In The Life by Kristen K2
PG. Harem 155 word challenge fic. Kim. What happens in the outer office during those meetings with Skinner.

Beginning Of The End by Maidenjedi
PG, Harem 155 word challenge fic. Cassandra watches as her husband drifts away.

The Difference In Normal by Maidenjedi
Marita thinks about normal in 155 words. Krycek/Marita, PG. This fic started the Harem 155 challenge.

Eyes Like Yours by Elaine Duncan
Tearing down windows and doors, I could not find eyes like yours. Krycek/Marita, PG, One Son, Harem 155 challenge fic.

Life by Eilan
Marita reacts to the death of her lover. Existence, PG, Krycek/Marita, Harem 155 challenge fic.

One Son - Vignettes In 155 by Deslea R. Judd
Three One Son 155-word vignettes in response to the Harem 155 challenge. Krycek/Marita, Mulder/Diana, CSM/Teena.